3 Stay at Home Mom Cover Letter Examples Made for 2023

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet September 6, 2023
3 Stay at Home Mom Cover Letter Examples Made for 2023

Ready to re-enter the workforce after all those diaper changes, learning activities, and snack preparations? Don’t forget how many soft skills and organizational powers go into being a stay-at-home mom! You’ve got the makings for an excellent resume at hand.

But how do you translate all your mom superpowers into the right kind of terminology to hook your dream job? What else should you consider about your resume content?

Don’t worry! We’ve helped plenty of parents with their stay at home mom resumes, and now we’ve put together three stay at home mom cover letter examples to help you get ready to roll!

Stay at Home Mom
Cover Letter Example


Stay at home mom
cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Few things resonate better than admitting in a stay at home mom cover letter that the hiring company has directly and positively impacted your life.
    • Enthusiasm aside, leverage your storytelling to expound on your data-entry-related skills and wins (in this case, data-entry-related), underpinning them with tangible metrics. Go ahead and tell the prospective employer what you can do for them.

Stay at Home Mom Returning to Work Cover Letter Example


Stay at home mom returning to work cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • A significant career break will no doubt raise eyebrows. However, you can emulate how Amina transforms this hiatus into an asset, highlighting how it bestowed her with additional skills relevant to the role.
    • Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of showcasing your knowledge and passion for the employer’s sector with evidence of significant contributions to previous workplaces in your stay at home mom returning to work cover letter.

Stay at Home Mom Returning to Teaching Cover Letter Example


Stay at home mom returning to teaching cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • This stay at home mom returning to teaching cover letter is off to an excellent start by linking time away from work to career aspirations.
    • But again, you must prove your competence. This candidate doesn’t just highlight quantified impacts in previous roles. She further shows proficiency with different software programs unique to the job.

How to Craft Your Stay at Home Mom Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

One of the most important and consistent pieces of advice you’ll get from us is: Tailor your cover letter to each job description! For example, if you’re hoping to re-enter the food service industry, think of all the planning and hands-on abilities that went into meals you’ve prepared.

Also, look again at the job requirements and see where you overlap. Think creatively about some of the stuff you do around home. Are you great at rearranging the layout of a room, or maybe at maintaining a busy schedule?

Writing your best greeting and intro

Make sure you address your cover letter to a specific person by name! By putting in the research it takes to find the name of the hiring manager or recruiter, you demonstrate attentiveness and attention to detail.

Hook the reader’s attention with a very brief mention of a broader skill set or experience you have that qualifies you for your new field . . . Share a couple of examples of skills you currently have that relate directly to the job, and they’ll want to know more!

Try to make a connection with the company, too. What kinds of industry obstacles are they looking to overcome, and how can you help? What’s their mission statement, and how does your alignment with it make you a great fit after all your family accomplishments at home?

Just don’t use an opener that’s low-effort, informal, or vague:


Hi I’m Bobby,

I’m really ready to start working again. I used to work on computers so now I’d like to do that again at your company.

Connecting with the company right away really highlights how any upcoming potential or skills will benefit the role at hand (and make readers wonder what exactly you can do!).

This opener’s a winner!

Dear Ms. Hill:

As Wells Fargo sets its sights on a proficient and diligent senior banker teller, I am keen to bring my strong skills in transaction and bank profession. Carrying a sturdy commitment to the banking sector and a solid background in customer service, I am eager to resume my professional journey and contribute towards the success of your esteemed establishment. My skills, refined over various tenures, will enable me not only to fit into the role at Wells Fargo but also to add substantial value to your team.

Writing the body paragraphs

As a stay-at-home mom, boy do you have some stories to tell! It’ll be more of a challenge to narrow down your achievements to just the ones that relate to your job application. But it’s worth it to show how efficient and adaptable you are.

Look at the job description and the organization’s website to see what they value, and base your success stories around those. It’s best to stick with just one main point per paragraph, and to use active language that reflects keywords from the job ad.

You want to construct a paragraph that revolves around one of your best achievements, leveraging skills that relate to your dream job. Talk about what you did, how and why, and what kind of impact you had. And measure that impact with percentages, ratings, or feedback systems whenever possible!

Here’s a well-made body paragraph

My recent hiatus from the banking scene to be a stay-at-home mom has only added to the capabilities demonstrated by by success in reducing fraud cases by 46%. I’ve since developed superior multitasking abilities, precise attention to detail, and unparalleled resilience. By blending this variety of skills, complemented by an unwavering determination to re-enter the workforce, I’ll be sure to tackle all new challenges that come my way at Wells Fargo.

Closing and signing your cover letter

Now it’s time to conclude your cover letter with a punchy paragraph that outlines your qualifications one last time before your signoff! Summarize how your skills and values transfer to the role to show how your experience as a mom makes you a great hire.

Don’t forget to include a call to action, which should invite the reader to contact you again. You want to establish further contact so that you can share more compelling stories of your professionalism and readiness to re-enter the workforce.

Thank the reader for their time, too. You can either work that into your closing paragraph or just use it as your closer before your name. Whichever way you choose, ensure that your final signoff is formal and uses your real, full name.

Don’t go for a weak, unenthusiastic, and informal closer like this one:


Thanks I hope you want me to work for your company, I’m really good at data entry.


This next one’s way better. Try addressing the institution and their values directly and using a call to action to address their current goals and establish a memorable connection.

Now that’s nice!

With my previous experiences and the technological skills honed as a stay-at-home mom, I am poised to facilitate an environment where Rowe Elementary School students thrive, guided by technology and creativity. I look forward to discussing how my qualifications can further contribute to your vision of delivering well-rounded, quality education to our future pioneers.

Thank you,

Freya Hansen

How long should my cover letter be?

Keep things short and sweet with just on page! You’re familiar with kids’ short attention spans, but did you know that recruiters only have a few seconds, on average, to skim over each page of your application? Deliver your qualifying info quickly!

What about enclosures?

You can absolutely include a line at the end of your cover letter that reads “Enclosure:” or “Enclosures:” according to the number of things you’re including. (Consider enclosing a letter of recommendation or any special certificates that relate to your field in your application package.)

Where do I find my addressee?

Hopefully, you can scroll through the job description or “Our Team” page of the organization’s website, and it’ll be just that easy! But if you’re having trouble finding a name, see if they have a professional Facebook or LinkedIn page you can check.