3 Marketing Job Description Samples for 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 30, 2023
3 Marketing Job Description Samples for 2023

Marketing may be the most vital role for your business as you try to grow your brand and foster product awareness. The ideal candidate will be superb with customer relations, advertising, content creation, and marketing analytics. And these are just some of the job skills they’ll do well!

A marketer’s primary role is to help promote a business and encourage more people to buy its products or services. They’ll cultivate customer relationships, help them find solutions to problems, and offer the company’s value propositions.

Think getting the perfect marketer for your business is like finding a needle in a haystack? Not so! BeamJobs has some tips to help you land the best marketer for your role, beginning with these three marketing job description samples.

Marketing Job Description Example


Marketing Job Description Template

Growth Marketing Manager Job Description Example


Growth Marketing Manager Job Description Template

Senior Marketing Job Description Example


Senior Marketing Job Description Template

Write a Winsome Marketing Job Description

Write a winsome marketing job description

Opening a webpage containing a job vacancy but seeing a long essay without sections, paragraphs, and structure can be a disorienting experience for any job seeker. When a company fails to take the time to write an appealing job description, it can discourage applicants from applying and instead encourage them to exit the webpage.

You might think writing a job description is easy, but there are plenty of pitfalls for the unwary. We’ve seen many subpar job descriptions with little to no details about the company. If a business can’t offer information about itself, applicants might not apply for fear of fraud. Being upfront is key to quelling suspicion.

We’ve also seen descriptions asking for too many qualifications while offering little benefits. These are just a few ways your job description can fail to reel in great candidates. Fear not; we’re here to help you!

Iron out who you need on your team and why

Everyone yearns for a purpose, and marketers are no exception. You need to show them a reason to apply to your marketing role so they can decide if they’re the right fit.

Does your product still need to be put on the map? Is your business steady but itching to soar to a new level of growth? Be sure to share the exact reason.

The best way to write your job description is by crafting it with the values you want to see in your hire. For example:

  • It’s expected that your marketer will be passionate about helping customers. But is it evident in your job description that you value customers?
  • You’re seeking a marketer who can create enticing content. But, is your job description attractive to the applicants?
  • You want your marketer to be strategic about achieving growth goals. But, are you showing how much you value strategy in the responsibilities section?

When you take your time to answer these types of questions, you’ll be able to write a solid job description to land the best marketer for your role.

Edit, revise, repeat for a well-developed job description

No one wants to read a truckload of qualifications to get a job. It’s tiring and boring, and applicants will happily move on to the next job posting. You’ll lose quality candidates this way. Instead of a laundry list, only include the qualifications necessary for the role. If a skill can be learned on the job quickly or is not unique to the role, skip it.

After completing your job description, it’s time to edit! It may seem daunting, but you want to attract high-caliber candidates, and they may see grammar and spelling errors as red flags.

Take time away from the edited version and let someone else have a hand at checking it over. Go over their corrections and take them to heart, even if it means more work for you! It may seem like a lot of effort, but keep editing till you’re sure you’ve achieved greatness in the form of words. After triple-checking, submit it and wait for some fantastic marketing resumes or marketing manager resumes to start flooding your inbox!

Write it Right by Outlining Your Marketing Job Description

Outlining your marketing job description

Postponing writing your job description because you’ve no clue where to begin? You can use this customizable outline to get started and attract the best applicants.

Job details

See this section as a quick company pitch to the reader. You’ll need to provide information about what you do, why you’re looking for a marketer, and what they’ll do for you. Convey these details clearly in a few paragraphs to prevent reader meltdown and help them make a quick decision about working with you. In short, you should make your job description concise and attractive if you want high-quality applicants.

About the company

Besides telling your future marketer what they’ll be marketing, it’s wise to let them know a bit about your business. Use this section to offer a sneak peek into your company’s location, origin, and values. Keep it short and include a Call to Action to encourage them to learn about your business. Try something like, “Interested in learning more about us? Reach out!”

What you’ll be doing

Many job descriptions skip the day-to-day activities of marketers because they assume all of them do the same things. However, highlighting your role’s uniqueness by mentioning your business software, product, or something else along those lines can only further help readers determine if they have what it takes and if they are a good fit for the position.

  • Engage in training sessions for customer satisfaction, market research, customer analysis, and product expertise 
  • Attend regular review meetings to evaluate the current marketing performance and review client goals
  • Meet with company leadership to identify company goals and outline effective marketing strategies
  • Manage the marketing team members to execute the most optimized and effective strategy


Not every reader can apply for your position. It’s okay to list particular hard and soft skills in this section to filter out unqualified candidates. Rather than including every skill you know a marketer should have, stick to the most relevant ones needed for your role, especially those that will kick-start their work journey.

Remember that other skills can be learned on the job, so give your applicants a chance by avoiding a long list of qualifications that may discourage them.

  • 2–3 years of marketing or sales experience in any industry (ideally customer-facing)
  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree is a bonus (Marketing, Communications, Management, etc.)
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.


As passionate as any reader may be, the question, “What will I get out of it?” will still be on their mind. You should use this section to make your marketing role attractive. Include a salary range to let them in on their potential earnings while keeping it broad to show you’re being transparent. Don’t forget to dazzle your readers with any special company perks in order to attract the cream of the crop.

Roles and Responsibilities Inside the Marketing Industry

Roles and responsibilities inside the marketing industry

A fantastic marketer plays many roles in their career. The marketing industry requires them to blend customer relations, market research, and advertising to help companies grow. It can be a herculean task performing all these functions, but the right person can handle it.

Here are some of the typical functions and responsibilities a marketer might perform. Obviously, they won’t do all of them at the same time, but they’ll likely navigate each at some point in their career.

Customer relations

  • Marketing a product or service to a customer without a connection with the company may yield zero results. A Savvy marketer takes results from zero to 100 by building solid relationships with the customer. It’s up to the marketer to serve as the company’s face to the customer, to listen actively to customer needs, and suggest relevant solutions to their problems.
    • Establish solid and stable relationships through phone calls with the customers of our clientele to build trust 
    • Manage various customer accounts and be their first contact for support, helping them find solutions speedily
    • This role requires a positive attitude, excellent written and oral communication skills, attention to detail, and proficiency in crafting emails.

Market research

  • If a marketer doesn’t know that their competitors have a better product, they’ll continue marketing unsuccessfully without understanding why no fish are biting. Market research ensures marketers are on top of trends, competitors’ products, market prices, demand, and supply. A seasoned marketer will use various research software to discover the trends and advise the company on what to offer.
    • Lead the market research sessions for penetrating the Asian market
    • Stay updated about current trends in fintech marketing and app optimization
    • This role requires analytical skills and proficiency in Microsoft Excel, SurveyMonkey, Qualaroo, and QuestionPro. 


  • Without regularly advertising a company’s services and products, they’ll fall into obscurity as more aggressive companies steal the market share. Continuous advertising brings a business into people’s hearts while positively impacting revenue. The marketer oversees the creation and execution of ads and ad channels and tracks their progress.
    • Engage in client marketing campaign meetings and contribute creative ideas for their target customers 
    • Oversee the advertising efforts of the company in the in-app ad ecosystem
    • This role requires experience in Google Analytics and social media ads, knowledge of app optimization concepts, and excellent written and oral communication skills.

Team management

  • Undertaking marketing operations can be an uncoordinated disaster without a team lead who’ll direct the marketers on what to do and the best practices to apply. A senior marketing manager is usually the best person to take charge of the entire marketing operation due to their years of experience. They’ll direct the team efficiently by identifying growth goals, outlining necessary steps, providing guidance, and tracking progress reports.
    • Organize review meetings to analyze performance metrics of marketing campaigns
    • Manage the marketing team members to execute the most optimized and effective strategy
    • This role requires 5+ years of management experience, expertise in Microsoft Teams, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to motivate team members.

Content creation

  • In this current age, a business that neglects to tell its story with words, images, and videos will lag in the market. Through content creation, companies remain fresh in the minds of their customers as they regularly pump out valuable and relatable information to potential and existing clients. A marketer worth their salt will produce material like blog posts, social media copy, and short video clips to drive engagement.
    • Drive social media engagement by providing helpful content for our target audience
    • Create 3–4 monthly blog posts to help customers better understand our services
    • This role requires experience using Instagram and Twitter, proficiency in Canva, and strong communication skills.