3 Virtual Assistant Cover Letter Examples Made for 2024 

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 11, 2024
3 Virtual Assistant Cover Letter Examples Made for 2024 

You take care of all the little things that become big when the moment strikes, like phone calls, office supply inventory, follow-up emails, appointment calendars, and travel arrangements.

But how do you write a cover letter to complement your virtual assistant resume and cover all those tasks, abilities, and your amazing growth potential?

Before you start fretting, check out our three virtual assistant cover letter examples that are bound to help. And while you’re at it, try our AI cover letter generator.

Virtual Assistant Cover Letter Example


Virtual assistant cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Got some virtual assistant proficiencies up your sleeve? It’s time to bring those capabilities, including expertise in office tasks, digital marketing, and technological prowess, to light.
    • The more you align your skills with the job ad, the sparkier your virtual assistant cover letter becomes. But don’t highlight these proficiencies casually. Weave them into compelling narratives of you overcoming challenges, spurring efficiency, and achieving positive results (cue increase in LinkedIn and Instagram followers)

Level up your
cover letter game

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Virtual Assistant No Experience Cover Letter Example


Virtual assistant no experience cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Accuracy is a godsend in data entry. While you have no dedicated data entry experience, setting forth how particular you are about details can significantly anchor a virtual assistant no experience cover letter tailored for a data entry role.
    • Talk about coursework, a school project, or even a hobby that reflects your eye for detail. An example would be how Theo applied his expertise in data verification to enhance data accuracy for his college’s health club membership records.

Upwork Virtual Assistant Cover Letter Example


Upwork virtual assistant cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Demonstrating your familiarity with pertinent software can be likened to adding another splash of color to a palette. In this case, the palette is your skills. It demonstrates your technical competence, versatility, and resourcefulness, painting a picture of a candidate who’s well-equipped and primed for success.
    • Notice how this Upwork virtual assistant cover letter spotlights adventures using Canva, Adobe Spark, Microsoft Outlook, and Content Management Systems, going further to include tangible results from the applications.

How to Refine Your Virtual Assistant Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Virtual assistants work in various fields—you might be helping an executive in a medical clinic or assisting leading social workers. Either way, your niche should be absolutely clear in your cover letter!

Re-read the job description for hints on what that particular job role centers around and choose qualifying points based on the requirements. It’s usually helpful to keep a selection of body paragraphs and skills handy so you can switch them out for each job application.

Writing an appealing greeting and intro

“Dear Sir/Madam” nope! Talk about dated and generic. Instead, you’ll need a name for an effective cover letter greeting. Look at the job ad again, and research the company until you find who you’re writing to and address them by name.

After a formal greeting with a name, hook your reader with relevant qualifications. Make these traits unique and specifically express how you can take the virtual assistant role to a new level.

Connect with the company, too. Return to the company website and check the job description for obstacles you can help overcome. Find a mission statement and align yourself with the organization’s vision.

Impress the reader with a fast overview of your current (excellent!) fit for the job and leave them wanting to read more!

Don’t write something incomplete, vague, and informal, like this opener that’s downright painful:


I’m so good at calendars you wouldn’t believe it, and I’m gonna make sure your company does great. I’m an awesome virtual assistant:

Instead, stay formal and follow this opener’s example. Make the reader interested in how your abilities will improve the company.

This one’s way better!

Dear Mr. Lopez:

With a growing interest in the digital freelance ecosystem and an undeniable knack for administrative support, I’m enthusiastically seeking to catapult my career as a virtual assistant with Upwork. Leveraging my strengths in Microsoft Outlook, word processing, basic graphic design, and more, I’m ready to enhance your operations by making a strong, positive impact within your work environment.

Writing top-tier body paragraphs

As a virtual assistant, you pride yourself on documenting and conveying essential information quickly. You’ll want to do the same in your cover letter’s body paragraphs. Use each paragraph to highlight one major accomplishment and how it will benefit your next employer.

Each success story you share should highlight your technical abilities, interpersonal prowess, and ability to anticipate someone’s needs. Relating these paragraphs to each job description is essential for peak relevance and desirability.

Don’t detail your work experiences arranging seasonal displays. You’re applying for a virtual role, and it probably revolves more around arranging appointment calendars! Mention digital tools you use to get the job done and pull in soft skills that exemplify your efficiency.

Metrics are another critical component of your cover letter. Use quantifiable data like personal ratings, satisfaction percentages, and budget savings to show that you can significantly impact your role.

Now here’s a good body paragraph:

A fundraising event I organized for Our Next Generation, a local non-profit, familiarized me with text encoding. I was tasked with managing digital campaign data and ensuring undistorted transmission of information across various communication channels. Thorough data handling facilitated a 23% increase in campaign effectiveness and brought in an impressive 18% more donations than previous campaigns.

Closing and signing off your lovely cover letter

Now that you’ve gotten all your data in order within those body paragraphs, it’s time to wrap everything up with finesse. You’ll want to summarize once more why you want the job and why you’re qualified for it.

Ask yourself again: What skills and impactful experiences make me a great virtual assistant? How do those qualifications stand to benefit my potential employer?

And don’t forget to invite further communication with a solid call to action! You want the opportunity to discuss your abilities and personal connection to the company in greater depth.

Finally, make sure you sign off professionally and politely. Thank the reader for their time. Your thank-you can go in your final paragraph or serve as your signoff. If you use a different signoff, stay professional and use your real, full name.

Don’t write a weak closer without examples of connection, skills, or gratitude. And don’t sign with a nickname:


There you go. As you can see I’d be great at your company here and I wouldn’t miss any appointments. Let me know when I can start so I can let my old boss know.

Stay cool,


Instead, check out how effective it is to professionally present skills and personal traits as being pre-aligned with company values:

Talk about an effective closer!

With Aurora Health Care, I visualize my role as a critical part of the healthcare and sustainability mission. I’m eager to utilize my data entry skills to support your administrative teams, collaborate to streamline data-related operations, and contribute towards improving healthcare services. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to discussing further how my background could add value to your dynamic team.


Theo Christopoulos

Virtual Assistant Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Cover letter contains typos/errors
    • You manage all kinds of little details and essential tasks each day, so make sure you don’t sabotage your chances by overlooking errors in your virtual assistant cover letter (especially if you’ve used ChatGPT)! A simple error like an incorrect date makes a huge difference on the job, so don’t lose the opportunity to demonstrate a sharp eye for key details throughout your virtual assistant cover letter! One great method here is to think of a time when you actually caught an error and prevented an inconvenient or costly mishap.
  2. Lack of hard skills
    • As a virtual assistant, you’ll naturally want to highlight skills that demonstrate your desire to help people get things done. And don’t get us wrong—your ability to coordinate and communicate effectively with others is essential! But recruiters and potential employers want to know exactly which tools you use to accomplish each goal, too, especially since so much of your role is digital. Working specifics in is easier than it might sound: If you used MS Teams to help coordinate a virtual event, specify that, and if you worked hard to coordinate a group project, mention that you used Asana to achieve success.
  3. Cover letter makes impressive claims, but doesn’t back them up
    • Numbers are important, and not just because they catch the reader’s eye on the page: Recruiters love to see measurable results that align with the organization’s needs. You’ll need metrics to quantify your accomplishments and show the impact you’ve made as a virtual assistant, and you can use some brief context to set off each paragraph of how your professional story has made you into the perfect candidate.
  4. Your letter doesn’t align with the job description
    • Don’t make the recruiter wonder if your cover letter is a copy-paste! Read back over the job description as many times as it takes to find unique and frequently used keywords to work into your examples. Research the business and emphasize current, pressing issues you can help them solve.
How long can I make my cover letter?

Keep it short and sweet at one page! Your reader has little time, and you want to hook them quickly. If they see a two-page cover letter, it’s more likely to wind up in the discard pile instead of the “Awesome new virtual assistant” pile.

How do I find my reader’s name?!

We know this part can sometimes be tricky, but you can make tons of progress by reviewing the job description details and any “About” or “Our Team” pages on the company site. If you’re still coming up empty-handed, try stuff like professional Facebook pages and LinkedIn accounts.

Do I need to include the address within the letter?

Some still do, but it’s become largely unnecessary. As you know from your virtual assistant experience, most information is exchanged digitally these days! Even if you’re going with snail mail, the usual address information on the envelope is enough and doesn’t need repeating on the cover letter.