3 Armed Security Guard Resume Examples That Work in 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 2, 2024
3 Armed Security Guard Resume Examples That Work in 2024

Maintaining order and safety is always an essential aspect of building operations. You expertly assist using top surveillance and patrol techniques to prevent disturbances and keep businesses running smoothly. 

Is your resume template armed with the proper sections and layout so you can showcase your skills to secure your next job?

Armed security guards have a lot of qualifications needed to get hired for the position. Allow us to help with our armed security guard resume examples, designed to provide you with an effective template for success. 

Armed Security Guard Resume

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Armed security guard resume example with 4+ years experience

Professional Armed Security Guard Resume

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Professional armed security guard resume example with 4+ years experience

What Matters Most: Your Armed Security Guard Skills & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

Security guards that handle weaponry must ensure they portray the right skills that show they can safely and responsibly help the company achieve its goals. 

A great way to optimize for success is by using a mix of the top industry armed security guard qualifications and what the company is looking for in the job description. For instance, optimizing for skills in specific weaponry you may be carrying, like an M9Berretta or security baton, or core procedures like monitoring CCTV cameras, can help you stand out. 

Here are some of the top armed security guard skills in 2024.

9 top armed security guard skills

  • Incident Reports
  • Scheduling
  • CCTV System
  • Weapons Screening
  • Firearm Safety
  • Resource Allocation
  • Risk Management 
  • Emergency Response
  • Theft Prevention

Sample armed security guard work experience bullet points

Your skills in aspects like firearm safety and emergency response will no doubt catch a hiring manager’s attention. Now use your work experience examples to show how you’ll use those abilities to help the company achieve its goals. 

Including key metrics like reductions in inventory loss or unauthorized building access can make your examples stand out.

Additionally, ensure you use action words like “secured” and keep these examples concise to make your key skills, like risk management, stand out when hiring managers are reviewing resumes quickly. 

Here are a few samples:

  • Recommended and helped implement a new card access system using RFID key cards to reduce security breaches by 58%. 
  • Provided daily security briefs to team members to help improve building safety metrics by 44%. 
  • Communicated with security team members over radio systems and monitored CCTV cameras to ensure 98% of security concerns could be responded to in 5 minutes or less. 
  • Practiced firearm safety by keeping weapons holstered and safeties on to ensure zero misfirings for 5 years. 

Top 5 Tips for Your Armed Security Guard Resume

  1. Keep it to one page in length
    • You don’t want your armed security resume to be too long, to prevent losing a hiring manager’s attention. Focus on the primary needs of the job, like safe weapons handling and theft prevention, to narrow down what you include. 
  2. Optimize with metrics
    • Sometimes, safety can feel hard to quantify when you’re doing a good job and preventing incidents. However, there are still metrics you should quantify, like customer satisfaction or reduction in vulnerabilities. It’ll help your key threat prevention skills stand out. 
  3. Use proper formatting
    • Reverse chronological formatting will work best for armed security applicants. It’s best to put your most recent experiences first when weapons safety and building security practices are continually evolving. 
  4. Use an organized template
    • A well organized resume template will help hiring managers focus on the details you emphasize, just like well-formatted security policies for a building will keep everything running smoothly. You can optimize your resume further by utilizing an easily readable font, clear headers, and bullet points as needed. 
  5. Emphasize both technical and interpersonal abilities
    • Armed guards must use proper patrol techniques and provide a great customer experience for visitors. Your examples should emphasize how you use both, such as informing visitors about building policies in a clear way to reduce incident reports by 59%. 
Should armed security guards use a summary? 

Resume summaries can work well for armed guards with ten or more years of experience. For instance, you could write a few sentences about how you’re a dedicated and NRA-certified security guard with 11 years of firearm handling experience with zero unauthorized weapon uses over your career. 

What should I write in an armed security guard cover letter?

Armed security guards can use their cover letter to connect with the company’s mission or fill in additional details that couldn’t be covered in the resume. For instance, you could explain in detail how you use your emergency response skills to help visitors have a safe experience at the facility. 

Should I list my higher education?

While higher education isn’t always necessary for armed guards, you should include any criminal justice or law enforcement degrees you possess. It’ll show you have a strong background that will help you perform well in emergency response situations.