3 Personal Trainer Cover Letter Examples Built for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 12, 2024
3 Personal Trainer Cover Letter Examples Built for 2024

Helping others achieve their health and fitness goals is your passion. Workout programs are designed, training sessions are conducted, and client progress is monitored effectively with you as the trainer.

Is your cover letter as well planned as the programs you design for clients? Will it adequately complement your personal trainer resume?

While you may be an expert at helping others lose weight or prepare for that half marathon, writing a cover letter to fit your extensive skill set and passion for fitness can feel much more challenging. Our personal trainer cover letter examples will show you how to structure yours successfully.

 Personal Trainer Cover Letter Example


Personal trainer cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Your enthusiasm for and ability to help clients reach their health and fitness goals must be evident right from the outset of your personal trainer cover letter. Pair that with genuine motivation for pursuing this role, which could be interest in the company, professional advancement, or both.
    • Using three snappy anecdotes of your wins in previous roles, get the hiring manager to envision you guiding clients toward their wellness and fitness goals. You could fortify this with a relevant certification (cue ACE-CPT).

Level up your
cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifiting to write your cover letter in seconds.

Personal Trainer No Experience Cover Letter Example


Personal trainer no experience cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Beginner roles can be fiercely competitive, demanding more than highlighting your academic background. Demonstrating knowledge of the hiring company and administration for their invention sets the stages right.
    • Embrace creativity when showcasing your abilities. No gym experience? Smartly weaving in properly transferable skills from other roles could prove transformative for your candidacy. And as with this personal trainer no experience cover letter, feel free to include a unique piece of your fitness story.

Certified Personal Trainer Cover Letter Example


Certified personal trainer cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Derive inspiration from this certified personal trainer cover letter to craft a captivating introduction that paints a picture of a passionate candidate who delved into the intricacies of the hiring company and role. Notice how Leo proceeds to spotlight one powerful case where he helped a patient recover from injuries sustained from a motorbike accident.
    • While technical aptitude is essential (exercise prescription, pain management, and joint manipulation, to name a few), you can’t emphasize enough the criticality of excellent communication skills, compassion, and patience for success in this role.

How to Write a Top-Notch Personal Trainer Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

When you work with clients, you always tailor training plans to their needs. It helps achieve specific goals like gaining muscle or improving average one-mile run times. You’ll want to take a similar approach when creating a cover letter

Every gym will have different requirements and needs from their trainers. For instance, a boot camp gym may have trainers emphasize group training sessions, whereas a gym for athletes may want you to focus on one-on-one training methods. You should always tailor what you write in your cover letter for specific needs to ensure you stand out.

Start strong with a successful greeting and intro for your personal trainer cover letter

To connect right away, try to learn the name of the gym’s hiring manager to use in the greeting. It can often be found in the job description or on the company website. If you can’t find someone’s name, opening with “Dear [name of the gym] hiring team” will work well too.

Once you get to the opening paragraph, you’ll want to relate to the company’s mission and the skills they seek. For example, you could explain your eagerness to design fun and dynamic training programs to facilitate a happy, healthy, and welcoming atmosphere.

The opener below is a bit too bland since it doesn’t relate to the gym’s specific personal training needs.

Yikes, too bland!

Hello Ms. Wright,

I was excited to see the personal trainer job opening at your gym. It seems like a great company to work for, and I’d be eager to use my six years of experience to help achieve your goals.

A better option is an opener like the one below that showcases essential qualifications like an ACE-CPT while explaining how the applicant’s passion for fitness and wellness relates to Anytime Fitness’s mission.

An opener featuring key personal training qualifications!

Dear Mr. Collins,

Working towards my sports science degree, I was drawn to the physical dynamics and pulsing energy of fitness enthusiasts at my university gym. This interaction sparked a persistent passion for fitness and wellness that has intertwined with my professional pursuits over the past seven years. Today, I bring forth that enthusiasm and expertise, along with my ACE-CPT qualification, confident to become an instrumental personal trainer at Anytime Fitness.

Present your personal training skills effectively in the body of your cover letter

When you get into the body, you’ll want to show exactly why you’ll be an effective personal trainer to help each gym achieve its mission.

As a trainer, gyms and clients will want to know you can get results. The best way to do so is by using metrics like client satisfaction scores, performance increases, or weight loss numbers.

If you don’t have much work experience, you could also talk about skills you gained while becoming a CPT, obtaining a kinesiology degree, or other transferable skills like customer service that are common in many other industries.

A great body paragraph with essential metrics for gyms!

As a health coach with B-Fit, I brought exercise programming and prescription to the forefront of my strategy. This approach kept clients engaged, resonated with their unique needs, and influenced a retention rate of 78% annually, outpacing historical records by a striking 64%.

Optimize the closing and sign off of your personal trainer cover letter

As your cover letter comes to a close, it’s a good idea to call back to some of the key skills you mentioned throughout your cover letter, like preparing nutrition plans or running group fitness classes and how they fit in with the gym’s mission.

It’s also best practice to thank the hiring manager for their time and use a light call to action like “I look forward to discussing this personal trainer role with you further.”

The closer below lacks impactfulness since it doesn’t relate to the gym’s mission or use a call to action.

Lacking impact with this one!

Thank you for reviewing my qualifications. I believe my skills and experiences will make me a great personal trainer to add to your team.


Wes Richardson

A closer like the one below that emphasizes the applicant’s passion for health and fitness while helping members turn fitness goals into realities will connect much better with a gym hiring staff.

Showcase passion for the gym’s mission!

Excitement flows at the thought of channeling my passion for health, fitness, and community service to make a meaningful impact as a fitness attendant at Planet Fitness. I look forward to demonstrating how I can contribute to the health and success of your members, turning fitness goals into realities. Thank you.


Zainab Khan

Is using a cover letter template a good idea?

A template can be helpful to properly structure your cover letter while speeding up the application process. Just be sure to customize what you write to each gym’s needs, such as your skills in mat pilates instruction for a pilates gym.

Should I list all of my skills in the cover letter?

You likely have many job skills, from designing nutrition plans to helping clients improve their form. With so many abilities in your arsenal, your cover letter would probably be too long if you listed all of them. Instead, keep your cover letter to a single page and aim to include the most relevant skills to each gym’s needs.

What if the gym lists the cover letter as optional?

Even if the gym lists the cover letter as optional, you should still include one. It’ll help you stand out when you can relate to their mission of helping members live healthier lives while using your skills to design dynamic training programs.