5 Product Marketing Manager Resume Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 9, 2024
5 Product Marketing Manager Resume Examples for 2024

At times, companies have an excellent product that they simply need the world to hear about before it takes off. That’s where you come in developing effective product promotional strategies to expand a brand’s reach and conversion rates.    

Have you strategically planned your resume to market your personal brand?

We’re here to help with our product marketing manager resume examples. They can act as professional templates for success when you’re trying to land a job in the competitive marketing field.

Product Marketing Manager Resume

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Product marketing manager resume example with 9 years of experience

Product Marketing Manager 2 Resume

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Product marketing manager 2 resume example with 8 years of experience

Product Marketing Manager 3 Resume

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Product marketing manager 3 resume example with 7 years of experience

Product Marketing Manager 4 Resume

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Product marketing manager 4 resume example with 9 years of experience

What Matters Most: Your Product Marketing Manager Skills & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

Every marketing campaign needs someone with the right skills to set it in motion. 

Marketing managers often handle several areas of product promotional strategies, so narrowing down the right skills to list on a resume can pose a challenge. 

Consider what the job description emphasizes. Is the company looking to expand its social media presence? Then your abilities to analyze social media metrics in HubSpot and create effective posting schedules should be listed. 

Here are some of the top product marketing manager skills in 2024.

9 top product marketing manager skills

  • Trello
  • Airtable
  • Ahrefs
  • Team Leadership
  • Email Promotions
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Product Placement
  • HubSpot
  • Market Analysis

Sample product marketing manager work experience bullet points

Most candidates applying for a marketing management position will have years of experience. The key will be choosing the right examples to list in a proper format for success. 

One of the keys to success is using common marketing metrics. Aspects like post reach, generated leads, and net sales are metrics companies would want their marketing team to emphasize. 

Additionally, keep each description short and simple. One sentence on how you optimized subject lines in email newsletters to improve open rates by 45% goes a long way toward showcasing your email marketing abilities.

Here are a few samples:

  • Identified 58 low-competition and high-search volume keywords in Ahrefs for a new SEO campaign to boost organic search traffic to product content on the website by 87%.     
  • Used Airtable to compile key product data for the sales team to review, leading to 76% higher conversion rates on cold calls.   
  • Deployed a new product placement strategy at retail locations to increase consumer interactions with displays by 65%.        
  • Led a 5-person email design team while developing a holiday promotional campaign to generate $450,000 in new sales revenue.     

Top 5 Tips for Your Product Marketing Manager Resume

  1. Both leadership and technical skills are essential
    • As a manager, you must know the core principles of marketing strategies and lead your team to success. Your examples can include both, such as how you led your 12-person sales team in a new lead nurturing strategy to increase conversions by 53%.   
  2. Use reverse chronological order
    • You’ve worked your way up in marketing, so your most recent experiences should come first on your resume. It’ll help hiring managers identify your ability to lead teams and generate brand awareness on promotional campaigns.      
  3. Lean on marketing metrics
    • You’re used to using software like HubSpot to analyze essential metrics from your campaigns. Lean into that to show your strengths as a product marketer. For instance, you could explain how you used consumer data to better target your social media strategy, generating 49% more clicks to product pages.              
  4. Use action words
    • Action words like “identified” and “led” help show the impact of your marketing strategies. Instead of saying you “know how to use Trello,” you could say you “identified four new workflows in Trello to make project management 76% more efficient.”               
  5. Organize your information
    • Think of designing your product marketing resume as if you were putting together a presentation for your next promotional campaign. You want to use clear headings, easily digestible information, and easy-to-read 12-14 point font.             
Should I use a resume summary?

Marketing managers with a lot of experience will benefit from a two or three-sentence resume summary of their abilities and achievements. For example, you could explain how you’ve led 87 promotional campaigns generating $4.6 million in sales over your 12-year career.  

What do I write in my product marketing manager cover letter?

Your resume will likely be very straightforward and data-based, so getting more personal in creating a cover letter can help. You could explain how you achieve a great marketing team environment or why you want to help a company promote its products. 

How long should my resume be?

Aim for one page of highly relevant information to the position’s needs. If you need to narrow down what you include, focus on the company’s primary product marketing strategies. For instance, if they focus on SEO, then your skills in Ahrefs and blog content management would be ideal to include.