3 Starbucks Barista Resume Examples That Work in 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet July 18, 2023
3 Starbucks Barista Resume Examples That Work in 2023

Starbucks has thrived due to its constant innovations and adherence to high-level brewing methods. You know you’ll fit in with your ability to work within detailed recipe specifications and provide an excellent customer experience. 

Have you prepared your resume to be a great reviewing experience for Starbucks hiring managers? 

Our team has done tons of research on how to prepare an effective resume to land a job as a Starbucks barista. You can use our Starbucks barista resume examples as an easy template to display your skills successfully in the process.

Starbucks Barista Resume

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Starbucks barista resume example with 7+ years experience

Professional Starbucks Barista Resume

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Professional starbucks barista resume example with 7+ years experience

Formal Starbucks Barista Resume

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Formal starbucks barista resume example with 7+ years experience

What Matters Most: Your Starbucks Barista Skills & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

Starbucks baristas always need to think quickly on their feet to keep long lines of customers moving. Therefore, your top skills will be essential to optimize on your resume to show you have what it takes.  

Certain Starbucks locations offer unique food and beverage services to their customers, so there isn’t one cut-and-dry set of skills a location may be looking for from applicants. One Starbucks may operate a traditional drive-through, whereas another offers a mixology bar. Review the job description to optimize for the products and services at the Starbucks you’re applying to. 

Here are some of the most popular Starbucks barista skills to get you started.

  • Food Handling
  • Recipes
  • Customer Service
  • Brewing Techniques
  • POS Systems 
  • Cash Handling
  • Sanitization
  • Teamwork
  • Culinary Art

Sample Starbucks barista work experience bullet points

At Starbucks, the food and beverage quality always matters to provide a great customer experience. To ensure standards are maintained, Starbucks hiring managers will pay close attention to the work achievements you list on your resume. 

Food and beverage prep comes with its share of metrics like order accuracy and customers served per hour. Leaning into those numbers whenever possible will help you stand out. 

Remember, Starbucks is a fast-paced business. Keeping your examples short and straightforward will help hiring managers identify your top skills in brewing techniques and teamwork while quickly reviewing resumes. 

Here are a few samples:

  • Informed customers about the benefits of the rewards program, generating an average of 5 new signups per shift. 
  • Carefully counted change on cash orders to go 11 months with no cash drawer overages or shortages. 
  • Used accurate data entry skills to process customer orders with 98% accuracy over 2 years. 
  • Explained the quality of specialty items to customers to generate 68% more sales on seasonal products. 

Top 5 Tips for Your Starbucks Barista Resume

  1. Limit it to one page
    • Starbucks hiring managers will want to see a concise overview of your top skills in customer service and food handling. Keeping to a one-page resume provides enough information while still allowing for a quick review within a fast-paced food service environment. 
  2. Reverse chronological order is optimal
    • You want to ensure your resume starts strong. Putting your most recent experiences first will help since those will likely be the most relevant and up-to-date with current food service and cleanliness standards. 
  3. Always proofread
    • Order accuracy will be one of your top priorities when you’re on staff. Start things off right with an accurate resume that’s free of grammatical errors. 
  4. Use action words to stand out
    • Action words like “brewed” or “informed” will make your examples stand out. For instance, you could say you “brewed over 45 beverages per day with 98% order accuracy for four years.” 
  5. Both interpersonal and technical skill matter
    • Baristas must accurately prepare specialty beverages and interact in a friendly and helpful way with customers. Your examples should emphasize how you achieved both, such as how you greeted 40 customers per day and followed recipes to prepare accurate orders, achieving 97% positive satisfaction scores. 
Should Starbucks baristas use a resume objective?

If you don’t have much work experience, a resume objective can be a helpful way to display your most relevant skills. For example, you could write a few sentences about how you’re eager to get started in the food service industry and will perform accurately using your 2 years of data entry experience.  

What if I haven’t worked in food service before?

Aim to include as many transferable skills as possible. Abilities in customer service, cash handling, data entry, and more can all translate to managing tons of orders and customers daily as a Starbucks barista.  

Do Starbucks barista applicants need to submit a cover letter?

Most Starbucks locations list the cover letter as optional. However, including one will help you stand out. You can use your cover letter to connect with your passion for Starbucks if you love drinking their coffee or explain in more detail how you’ll provide a great customer service experience as a barista.