3 Entry-Level Marketing Resume Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet June 13, 2024
3 Entry-Level Marketing Resume Examples for 2024

Entry-Level Marketing

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In an entry-level role you assist marketing managers with pricing, distribution, and advertising strategies. You’re there to support, help, learn, and advance alongside your marketing team members!

But you may have additional questions about your resume. How long should it be? How do you tailor your qualifications to your target audience?

No sweat! We’ve got this: We’ve been helping with marketing resumes for years. Try our resume templates and advice to get things moving on the path to success with these three entry-level marketing resume samples.

Entry-Level Marketing Resume

Entry level marketing resume example with no experience

Elegant Entry-Level Marketing Resume

Elegant entry level marketing resume example with no experience

What Matters Most: Your Skills & Job Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

Show off those skills! People who are just entering the marketing field from another career or a graduate program need to show that they have the necessary tools to adapt and thrive in their new role.

Always avoid generic stuff like “people skills” and “communication” that aren’t specific at all to your profession. Make sure each ability you list is highly relevant to how you fit into the marketing field.

Be as specific about the skills themselves, too. Hone your list items as sharply as you can to show that you already have some depth of knowledge in your field:

9 Best Entry-Level Marketing Skills

  • Salesforce
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • Paid Social Media Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • SEMrush
  • A/B Testing
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Data Reporting

Sample entry-level marketing work experience bullet points

Experience sections can sometimes be slightly tricky for entry-level roles, depending on your situation. If you’ve freshly graduated, you may not have many (or any) previous job roles in marketing just yet.

But don’t let that discourage you: College projects and internships also count! just make sure that your experience points demonstrate advancement and your eagerness to learn.

You’ll also need to choose specific pieces of your history that relate directly to an entry-level marketing role. And you’ll need to back any achievements with quantifiable data that measures your impact!

Check out these examples:

  • Tracked and analyzed advertising costs across media channels, saving 21% of marketing budget
  • Increased sales from online channels by an average of $3,497 per month by implementing best practices
  • Worked with local restaurants to grow their online search presence, increasing organic search traffic from approximately 100 to 1K users per month
  • Created A/B testing for Twitter ad copy, improving ROI by 9%
  • Overhauled conversion rates by 22% with custom-designed reports in Tableau while streamlining data to decrease manual reporting by 15 hours weekly

Top 5 Tips for Your Entry-Level Marketing Resume

  1. Measure your success!
    • Metrics really are important, especially for entry-level marketers. You need to provide some quantifiable evidence that you can put your skills to good use and evolve your abilities.
  2. Context helps
    • Sometimes, listing one percentage after another can sound a bit circular—but you can spice things up by providing the context of what the initiative was about. Talk about how you improved traffic for coffee shops, or mention that your testing was conducted via Instagram. If it requires more than a bullet point, though, save it when making a cover letter.
  3. Highlight your education
    • Education is important for entry-level resumes. List your degree first and foremost, but think of any independent classes or certification workshops you’ve taken that might be relevant, too.
  4. Letters can help!
    • If you have any professional recommendation letters, you can use these to boost your credibility alongside your freshly-polished resume. Include them separately and make sure they touch upon your best traits!
  5. The job description is your friend
    • If you get stuck, refer to the marketing job description for ideas on what skills and values will appeal to the company you’re applying to. Reflect these in your resume to show that you know how to read your audience.

How to Write an Entry-Level Marketing Resume

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  1. Showcase your creativity from the very start

    Working in marketing means thinking outside the box, so don’t be afraid to let your resume reflect that approach. Pick an eye-catching template, and adding a splash of color might be a good idea, too. One thing to note, though, is that your resume should be as concise and insightful as the reports you prepare. Keep it to a single page to maintain the recruiter’s attention throughout.

  2. Figure out what they want—and deliver it

    Much the same way you tailor each marketing strategy to the target audience, you should adjust your resume to match the job description to a T. This includes swapping skills in and out based on the keywords found in the listing, but also updating your work experience bullet points to highlight the achievements that make the most sense for the job.

  3. Display your effective marketing strategies

    As a beginner marketer, you’ve likely worked with managers to deliver tangible results. This could be an increase in revenue or product sales, but also digital wins like email open rates or an increase in social media followers. Highlight those wins in your resume instead of day-to-day tasks, and add quantifiable metrics to really put them in the spotlight.

  4. Buff up your credentials

    You’re still new to the role, so it’s good to show your interest in marketing at large through extra coursework or certifications. Choose a resume template that lets you display any and all certificates, be it a Google Analytics Individual Qualification or the ever-important HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification.

  5. Show that you pay attention

    Just like you wouldn’t send an email to an important client without proofreading it first, your resume requires that same kind of care and attention. Before you apply for that dream job, go through your resume and proofread it, make sure that you’re describing the right marketing wins and skills, and pepper in some active voice to own your domain.

What if I’m really light on experience?

With some creativity, most projects can be spun to your advantage on your resume. Even if you’ve only had one job in marketing, you can probably think of independent projects or even volunteer opportunities that utilized your marketing skills!

How long should my resume be?

Just one page. It should never go over a single page, but don’t worry: You don’t have to completely fill the page, either. In fact, a bit of breathing room is nice!

What about color?

A bit here and there is fine, but take it easy! You want to appear as professional and polished as you can. So keep things understated while you express yourself—and put readability first like you see in our examples.