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3 Server Job Description Examples & Guide for 2022

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Stephen Greet, Co-founder

August 30, 2022

Whether you’re here because your restaurant business is booming, you’re opening up a new location, or you simply need another set of hands, you’re in the right place! 

Restaurant servers, also called waiters or waitresses, are the face of a restaurant or bar. Their job is to attend to patrons and provide high-quality, friendly service to ensure a pleasant experience. Finding the perfect server can seem like a tall order. You want someone who’s well-organized, personable, trustworthy, and hard-working, but they also need to be closely attuned to the needs of your customers. 

Sound difficult? It’s not as hard as it may seem! In this guide, we’ll clue you in on everything you need to know to create the perfect restaurant server job description, starting off with three sample job descriptions, so you be receiving amazing server resumes before you know it.

Server Job Description Example

Job details:

Howdy, and welcome to PJ’s Steakhouse! We’re one of the East Coast’s leading steakhouses, with over 200 restaurants in 12 states. Offering fantastic food at value prices, we’re confident that we have something on our menu for everyone. So whether you’re more of a chicken guy or a steak girl, or you’re craving fish or veggies, PJ’s has got you covered! 

With over 60 years as a household name across the East Coast, we’re excited to be expanding into Atlanta, Georgia next month. That’s why we’re on the hunt for a team of passionate and hard-working servers to help us serve high-quality food and create an unforgettable experience for our customers. 

Ready to join PJ’s Crew? Keep reading!


  • Greet guests and inform them of specials, menu items, and Happy Hour times
  • Answer any questions about the restaurant or menu, directing guests to locations as needed
  • Write and enter accurate orders into our computer terminal, relaying them to kitchen/bar staff
  • Ensure food and beverages are delivered per PJ’s standards in a timely manner
  • Respond to any requests or needs and ensure that diners are satisfied with their food 
  • Package any leftovers (as needed)
  • Ensure payment for all food and beverages (via cash, card, or contactless payment such as Apple or Google Pay)
  • De-escalate and resolve difficult situations, relaying to the manager on duty as needed
  • Communicate with hosts, kitchen staff, bartenders, and runners to ensure full station coordination
  • Assist with stocking stations by replacing dishes and silverware, organizing supplies, and other duties as needed (in line with all state and federal health codes)


  • At least 1 year of restaurant experience
  • High school diploma/GED a plus
  • Able to lift and carry items between 25-40 pounds
  • Have a good sense of balance
  • Able to stand and walk for extended periods of time
  • Must be able to work under pressure while remaining calm and organized
  • Customer-first mindset and strong work ethic 
  • Active listening skills
  • Excellent English skills (Spanish a plus)
  • Passionate about the restaurant industry


  • $15.35–18.58 per hour (with potential for tips)
  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) with matching
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Free meal for every shift over 4 hours
  • PJ’s Friends and Family discount
  • Career progression opportunities
  • A $150 referral bonus program 
  • Yearly team get-together in Vermont

Who we are:

Since 1958, PJ’s Steakhouse has been bringing the spirit of Southern BBQs and steakhouses to locations across the East Coast. Starting out as a simple diner located off I-95 in Richmond, Virginia, PJ Harrison had a simple mission of serving the local community and passersby an honest meal of great steak and good beer. And boy, was he successful! 

Over the years, we’ve expanded to dozens of locations in the country, serving our world-famous, tender steaks and a whole range of other tasty dishes. What makes us special is that we’re a home for everyone, whether you’re visiting or part of PJ’s Crew. We’re a fun-loving bunch made of people who are passionate about serving the best food at the best prices, and as long as you’ve got an appetite, we’re sure you’ll fit in at PJ’s!

So come on over, bring the whole gang, and have one of the best meals of your life. Who knows, maybe you’ll join the PJ’s Crew! Either way, we look forward to seeing you!

Fine Dining Server Job Description Example

Job details:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we believe that exceptional food is worth a million. At Black Star Restaurant Group, we offer superior hospitality and once-in-a-lifetime experiences customized for each of our distinguished guests. Whether you are a Fortune 500 C-Suite executive, a celebrity, or a couple in search of a fine dining experience, we provide an unforgettable culinary adventure that lasts.

BSR Group consists of some of the most recognized and acclaimed fine dining restaurants across the country, including Great Detroit, Mercedes Bar, Blu Cheese, and Murmur. Although we’re located in 19 states, our highest concentration of restaurants is in Boston. 

With several new locations opening in Massachusetts shortly, we’re looking for 3 fine dining servers who will rotate between four locations in Andover. If the prospect of connecting with fine dining clientele and delivering an award-winning dining experience resonates with you, please keep reading!


  • Ready stations and tables to welcome guests 
  • Take orders and serve food and beverages to guests
  • Cross-sell high-margin items when possible, especially desserts and wine pairings
  • Provide excellent table service by maintaining a warm and friendly manner in accordance with BSR guidelines
  • Ensure a world-class dining experience for our guests through attentive and personalized service
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the menu (pairings, preparation, allergens, etc.) to answer customer questions and provide recommendations
  • Serve and prepare alcoholic beverages in line with company, local, and state regulations 
  • Perform other duties as needed (including but not limited to inventory, cleaning, etc.)


  • 3-5 years experience in fine dining 
  • High school diploma 
  • ServSafe Food Handler Certification (or willingness to obtain certification)
  • Wine and gourmet food knowledge required
  • Passion for fine dining
  • Strong understanding of the sequence of service
  • Guest-focused with a friendly, personable attitude
  • Strong verbal communication skills (French, German, or Russian a plus)
  • Excellent team player


  • $28.50–32.11 per hour with potential for tips
  • Steady work with shifts planned bi-weekly
  • 401(k) contribution and medical insurance
  • 3 weeks PTO and 5 sick days 
  • Free family meal per shift
  • Generous employee discounts on all BSR Group Restaurants
  • Professional team environment
  • $500 budget to spend on fine dining training 

Who we are:

Black Star Restaurant Group is one of the country’s leading fine dining restaurant collectives. We’re dedicated to perfecting and elevating culinary experiences by exclusively using farm-to-table ingredients. From modern French cuisine to traditional Japanese fare, our dozens of restaurants span the entire gamut of taste. 

BSR Group started out as The Royal Grill, a gastropub in Chicago that was the love child of culinary experts Jason Freedman and Denise Nguyen. Today, we’re proud to have 31 restaurants under our wing, and it’s only been uphill from there.

We believe that a great dining experience isn’t just about the food, music, or lighting: it’s about the people as well. We’re an employee-first establishment, and we believe that by working together, we can deliver an unforgettable experience to our clientele while also ensuring a healthy work-life balance for our team. Pay a visit to one of the BSR Group restaurants to experience our warm and welcoming environment for yourself!

Experienced Server Job Description Example

Job details:

Tamales. Flautas. Sopa de tortilla. If reading these words makes your mouth start watering, you’re in the right place. At Aquí es México Restaurant, we serve nothing but original, tasty Mexican food. No Tex-Mex or Taco Bell, just heartwarming, mouth-watering comfort food like your abuela used to make! 

To keep up with increasing demand at our third new location in downtown Miami, we’re looking for an experienced, full-service server with a strong work ethic who’s ready to jump head-first into a high-paced family environment. Wanna contribute to the success of Aquí es México? ¿Estás listo? ¡Vamos! (Are you ready? Let's go!) 


  • Maintain a clean, safe, and welcoming dining area for all guests
  • Receive and greet guests, helping with seating if necessary
  • Check on guests during dining to ensure satisfaction, resolve any issues, and answer questions
  • Take food and drink orders using our mobile POS and ensure everything is delivered promptly 
  • Handle payment through cash, check, credit, or debit
  • Maintain a working knowledge of menu and preparation techniques to answer questions
  • Upsell food and beverages to customers
  • Pre-bus tables, and assist in setting up stations during slower periods
  • Resolve any issues that may arise, transferring to manager on duty if necessary
  • Perform additional duties on a rotating basis


  • High school diploma/GED
  • 5+ years of hospitality experience 
  • Retail Food Program Service certification required
  • Bilingual (Spanish and English), or willingness to learn
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with POS systems
  • Excellent memory and active listening skills
  • Ability to work under pressure for several hours at a time
  • Can carry up to 50 pounds
  • Knowledge and appreciation of Mexican cuisine required
  • Friendly and courteous manner with a true customer-first mentality 


  • $18.26–24.69 per hour with potential for tips
  • Medical insurance and 401(k) matching contribution 
  • Your choice of 2 major holidays off each year
  • PTO and sick days 
  • Free family meal per shift
  • 50% discount when not working 
  • Career progression opportunities and yearly performance raises

About us:

Aquí es México is your one-stop shop for traditional Mexican food, nuestro segundo hogar (our second home). We started just three years ago in the heart of Miami by Arturo López, a culinary student from Mexico City. Creating Aquí es México was his way of combating the intense homesickness he felt in the capital of Latin America. Within six months of selling food from a food truck, he moved into his first restaurant location, and we've been there ever since!

The heart of Aquí es México is passion and love. Our knowledgeable team includes chefs, waiters, runners, and other staff from the entire Latino/Hispanic community, infusing their dedication and excitement into everything they do. Our team spirit translates into the food we make. But don’t just take our word for it: come have a taste of the homeland at Aquí es México when you’re in town! 

Write a Server Job Description That Will Serve You Well  

When looking for a server, you’re probably on the hunt for someone that’s friendly, customer-oriented, and great with people. After all, they’ll be the face of your company. But in the same way your future server will represent you, your job descriptions will represent your restaurant to your future employee. So what does that mean for you? 

Basically, you want to have a job description that’s just as engaging as your future server! That means you can’t be vague or generic, and you also can’t wax poetic for two or three pages. Easier said than done, right? 

We’ve seen way too many job descriptions that just list the responsibilities with no info on the restaurant, and some that literally just say “Restaurant Server wanted” without any clear contact info! It might feel difficult to strike the line between just enough and completely overboard, so here are some tips on how to find that perfect balance.

So, why do you need a server anyway?

Here’s a golden tip on how you can start to structure your restaurant server job description: are you focusing on why you're actually hiring for the position? For example, does your cafe need better quality staff? Is your restaurant or catering business growing and becoming more than your staff can currently handle? 

Make it clear upfront why you need a new server to allow potential candidates to assess if this job could be a great fit for them.

Equally important is writing your job description in a way that reflects the values and qualities you want to see in your future hires. If you’re looking for a restaurant server, you’ll be looking for someone who’s got excellent customer service skills, a sharp memory, and is a team player. How does your job description convey that? 

  • If you’re looking for someone with great customer service skills, do you mention the need for a customer-first mindset in the job description? Do you clearly emphasize that your organization offers a great customer experience? 
  • If you need someone with a sharp memory, do you make it clear that active listening is required? Do you highlight the importance of taking orders accurately? 
  • Should you need a team player, have you included needed soft skills like great communication? Does your About Us section showcase that your restaurant is a team? Do you offer any benefits that show how you care about your team?

If you spend a few extra minutes to really infuse your company’s unique perspective and tone of voice, you’ll be well on your way to writing a server job description that connects with your audience. 

Edit for a job description that hits the spot

The first draft of your job description rarely hits all the right notes; it’s editing that really takes your job description to the next level.

Once you’ve included the minimum requirements like your about us section, requirements, and qualifications (more on that later), make sure that only what’s essential is there. A good rule of thumb is to keep it to around 500 words (after all, concise writing keeps the reader’s attention and sticks in their brain longer).

After you’ve cut out the fluff, check it for grammar and spelling. Also, keep an eye on the overall flow and tone: does each paragraph stick to one main idea? Does the whole server job description read smoothly? If it doesn’t, make changes until it sounds natural.

Finally, have a second pair of eyes check the text (ideally someone within the food service industry). Once that’s done, check for any formatting issues and then publish it online. Let the server resumes start rolling in! 

A Server Job Description Outline to Stir You 

Feel like you know what needs to go into your job description, but no idea how to structure it or get started? Follow our tried-and-true outline, and you’ll be done in a jiffy! 

Job details: First off, provide a quick intro about your restaurant or bar. Don’t give too many details, but provide just enough to entice readers to give the job a chance. Try to answer questions like why you’re hiring, who they’ll be working with, and when are you looking for a server to start.

What you’ll be doing/Roles/Responsibilities/Requirements: While many server tasks are common within the field, it’s still important to list the most important ones your future server will be doing on a daily basis. Alternatively, use this section to highlight what’s unique about the role. 

We’d recommend using bullet points (like we did below) so it’s easier for readers to quickly skim through this section. 


  • Provide excellent table service and meet all guests’ expectations, answering any questions needed 
  • Perform side work and close-out duties on a rotating basis
  • Understand the menu (pairings, preparation, cooking, methods, etc) to guide clientele 

Qualifications: Candidates use this section to determine if they have a shot at getting the server position. While it’s important to list the necessary qualifications, avoid the urge to include every possible hard or soft skill the ideal candidate should have. 

Many skills can be learned on the job, so only include what’s absolutely necessary to have from the get-go.


  • 3-5 years experience in fine dining 
  • Strong communication skills (French, German, or Russian a plus)
  • Can carry up to 50 pounds
  • Retail Food Program Service certification required

Benefits: It’s important to reward and recognize the hard work of your employees, but don’t make promises you can’t keep. Be honest about the benefits you offer, like insurance or PTO, and include a salary range so potential candidates can quickly determine if it’s a good match for their needs. Add any other benefits that will make you stand out from the competition, too, like gym memberships or paid company trips.

About the company: Last but not least, include a “behind the curtains” peek into your organization. Don’t give them your entire history, though. Simply explain a bit about who you are and what’s important to you, like your values, mission, and vision. 

What are servers in charge of anyway?

Most servers will need to juggle many hats as they perform various tasks at a restaurant, cafe, or bar. While servers won’t hold every role listed below in one given day, you can use the below examples to include some potential roles for your restaurant server job description. 

Customer Service 

  • A great restaurant is only as good as its service. The core of a server’s role is to make sure their guests are comfortable and having a great time. By doing so, they’ll be likely to ensure that customers come to visit again.
    • Receive and greet guests, checking tables to ensure guest satisfaction and maintaining all sanitary standards, while also resolving any guest issues and answering questions
    • This role requires strong interpersonal skills, a customer-first mindset, great verbal communication skills, and a friendly demeanor. 


  • With increasing food and delivery prices, restaurants can struggle with profit margins. However, a great server will be skilled in the art of upselling, bringing up the average check size (and total tip), benefitting both them and the restaurant in one fell swoop. 
    • Take orders and serve food and beverages to guests, upselling when possible
    • This role requires a deep understanding of our menu and products, excellent negotiation tactics, strong verbal communication skills, and an attentive eye for detail to determine what customers might like. 

Conflict Resolver/Problem Solver 

  • Like it or not, situations will arise when restaurant patrons aren’t 100% satisfied with their order. Whether the kitchen forgot to serve a dish, or service takes longer than normal, customers may become frustrated. An excellent server will rise to the challenge and find a suitable approach to resolve disagreements and ensure guest satisfaction.
    • Resolve any issues that may arise with customers and find a satisfactory outcome, transferring to the manager on duty if necessary
    • This position requires excellent conflict resolution skills, patience, and the ability to stay calm under pressure. 


  • Running a restaurant involves more than just serving customers—it also involves keeping the business afloat. Many establishments don’t have dedicated full-time staff just for those tasks, so usually servers are responsible (at least in part) for additional administrative duties such as counting money in the register, detailing inventory levels, and more. 
    • Perform additional duties on a rotating basis as needed, including but not limited to attending company meetings and checking inventory
    • The role requires strong attention to detail, math skills, and excellent written communication skills.

Food & Wine Expert 

  • At more upscale or fine dining establishments, you’re likely to have patrons ask complex questions about the menu, or expect recommendations. Whether it’s answering questions aout food preparation techniques or suggesting wine pairings, an excellent restaurant server can keep guests happy, upsell items, and provide an unforgettable dining experience.
    • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the menu (pairings, preparation, allergens, etc.) to answer customer questions and provide recommendations
    • The role requires a strong passion for food and drink, some wine knowledge, and excellent verbal communication and sales skills.