5 Marketing Cover Letter Examples That Worked in 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 11, 2024
5 Marketing Cover Letter Examples That Worked in 2024

You’re a promotional wiz. Target markets are identified, sales campaigns are created, and conversion rates are increased successfully with you on the job. 

But does your cover letter complement your marketing resume and help you convert job leads into interviews?

You thrive when writing promotional copy, so all you need is a push in the right direction when writing a great cover letter and really grab a hiring manager’s attention. You can use our marketing cover letter examples as templates or our free cover letter builder for success in your job hunt.

Marketing Cover Letter Example


Marketing cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Go for the win by effectively demonstrating how your experience aligns with the specific needs of the company.
    • Your marketing cover letter will be successful when you show how your experience with web content optimization, email marketing campaigns, and social media targeting addresses the requirements associated with a media publication role.

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Marketing Coordinator Cover Letter Example


Marketing coordinator cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Use your marketing coordinator cover letter to connect directly with the company and answers job-specific needs. Right from the start, align your experience with the company’s mission to prove you understand and are invested in the company’s goals.
    • Harness the power of metrics in your cover letter to further illustrate your tangible success as a marketing coordinator skilled in tools like CMS platforms, Joomla, and SEO.

Marketing Intern Cover Letter Example


Marketing intern cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Making your marketing intern cover letter stand out starts with a compelling introduction and ends with a strong conclusion.
    • Can you connect personal passion (think: passion for sustainable energy practices) with a company’s mission (think: Chevron’s mission of sustainability)?
    • Reinforce this connection in your closer to reaffirm alignment with the company’s mission and eagerness to contribute to its goals.

Marketing Assistant Cover Letter Example


Marketing assistant cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Recounting a positive experience with the hiring company could make a massive difference in personalizing your marketing assistant cover letter, making it stand out amidst countless generic pieces.
    • Notice how Leo highlights his past interaction with Blue Diamond Growers during their Homegrown Goodness Tour? Why not use such associated memories or personal experiences with the hiring company’s products or initiatives to add a unique twist to your masterpiece?

Marketing Director Cover Letter Example


Marketing director cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • An exciting marketing director cover letter isn’t just about skills and experiences. Your selling point could be those instances when your leadership and initiative were put to the test.
    • Did you lead a marketing team to spend less yet reap more? Do you recount that workplace where you nurtured marketing rookies into champions? Turn these episodes of success into a compelling tale that will have the hiring manager root for you, envisioning you replicating the success in their company.

Harness Your Skills for the Perfect Marketing Cover Letter

Job seeker stands with hands in air, questioning how to fill out job materials

When creating a marketing campaign, you understand the importance of tailoring your message to the brand’s target market. The same is true for your cover letter. 

Every company markets its products and services in varying ways. One company may focus on social media marketing, whereas another wants to boost its email marketing efforts. Therefore, the skills and values you emphasize here should be customized for each company.

Engage employers instantly with your greeting and intro 

You’re used to grabbing attention in ads within the first few sentences to get readers interested in your offer. The same is true for your cover letter. You want to grab attention right away. 

First, you want to address someone by name, if possible. Some companies will list a contact person in the job description, or you could try to find the hiring manager’s name on the company website or LinkedIn. It’s the same as how using someone’s name in an email marketing subject line makes it feel more personal and engaging. Otherwise, “Dear [name of company] hiring team,” can work well too.

The next step is connecting with the company’s mission or needs, just like you’d connect with a customer’s pain points or ideals in promotional content. For instance, if the company emphasizes environmentally-friendly products or team culture, you could try to highlight those aspects. 

Just like customers don’t like generic ads with irrelevant information, hiring managers won’t like your opening if it reads like the one below. 

You’re not selling your skills with this one!


I’m writing to apply for the marketing position at your company. I have a few years of experience in marketing and have been quite good at it. The position appeals to me and is one I’d like to fill, and your company sounds like a pleasant place to work.

A better idea is to connect with the company and make your opening feel specific to their needs, just like you’d do for everyone in your marketing campaign’s target audience. The example below perfectly connects with GoDaddy’s focus on customer-centric innovation and cutting-edge web services. 

Use an opener aligned with the company’s vision! 

Dear Ms. Sharma,

As an admirer of GoDaddy’s impressive achievements in empowering entrepreneurs and businesses through cutting-edge web services, I’m thrilled to apply for the marketing coordinator position. GoDaddy’s commitment to customer-centric innovation resonates deeply with me.

Emphasize achievements in your marketing cover letter body

In any marketing message, you know it’s essential to share the facts about what a product or service can help a customer achieve. You want to do the same with your abilities in a cover letter. 

Leaning on marketing metrics from previous achievements is a great way to stand out. Consider metrics like engagement or click-through rates that many companies will focus on. 

Additionally, tailor what you put in the body to the company’s needs to better connect with each specific marketing role. For instance, if you’ll be focused on SEO, sharing how you boosted organic traffic by 59% using keyword research tools like Semrush would be a great idea.

A good body paragraph optimized with relevant marketing metrics

With over 6 years of experience in digital marketing, I have honed my skills in connecting with audiences and optimizing web content. While working as a marketing coordinator at Carvana, I led a social media campaign that increased our follower base by 44% within six months and boosted engagement rates by 32%. 

Seal the deal with a strong closing for your marketing cover letter

As you end your cover letter, think about how you would close out a sales call. You’d want to summarize the key information you covered and end with a CTA. 

Do the same for your cover letter, but remember you’re not going for a hard sell. A light CTA like “I look forward to hearing from you soon” is the right level of persuasion to aim for here. 

Additionally, just like you’d want to thank a customer for their time, saying thank you somewhere in the closing or sign-off is a good idea. 

What you don’t want to do is have a closer like the one below that shares the wrong personal information and doesn’t relate to the company or specifics of the marketing position at all.

Providing the wrong information here! 

Thanks for considering my application.

I can start immediately since I’m currently unemployed and I’m really keen to get this job. I hope you choose me for the marketing position.



Instead, aim for a closer like the one below that reconnects with GoDaddy’s mission of providing excellent web services and finishes with a nice CTA, as you would do with any of your marketing messages. 

A CTA-infused closer for success!

I am excited about the opportunity to leverage my skills to further GoDaddy’s mission of providing excellent web services. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing how I can be a valuable asset to the GoDaddy team. 


Luna Torres

Marketing Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Writing tone or lingo isn’t current
    • The last thing you want to spotlight in your marketing cover letter is a poor knowledge of market trends! Demonstrate key knowledge about your target market (the company you’re applying to) by appealing to their vision. You can find more info on their organizational values or how you can help solve current obstacles by doing some research. Find their website, and definitely revisit the original job listing to see what the role emphasizes so you know what to reflect in your marketing cover letter.
  2. Outdated or vague greeting (Sir/Madam)
    • This tip goes hand-in-hand with staying on top of trends and lingo that apply to your dream job’s target market. Right now, your target audience is the recruiter or hiring manager who’s reading your cover letter! So seize the chance to appeal to them by name—not the dreaded sir or madam—you’ll make a much better impression.
  3. Cover letter doesn’t address specific company needs
    • While writing your cover letter, demonstrate your marketing knowledge by getting super specific about company needs. (This will be your job once you nail that interview, after all!) You want to offer up key examples of how you can better the organization and contribute to their team. For instance, discuss specific SEO tools, such as Ahrefs or SEO Testing, to provide memorable context for accomplishments that align with the company’s current goals.
  4. Typos or common grammatical errors—oops!
    • You don’t want to send out a promotional email or make a social media post only to discover a typo you previously overlooked! And you definitely don’t want to do this with your cover letter, either. It’s well worth your time to proofread, especially if you used ChatGPT for your cover letter, just in case you left out a comma or misspelled an important keyword.
  5. Lack of quantifiable, substantiated achievements
    • Marketing is all about results! How are your customer acquisition and retention rates? Has your work resulted in a measurable increase in star ratings on Google Reviews? Look for numerical, quantifiable metrics for the positive impact you’ve made with your knowledge of Adobe software and Google Suite.
How long should my marketing cover letter be?

Your cover letter shouldn’t go over one page. The optimal word count is somewhere between 300-500 words. This allows you enough room to provide details about your market analysis and campaign strategizing abilities while keeping it highly specific to each job’s needs. 

How do I write a cover letter without much marketing experience?

Candidates without much experience will want to pull from what they gained through education, transferable skills like customer service, and passion for each position. For instance, you could talk about your passion for creating a great customer experience and how your consumer behavior courses provided you with the skills needed to achieve that. 

What’s the proper tone for marketing cover letters?

Choosing the right tone is similar to choosing your brand’s voice for a specific target market. Analyze how the company speaks in the job description and try to match their levels of energy and formality as best as possible.