3 Data Entry Cover Letter Examples Designed for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 26, 2024
3 Data Entry Cover Letter Examples Designed for 2024

Simply put, you transform paper to pixels—you enter clerical information into databases to make important data cleaner, safer, and more accessible for others. You handle everything from creating spreadsheets and documentstto checking them against source documents for errors.

But how do you write a cover letter that’s concise, accurate, high-quality, and complements your data entry resume? What information should you include to demonstrate your strengths?

It’s easier than it seems. We’ve guided tons of people in data entry to their dream jobs and put together three data entry cover letter examples for you to use. You can further enhance your application with our free cover letter generator to make a formidable submission.

Data Entry Cover Letter Example


Data entry cover letter example

Copy this text for your data entry cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue
Charlotte, NC 33326
(123) 456-7890

July 30, 2023

Mia Wilson
Bank of America
123 Fictional Lane
Charlotte, NC

Dear Ms. Wilson:

Bank of America has always been the reputable institution I turn to for my personal banking needs. Holding a solid background in database management, data cleaning/formatting, and more, I am well-prepared to contribute positively to your data processing systems.

During my three years as a data entry clerk at Aerotek, I successfully transformed six distinct data sources into a unified database system, ultimately improving accessibility and expediting data retrieval by 17%. In addition, implementing OCR (optical color resolutions) solutions for digitizing physical documents reduced manual entry errors by 29% and increased overall productivity by 18%.

I was also part of a seven-member team responsible for data cleaning and formatting for numerous clients. Our meticulous efforts led to a significant improvement in data quality. In one notable instance, our implementations reduced processing errors by 12% for a healthcare client, saving an estimated $92K annually.

I am confident in my ability to contribute meaningfully to the data management needs of Bank of America and enhance its robust system while helping maintain its competitive edge. Feel free to connect with me to learn more about how my skills, experience, and enthusiasm align with your organization’s needs and culture. Thank you for considering my application.


Svetlana Petrov

2 letters of recommendation
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Why this cover letter works

  • Paying homage to the good reputation of a potential employer is an excellent starting point for a data entry cover letter.
    • Strike a chord further with the recruiter with real, quantified impacts of skills that matter for the role you’re eyeing.

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Data Entry Clerk Cover Letter Example


Data entry clerk cover letter example

Copy this text for your data entry clerk cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue
Denton, TX 75065
(123) 456-7890

July 30, 2023

Andre Sokolov
Peterbilt Store
123 Fictional Avenue
Denton, TX 75065

Dear Ms. Sokolov:

While completing my degree, I had the opportunity to intern in a fast-paced, technological-focused environment where I was able to develop strong skills in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), data backup and recovery, and data migration. This experience, complemented by my affinity for precision and my passion for efficient data management, led me to aspire for a role that could combine these elements. Therefore, I am excited to present my application for the data entry clerk position at The Peterbilt Store.

My three-year tenure at DATCU allowed me to work with vast amounts of datasets. I played a crucial role in using OCR to digitize and back up approximately 37% of the company’s physical data, which improved efficiency by 19% and cut costs by 12%. My responsibilities extended to maintaining data integrity during a company-wide migration project, during which I successfully avoided any loss or corruption of data.

During my time as a volunteer at the local community center, I had the responsibility of managing their member database. A consistent data backup and recovery plan was crucial to safeguard valuable information. This action led to a 94% reduction in data loss incidents over six months, an achievement well-received by management.

Peterbilt Store’s strong track record, coupled with your impressive accolades, such as Peterbilt North American Dealer of the Year multiple times, is impressive. I am enthused at the prospect of my meticulous attention to detail and proven ability to manage massive databases adding value to an organization known for its high-quality service and commitment to excellence.

I look forward to discussing how I can support The Peterbilt Store in maintaining its reputation as a respected dealer in the transportation industry. Thank you for considering my application.


Pierre Durand

Why this cover letter works

  • Weaving storytelling into the beginning of your data entry clerk cover letter, then relating it all to the position, will certainly captivate a hiring manager.
    • Take it a notch higher by emphasizing the impact your data prowess generated in previous roles, then slip in a gentle reminder of your potential employer’s hall of fame (think awards and recognition).

Entry-Level Data Entry Clerk Cover Letter Example


Entry-level data entry clerk cover letter example

Copy this text for your entry-level data entry clerk cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue
Boston, MA 33326
(123) 456-7890

July 30, 2023

Dear Ms. Taylor:

An enthusiastic and driven individual, I am eager to contribute to the growth and success of Boston Properties as an entry-level data entry clerk. My talents for organizational tasks and technical skills like file management empower me to deliver outputs that are more than just numbers—they offer insights and build efficiencies. All will prove invaluable in accurately managing the wealth of data associated with your company’s Class A office buildings portfolio.

In a recent internship at Trevor Wissink-Adams, I played an instrumental role in managing and maintaining the property database. Under my watch, the integrity of the data improved by 18%, while the turn-around time for report generation decreased by 26%. My skills in utilizing formulas and automating spreadsheet processes led to more efficient tracking and updating of relevant property details, ensuring up-to-date and accurate information for the agency’s use.

While volunteering with Red Door Real Estate, I successfully managed the organization’s property and tenant databases. My meticulousness in data validation ensured a 93% accuracy rate across the entire database, facilitating smoother operations and informed decision-making. Moreover, I leveraged my adeptness in file management to validate and verify hundreds of data entries daily, reducing the margin of error by 11%.

Energized by the scope of opportunity Boston Properties offers and driven by my passion for data, I am ready to contribute my detail-oriented approach and technical capabilities to your team. Furthermore, my eagerness to grow professionally will ensure that I continue to learn and make meaningful contributions to support the company’s status as one of the largest publicly traded office REITs. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my skills can add value to your company. Thank you for considering my application.


Lucia De Luca

Why this cover letter works

  • When there isn’t much professional experience to leverage, demonstrating genuine enthusiasm for the role helps.
    • And beyond the zeal? Competence in relevant technology, attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and proven proficiency in formulas and data handling should show in your entry-level data entry clerk cover letter.

How to Formulate Your Data Entry Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

You don’t want your cover letter to be forgettable! One of the best ways to make recruiters and potential employers remember you is to tailor your cover letter to the specific job description—no one wants a letter that sounds like it was written for just anyone.

Look for whichever points the job description emphasizes the most, such as organizational skills or database overhauls. Think of times you’ve already demonstrated your alignment and success, and start writing.

Don’t focus on team-building skills if you’re applying for a role that’s more focused on software and technical tools. And make sure you aren’t repeating points from your resume!

Writing your intro and greeting

Open your cover letter with a professional greeting addressed to a specific person from the organization. Avoid generic terms like “Dear Sir/Madam”!

Your intro is your hook! What makes you so uniquely, irresistibly great at data entry? And how does that make you a great fit for the specific company job you’re applying for?

Get specific when you make your connection with the company. Visit their about page or mission statement to find their core values (like attention to detail or data integrity), and hone your intro to align with those.

Check out this example of a terrible opener—the greeting is informal and nothing’s specific! (What experience? Why are you a good employee? How do your skills benefit the company?)

Oh, no!

Hi I’m Lucia,

I’d like to work for your company because I’m a good employee with professional experience. I can do spreadsheets and keep everything organized.

Here’s a high-quality opener with that formal, personalized greeting and immediate followup with job-specific skills that demonstrate value for the company. Not to mention the hook: What kinds of strategic insights?

Ah, that’s better!

Dear Ms. Taylor,

As a proactive and detail-oriented data entry clerk, I am eager to offer my strategic insights at Boston Properties to improve data flow and elevate your company’s success.

Writing your body text

Now that you’ve made a nice first impression with a personalized, attention-grabbing intro, it’s time to share some stories of how you’ve created success before. A data entry clerk should provide memorable examples of excellent data management with measurable results, like property database management with reduced report turnaround times.

Include metrics like error reduction percentages or improved ROIs that have benefited your previous employers: Quantifiable data backs up your claims to make you look more reliable and prepared.

Credentials help give your body paragraphs some added “zip,” too! If you have any additional certificates like a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP), add it!

Here’s a good one:

During my time as volunteer at the local community center, I had the responsibility of managing their member database. A consistent data backup and recovery plan was crucial for safeguarding valuable information. This action led to a 94% reduction in data loss incidents over six months.

Closing off and signing your cover letter

Your closing paragraph is the perfect spot to sum up how your values and qualifications align with the company’s values! Mention a few specific skills or values that make you an unusually good fit for the job role to conclude your qualifying statements.

Don’t forget to include a call to action, too! Invite the recipient of the letter to ask you for more details about why you’re the ideal hire. Ask them to call you for additional qualifying info about how your data entry skills will benefit their company.

You’ll definitely want to thank the company for their consideration, but this can happen either during your closer paragraph or your signoff. When you sign your letter, always use your real name and highly professional language.

Here’s an example of all the stuff you should never do (informal, vague sentences, failure to provide examples of how skills relate to the company, and an unprofessional closure):

Wow (and not in a good way)!

I’m glad you looked at this letter. I think my skills are great for the job and I hope you call me to let me know when I start.



This next closing paragraph and signoff are way more put-together. The candidate mentions the company and states their intentions to uphold its vision. There’s also a polite thank-you for the reader’s time, plus a professional and sleek signoff.

Now that’s a winning closer!

I look forward to discussing how I can support the Peterbilt Store in maintaining its reputation as a respected dealer in the transportation industry. Thank you for considering my application.


Pierre Durand

Who do I address my letter to?

Do your homework and find out who’s in charge of new hires at your dream company. It’s worth it! Whether you’re writing your cover letter to a hiring manager or a recruiter, they’re more likely to think of you as a good data entry clerk if you find and use their name.

How can I connect with the company more personally?

Revisit the original job description and learn the company culture by studying the writing tone and analyzing which parts of the job role they emphasize most. You can find more info on what to reflect in your cover letter on the company website, too!

Do I include anything else?

Mention other application materials like your resume, application, and any professional letters of recommendation in your cover letter under an “Enclosures” section. Unique qualifications like extra certifications also help.