3 Soccer Coach Resume Examples to Land Your Next Job in 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 8, 2024
3 Soccer Coach Resume Examples to Land Your Next Job in 2024

You help players succeed on and off the field. Scouting reports are developed, drills are coordinated, and player mentoring is provided effectively, with you leading the team.

Is your resume ready as you kick off your next job search? Don’t know where to start with making a cover letter?

With soccer coaches having so many responsibilities, from recruitment to game planning, it’s common to feel a bit overwhelmed while trying to fit everything on a one-page resume. That’s why we’ve created our research-driven soccer coach resume examples to provide you with the ideal resume template for success.

Soccer Coach Resume

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Soccer coach resume example with 4+ years experience

Professional Soccer Coach Resume

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Professional soccer coach resume example with 4+ years experience

Formal Soccer Coach Resume

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Formal soccer coach resume example with 4+ years experience

What Matters Most: Your Soccer Coach Skills & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

The job skills you’ll need when leading each soccer program will vary depending on organizational needs. For example, one athletic program may have coaches take a very hands-on recruitment approach, whereas another will be heavily focused on player development.

The best way to plan your resume is to review the job description and use the same analytical abilities you implement when breaking down game film to identify the qualifications most important to each soccer program.

Here are some of the best skills for soccer coaches to put on a resume.

9 best soccer coach skills

  • Game Planning
  • InStat Scout
  • Exercise Programming
  • Team Building
  • Film Analysis
  • Fitness Assessments
  • TacticalPad
  • Scheduling
  • Injury Prevention

Sample soccer coach work experience bullet points

While job skills like exercise programming and using InStat Scout will grab a program director’s attention, you’ll still need to list more information to show your impact as a soccer coach. 

The results you get on the field matter a lot. So, listing numerical achievements, such as boosting goals scored per game or win rates, will help you stand out. 

Remember to keep these examples short and straightforward for easy review from hiring managers, similar to how you’d provide concise game plan adjustments during a timeout.

Here are a few samples:

  • Led team game film analysis to identify each upcoming opponent’s strategies, boosting win rates by 47%. 
  • Implemented information from InStat Scout into recruiting practices to plan regional scouting trips 51% more efficiently. 
  • Planned weekly team-building exercises and met with individual players quarterly to keep morale high, ensuring 94% player retention for 2 years. 
  • Coordinated a new off-season exercise program that led to a 39% decrease in injuries the following year. 

Top 5 Tips for Your Soccer Coach Resume

  1. Organize the information
    • Just like a messy play call sheet would have you scrambling on the sidelines, causing poor results on the field, your resume works similarly. Ensure it’s well-spaced with clear headers, uses bullet points for coaching achievements, and has an easily readable 12-14 point font for easy review from program directors. 
  2. Keep it on a single page
    • While providing scouting information to recruiting teams, you likely try to keep the stats and analysis concise to emphasize key points. Do the same with your resume, keeping to a single-page resume and emphasizing your most relevant exercise planning and team-building skills for each organization. 
  3. Use reverse chronological formatting
    • As you’ve worked up the ranks as a coach, your game analysis and planning skills have likely grown quite a bit. Therefore, listing your most recent skills first will provide the most relevant overview of what you can achieve. 
  4. Proofread thoroughly
    • Sending recruitment emails with several errors would make it unlikely many players want to sign with your team. The same is true for landing a coaching job with your resume. So, make sure you proofread it thoroughly. 
  5. Use a mix of interpersonal and technical skills
    • Whether you’re managing team relations or designing new defensive strategies, soccer coaches need a well-versed skill set. Therefore, using a mix of interpersonal and technical skills will help you stand out. 
What if I don’t have much soccer coaching experience?

You can still showcase several skills as an entry-level soccer coach. For example, you could list transferable skills, such as training employees as a customer service supervisor or designing exercise programs as a former student-athlete. You could also list education, like a degree in sports management or exercise science. 

Should soccer coaches use a summary?

A resume summary will work well when you have ten or more years of soccer coaching experience. For example, a few sentences about how you’ve implemented play-practice training models to boost goals scored by an average of 25% for three organizations would help you stand out.  

How many jobs should I put on a soccer coaching resume? 

Three or four jobs will work best for soccer coaching resumes. Include the most recent ones and those most relevant to aspects like player development and injury prevention.