3 Digital Sales Resume Examples For 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet February 11, 2023
3 Digital Sales Resume Examples For 2023

You take all the usual salesperson’s methods and apply them through various digital channels. You use social media, emails, and other online tools to reach potential customers and make the sale.

But maybe looking at that empty resume page is giving you pause. How should it look and sound when you’re done?

We’ve got this! I’ve spent years helping people land great jobs in digital sales, and I’ve learned a lot. These 3 resumes (plus some advice) will get you ready to roll.

Digital Sales Resume

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Digital sales resume example with 8+ years experience

Modern Digital Sales Resume

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Modern digital sales resume example

Professional Digital Sales Resume

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Professional digital sales resume example

What Matters Most: Your Skills & Experience History

Your resume skills and work experience

It’s time to remember the Marketing Funnel and consider what you’re “selling” on your resume: Your skills and abilities. Recruiters want an instant snapshot of what you can do. A concise, specific skills list allows them to skim quickly.

And that means getting highly profession-oriented with your skills. If recruiters see a generic term like “people skills,” they won’t bother asking you “What people skills?”.

We don’t want them to lose interest, so dig deep and get more precise: Do you specialize in social media outreach? How about nurturing responses?

Try these skill samples on for size:

9 Best Digital Sales Skills

  • Negotiation
  • Product Demos
  • Proposal Writing
  • Lead Generation
  • SEMrush
  • Hootsuite
  • Google Sheets
  • Canva
  • Hubspot

Sample Digital Sales Work Experience Bullet Points

Your experience should play off your skills list to tell a story of improvement and growth–just like what you aim to achieve when you reach out online! Your skills show what you can do, and your experience points show how.

Sales roles are all about numbers: customer retention, lead acquisition, feedback percentages, sign-up rates, and more. The common denominator here is data that can be used to measure your impact.

Use metrics that are self-explanatory in terms of how they benefitted the organization. Again: If a recruiter has to ask basic questions to get through your resume, they won’t.

Here are a few examples of solid digital sales metrics:

  • Generated digital marketing campaigns directed towards target audience via Hootsuite, drive 167+ clicks and AppStore visits
  • Increased net profits by 12% and surpassed $350K sales incentive targets
  • Established customer trust by providing honest service cost assessments and increased sign-up rates by 46%
  • Awarded Employee of the Quarter for ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing purchase rate by 28%

Top 5 Tips For Your Digital Sales Resume

  1. Aim for the top
    • Make sure you’re presenting the best of your work for recruiters to review: Your strongest abilities and your greatest numbers. You want to aim high during your job search, so put your best foot forward and demonstrate credibility.
  2. Know your own resume
    • This one might sound like a no-brainer, but lots of people overlook it. Deliberately include points that you’d be comfortable discussing in detail during an interview. Know every digital campaign you reference like the back of your hand!
  3. Pick a clean layout
    • When weighing different resume template options, go for something streamlined that emphasizes your top selling points. Stick with clear fonts and tasteful colors, just like you would with any other outbound document.
  4. Spotlight your versatility
    • Round up a strong variety of experience points and skills for your digital sales resume. You want to demonstrate that you can successfully interact with diverse target audiences and connect with a broad social network.
  5. Show your knowledge depth
    • Demonstrate more than a surface-level knowledge of your digital skills. Recruiters want to know that you can navigate an entire ad campaign or customer acquisition initiative. Show that you can catch leads and keep them!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How important is my education?
    • It really depends on your level of experience. If you’re looking back at a lightweight work history, you might want to emphasize your education alongside any supplemental courses or certifications you’ve gained.
  • Do I have to change my resume for every job?
    • Yes! Just like you tailor every digital sales objective to your target audience, you’ll need to do the same with job ads. It’s simpler than it sounds: Read the job description, look for keywords, skills, and tone elements, and then tweak your resume to reflect them.
  • How many sections do I need?
    • Only as many as it takes to emphasize your greatest attributes without crowding the page. Include your contact information, education/certifications, skills, and professional experience.