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3 Real Estate Agent Job Description Samples for 2023

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Stephen Greet, Co-founder

January 4, 2023

Are you excited to grow your company by hiring a new real estate agent? You want someone who's eager to help, knowledgeable, and has a knack for “home matchmaking” and market agility: Real estate agents are pros at navigating constant change and balancing that information against people’s unique needs.

How good is someone at reading the room and making each sale a victory for buyers and businesses alike? Can they skillfully balance potential buyers’ budgets against their dream home checklist? How about providing paperwork and maintaining listings and ads while also coordinating with appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, and mortgage lenders?

We know it can be tricky to find a real estate agent who meets all your requirements—after all, there are many! So we’ve put together a few realtor job description samples to help you nail down precisely what you need and put it out there to attract the perfect hire.

Real Estate Agent Job Description Example

Job details: Are you a driven and innovative real estate agent who strives to provide top-quality service and pair people with their dream homes? Here at NestScout, we’re looking to expand our team of realtors: We need someone who communicates and collaborates well with others and is excited to learn in an energetic, creative environment.

If you're looking to change or build your career, NestScout may be the place for you! You'll be required to obtain your real estate license while working with us, but you don’t need one to start with our team. We’re simply looking for someone who’s highly motivated, great with networking, and able to work independently with minimal direct management.


  • Prospect and network with adherence to company policies
  • Market properties to third-party home sellers
  • Engage with home buyers and show them properties
  • Draft, negotiate, and organize contracts
  • Host open-houses
  • Close sales
  • Execute clerical duties, like phone/email communications and paperwork


  • High school or equivalent required, college business (or similar) degree preferred
  • 1 year of sales or real estate experience (preferred)
  • Willing and able to obtain a real estate license (we’ll provide guidance and help you reach the finish line if you’re part-way there)
  • Knowledge of marketing trends and adaptability to relevant changes
  • Self-motivated with an ability to work independently and manage your professional advancement
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and leasing software (preferred—you can learn on the job from our existing team of experienced professionals)
  • Strong work ethic
  • Clear communication at multiple levels, from home buyers to higher-ups
  • Ability to think on your feet and answer or research questions quickly
  • Natural affinity for connecting with people in an influential yet empathetic manner


  • $44,855–147,561 salary, potential for additional commission pay
  • Flexible calendar
  • Hybrid work environment—can work from home often
  • Supportive team atmosphere
  • Work-free weekends guaranteed for a healthy work-life balance
  • Flexible health insurance plans
  • Professional development assistance/instruction

About the company: At NestScout, we pride ourselves on being #1 while providing equal opportunity for people who are passionate about finding innovative solutions for home buyers. We want everyone to settle into their dream home and care about each employee’s well-being just as deeply.

We started this business to help up-and-coming realtors reach their fullest potential while enabling people to settle into their dream homes here in Missouri. Get ready to enjoy an inviting, collaborative hybrid environment that stretches across multiple locations within the state. Each team member is provided with guidance and everything else they need to thrive within their role!

Get real-life experience in the field by negotiating and drafting contracts while networking like a pro. Learn from experienced mentors who are eager to draw out your best and bring local real estate to a whole new level. 

Real Estate Agent Manager Job Description Example

Job details: At James Bronson Realty, we delight each prospective buyer with a solid company image of expertise, professionalism, and excellence. We're currently seeking an experienced, versatile individual to exemplify these qualities and act as our real estate agent manager. 

We need a highly organized and capable real estate manager who has experience with team projects and financial optimization. You must have superior sales and contract negotiation skills and a solid ability to communicate effectively with suppliers/vendors. Incredible management and prioritization abilities are essential—you'll work with a team of realtors to help them handle large volumes of property development, sales, rentals, and purchases.


  • Authorize and manage maintenance and repair expenses
  • Oversee the sale, purchase, rental, and development of properties
  • Negotiate with suppliers, vendors, and contractors
  • Manage groundskeepers, maintenance workers, and cleaning crews
  • Organize property buyer and renter files and keep clients informed about occupancy rates, taxes, and lease terms
  • Maintain records and financial reports
  • Mediate and resolve complaints for both clients and peers
  • Report to property owners and investors regularly


  • B.A. in business administration, accounting, project management, or relevant field (required)
  • Real Estate License (required)
  • 4+ years experience in real estate or relevant field
  • Basic familiarity with related software like AppFolio, Salesforce, and Google Calendar/Apps
  • Experience negotiating rental rates and contracts alongside managing payments
  • Relevant, specialized knowledge of property and taxation laws
  • Strong understanding of property maintenance and ability to forge steady connections with suppliers, vendors, and contractors
  • Ability to stay organized and adapt to changing market or client needs
  • Leadership and delegation skills
  • Incredible communication and the ability to coordinate between numerous parties


  • Salary: $84,000–176,000 per year
  • Health insurance with dental
  • Access to mental and physical health wellness programs
  • Disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Flexible, largely self-created schedule

About the company: We value efficiency and an impressive level of professional reputability at James Bronson Realty, with many of our team members bringing a rich history in business/corporate environments to the table. Our founder, Andrea, used her background in accounting to pave a path toward excellence with her highly methodical and ambitious mindset. We aim to raise the bar for Texas real estate to ensure superior satisfaction. (This agency is based out of Texas, but some remote work may be available.)

Director of Real Estate Job Description Example

Job details: Mountain Realty isn’t all about profits—we're about connecting people with beautiful homes to start a new chapter in life. Your role will require a deep understanding of customer needs, alongside an optimistic attitude: You’ll need to call upon your incredible coordination and strategic thinking skills to help every team member thrive and grow in what they do. 

We’re seeking an ambitious and self-starting director of real estate who’s ready to roll up their sleeves and help whenever they notice signs that part of a team or system could use a boost. Must be willing to provide guidance on the go and maintain a supportive and welcoming work environment while wearing many hats well.


  • Plan/model financial and budget operations management
  • Maintain ownership of multiple simultaneous projects, promptly providing support across several teams, as needed
  • Develop and deliver project presentations
  • Coordinate with executives and stakeholders to optimize existing leasing and property management strategies
  • Assess, coordinate, and guide project development teams to optimize their roles within the company’s big picture
  • Manage vendor contracts in every area from environmental to architecture
  • Use real estate software like Buildium and CINC to manage databases, finances, and property management processes
  • Utilize market benchmarking to optimize and renegotiate high-priority leases proactively
  • Analyze rental or ownership properties for potential acquisition in the context of current market trends
  • Oversee relations with outside consultants to meet project initiatives


  • MBA/Master’s degree in program management, finances, or similar (preferred)
  • 6 years minimum experience in real estate or relevant field
  • Real Estate License (required)
  • 3+ years in a managerial role (preferred)
  • Experience with related software like Buildium, Salesforce, Microsoft Office Suite, and Google Apps
  • Skill with finances and local real estate market trends
  • Superb communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Balance of personability and professionalism
  • Organization and prioritization
  • Problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and adaptability
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects and tasks, guiding each one to completion
  • Customer service–focused mindset and welcoming attitude


  • Salary: $121,300–198,364, with commission pay and the ability to earn 100% of your commission
  • Health insurance, vision, and dental
  • Paid time off
  • Self-determined schedule
  • Access to next-door gym and wellness facilities

About the company: This hybrid role will require you to be present at Mountain Realty’s main office in Boulder, Colorado, to ensure peak performance as we seek to provide renters and buyers with the best possible experience. We recognize the power of human connection and aim to provide a nurturing work environment.

While the ability to self-manage negotiations and strategies is important, Mountain Realty offers a highly supportive and cooperative company culture with answers to every question. Together, we can revolutionize each customer’s lifestyle with a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace and a warm, helpful attitude, both in the workplace and out in the field.

Write a Stellar Real Estate Agent Job Description 

So many job descriptions leave applicants yawning—you don’t want your readers to walk away feeling like your job description is generic, and your work environment is just as dull! You want to intrigue readers with a snapshot of your company culture, a clear idea of what types of projects they’d be working on, the team sizes they’ll work with, and so on.

Unfortunately, many job descriptions bombard real estate candidates with qualifications lists that stretch for miles, making them feel like they don’t stand a chance. Or, they’ll provide too little info and then make things worse with unforgivable formatting issues!

The tone of your job description is also important since many other job ads are rife with clunky wording and terrible humor that falls flat. Proofread and ensure you’re accurately representing your company's personality to get the ultimate real estate agent resumes rolling in.

Figure out who you need on your team and why

While writing your job description, pay special attention to why you’re hiring a real estate agent to begin with. How exactly do you need their help? Does your outdated business model leave employees pulling their hair instead of meeting objectives? Is your networking strategy a total flop?

Keep these motivations in the back of your mind while you write, and focus on listing them strategically:

  • Here are some concrete examples of how to write your real estate agent job description in a way that exemplifies the very qualities and values you’re looking for.
  • Naturally, you want to hire someone who’s organized and knows how to prioritize tasks—but how is your job description’s organization? Does it flow and reflect what you want?
  • Your new realtor will need to fit in with your existing team, so analyze the tone of your job listing: Does it match the overall vibe of the company? Does it accurately portray company values and goals?
  • Alongside personability, you want to hire someone with practical skills involving specific programs, market trends, and local regulations. Analyze your company’s current state to emphasize the best possible points in your job description!

Edit and proofread for a well-developed job description

Never underestimate the power of proofreading! Dumping your stream of consciousness onto the page and listing everything you can think of that relates to the job description has its perfect time and place: But that ideal place is in the brainstorming stage, not your final job listing. You’ll want to polish up your job description with a few revisions before posting it for the world to see.

Once you get into a creative flow and jot down whatever comes to mind, imagining some perfect ways to paint an accurate picture of the job, look for ways to consolidate. You want to provide as much information as possible but keep things concise. While it’s tempting to dream big and brain dump everything you could want, remember to specify the minimum requirements for the job!

Begin by Outlining Your Real Estate Agent Job Description       

Now that you’ve looked at some examples, here’s a handy outline of how you could break down your real estate agent job description!

Job details: These important specifics tell your readers what your company is like and what they’ll actually be doing if selected as your new real estate agent. This section should be crystal-clear so everyone’s on the same page and no one wastes their time discussing a poor match for the job.

Use simple language to briefly describe your company and its culture with a couple of sentences. Then, outline the real estate agent’s job description with a bulleted list that’s comfortable and easy to read.

What you’ll be doing/Roles/Responsibilities/Requirements:


  • Plan/model financial and budget operations management 
  • Maintain ownership of multiple simultaneous projects, promptly providing support across several teams as needed 
  • Develop and deliver project presentations

Qualifications: This section falls more within the realm of ideal skills and specializations you don't have room for in a concise intro that’s meant to hook ideal candidates quickly. You want to give readers the best chance at understanding exactly what they’d be signing up for.

Does a real estate agent need to offer more technical or soft skills for this role? Are there any special programs or local market requirements that you'll need them to be familiar with? Remember to avoid repetition while listing desired skills, but don’t be afraid to devote plenty of time to developing this section!


  • Knowledge of marketing trends and adaptability to relevant changes
  • Self-motivated with an ability to work independently and manage your professional advancement
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and leasing software (preferred—you can learn on the job from our existing team of experienced professionals)
  • Strong work ethic

Benefits: Every job seeker wants to know all about these! What insurance do you offer, if any? How about paid time off or vacation days? The benefits you provide belong near the end of your job description so that any potential applicants have to at least skim past the Responsibilities and Qualifications sections to get there.

And don’t hesitate to think creatively while filling in this section—does your company offer any supplementary courses or seminars that will help your new real estate agent acclimate and grow? Maybe you even provide on-site access to physical and mental wellbeing resources! Does your business regularly host paid lunches or birthday parties?

About the company: Alongside providing a nice conclusion to wrap up your job description, this section allows you to tell a bit more about what it’s like to work with you. Your dream hire could use their real estate expertise to fit in just about anywhere—so what sets your business apart? What makes your work environment unique, interesting, and desirable?

Providing some background information on your company’s history can also give readers some context for your values, enabling them to better gauge their compatibility. No one wants to feel like they’re stuck in a history class, so keep it brief—just add a touch of background information that adds personality and is relevant to today’s company goals.

Functions and roles inside the real estate agent world       

As you know, the world of real estate encompasses many different roles. While any real estate agent you hire should be adaptable and versatile, one person can’t do everything—but these examples should give you some good ideas for things to include in your job description!

Property Acquisition Specialist

  • Any real estate business needs high-quality properties to manage in order to thrive within the market—so you’ll need to hire someone who’s got an eye for acquisition. You can’t let your company develop an association with problematic properties and inferior quality!
    • Assess rental or ownership properties for potential acquisition in the context of current market trends
    • Research local codes, regulations, and location benefits to determine ultimate property value
    • This role will require well-rounded critical thinking, strong communication, plenty of research, efficient time-management abilities, and knowledge of relevant topics that tie in with property maintenance.

Team Coordinator

  • Since so many different functions go into real estate, especially managerial roles within the field, it’s critical to be able to work smoothly with others, avoid conflicts, and coordinate improvements within the company. Every wheel must point in the same direction to optimize progress, after all!
    • Monitor, coordinate, and potentially guide project development teams to optimize each role within the company’s big picture
    • Must be willing to communicate well and step in to help as needed
    • This role requires high interpersonal skills, which any great real estate agent should strive for anyway! Collaborating and providing insight when others are drawing blanks is invaluable in any group setting.

Problem Solver

  • In real estate, potential problems seem to be hiding under every rock—sometimes literally, if you discover that a recently-acquired property has some drainage issues, for example! Additionally, sometimes buyers’ regret or stubborn property managers can cause some friction. Your ideal realtor will be able to smooth things over quickly.
    • Mediate and resolve complaints for both clients and peers
    • Handle difficult situations involving code enforcement, failure to honor leases or other contracts
    • Have a knack for finding quick and effective solutions on the spot
    • This aspect of real estate involves a deep familiarity with company policies, local regulations in your area of operations, awesome communication skills, and a strong ability to empathize with frustrated individuals.


  • Sometimes, the strategies and agreements your company already has in place aren’t necessarily the best: Maybe the market or local culture has changed, rendering past success formulas obsolete. No matter the cause, your real estate agent will need to negotiate.
    • Negotiate with suppliers, vendors, and contractors
    • Renegotiate lease agreements, payment plans, and property management guidelines
    • Negotiation requires a great deal of critical thinking and interpersonal finesse to prevent stepping on any toes while ensuring that all technical needs are met with an optimized approach.

Market Analyst

  • The terrain of realty is constantly shifting, resulting in a continuous need for agility and research. Your pricing plans and selling points must remain cutting-edge to ensure competitive success within the market. Outdated sales tactics or clunky phrases like “Sorry to bother you, but I would love to have an informative chat” often come off as downright laughable!
    • Keep up with current events that may affect property acquisitions and management, as well as pricing changes and other details that will influence buyers
    • Staying current requires an eye for detail and a knack for consistently researching with speed and efficiency—not to mention the ability to integrate research results and improve the game plan.


  • If a real estate agent has gotten a few years of experience under their belt, they may feel the need to fill a managerial gap in your work environment. Have your teams been breaking a sweat to meet objectives at the very last minute? Has there been an uptick in communication breakdown?
    • Assess, coordinate, and guide project development teams to optimize their roles within the company’s big picture
    • Any managerial role features clear communication across the board at its core. A real estate agent manager should be able to oversee multiple teams/departments and ensure cohesion. Additionally, they must be able to provide policy-related guidance and get things done behind the scenes.