3 Data Entry Clerk Resume Examples For 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet March 17, 2023
3 Data Entry Clerk Resume Examples For 2023

You gather and sort customer and client information, preparing it for computer entry. You check for errors, ensuring the best possible accuracy while you organize and prioritize sets of data.

But you might feel a bit uncertain on what information to compile for your resume. What should it include? How long should it be?

No problem: I’ve had plenty of experience helping people in data entry with their resumes, and I can help you too with these 3 resume templates and some useful advice.

Data Entry Clerk Resume

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Data entry clerk resume example with no experience

Elegant Data Entry Clerk Resume

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Elegant data entry clerk resume example

What Matters Most: Your Skills & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

Recruiters want to know all about the good stuff you have to offer: How are your time management skills? Are you great at working with your peers to obtain the necessary documentation for top-priority data entry?

When you answer questions like those, be specific. Recruiters won’t spend long skimming your resume, so hone your skills as sharply as you can to answer questions before they’re asked. Avoid sounding generic.

You’ll also want to make sure your abilities look extremely relevant to your profession: That’s why you want to be so deliberate about listing skills that are specific to data entry!

For example:

9 Most Popular Data Entry Clerk Skills

  • Time Management
  • Problem-solving
  • MS Teams
  • Google Sheets
  • WIS
  • Error Identification
  • Financial Recording
  • Data Transcription
  • Flexibility

Sample Data Entry Clerk Work Experience Bullet Points

Now that you’ve set an impressive stage with your skills list, get ready to wow recruiters with examples of your greatest professional achievements. It’s time to prove that you know what you’re doing by providing examples of your past success!

You can use a wide variety of job roles to elevate your credibility, even if they don’t directly relate to your data entry clerk role: With a bit of creative thinking, you’re bound to find several points that overlap with your skills list.

Just make sure you back up any claim to success with numerical data. Quantifiable metrics of your positive impact take your experience section from good to great!

Consider these examples:

  • Recommended bank products that met customers’ needs, exceeding sales targets by 23% year over year
  • Compiled statistical information for special reports, increasing data integrity and process efficiency by 39%
  • Built revenue reports that provided vital financial information to new leadership figures, resulting in identification of $245K in new revenue streams
  • Maintained data entry quality levels of 96% to support team productivity and efficiency
  • Produced monthly reports with innovative usage of advanced Excel functions, increasing accuracy by 12%

Top 5 Tips For Your Data Entry Clerk Resume

  1. Get super technical
    • Even though your data entry clerk role involves a lot of teamwork and helpful interactions with other employees, you still want to maintain a technical tone when describing your skills. Don’t just say you’re good with people–report exactly what you do to help out.
  2. Spice things up with context
    • Varying the context for your experience points and metrics can make your professional history look way richer. Mention sales targets, collaboration with team leaders, and workplace settings for added intrigue.
  3. Stay organized
    • Since so much of your job role revolves around compiling, organizing, and prioritizing data, you should show your ability to do this via your resume layout. Each section should be clear, clean, and informative.
  4. Diversity can help!
    • Again: Don’t balk at the idea of including past job experiences that have no surface relation to data entry. You’ve almost certainly used relevant skills in the past, and it’ll show off your adaptability if you can work them in smoothly!
  5. Use some color . . .
    • . . . But not too much! Use a bit of highly readable color to make each section header pop, and you’ll visually reinforce your awesome organizational skills. Just avoid anything that distracts from the actual data entry on your resume.
What about cool fonts?

Now, I have nothing against cool fonts, but you don’t want to get too zany with them. Have fun picking your favorite clean, modern fonts, but basically: If your resume would look out of place on your own desk, dial things back a bit.

What if my resume goes over one page?

Time to trim it down! But don’t worry: You don’t have to say goodbye to any of your treasured accomplishments forever. If they don’t fit on your one-page resume, save them for your cover letter.

How do I balance my skills?

It can indeed be a challenge to balance hard and soft skills on your resume, so try to include relatively equal examples of both. Just make sure you’re crystal clear about what they do to further your abilities as a data entry clerk.