3 Real Estate Sales Representative Resume Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 1, 2024
3 Real Estate Sales Representative Resume Examples for 2024

Buying and selling homes can be both exciting and confusing for many. You provide excellent assistance to clients during that process through market research, prospecting, and seller representation that gets homes sold quickly and buyers in their ideal property type and location. 

Is your resume template allowing you to properly furnish your top skills in a way that’ll catch a hiring manager’s attention?

Just like the real estate market is competitive, so is the hiring process. You can use our ai cover letter generator and real estate sales representative resume examples to help you get an edge over other candidates.

Real Estate Sales Representative Resume

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Real estate sales representative resume example with 8+ years experience

Elegant Real Estate Sales Representative Resume

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Elegant real estate sales representative resume example with 8+ years experience

Clean Real Estate Sales Representative Resume

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Clean real estate sales representative resume example with 8+ years experience

Why this resume works

  • So you want to be the go-to person for real estate deals. Well, if your real estate sales representative resume is a showcase of your remarkable closing skills (to complement years of job-relevant experience or a solid sales background), then congratulations—you’re well on your way to sealing the deal.
    • Take a leaf from Hal’s resume, featuring hit statements like closing 82% of prospects as tenants or owners, and surpassing $58K sales incentive target and increasing net profit by 19%. When such a masterpiece hits the hiring manager’s eyes, it’s pretty much love at first sight.

What Matters Most: Your Real Estate Sales Representative Skills & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

You’re a pro at creating attention-grabbing features and benefits listings for properties. Ideally, you want to use those same abilities when writing the skills on your resume. 

Like every property has an optimal type of buyer, every real estate firm will have some ideal abilities they’re seeking in sales reps. For instance, some firms may specialize in residential properties, while others specialize in commercial properties. Use the job description to your advantage and tailor the skills you list to each company’s needs. 

Here are some top real estate sales rep skills to get you started.

9 top real estate sales representative skills

  • Needs Assessments
  • Client Networking
  • Negotiations
  • Client Relations
  • Market Analysis
  • Property Appraisal
  • Zillow Premier Agent
  • Monday.com
  • Property Marketing

Sample real estate sales representative work experience bullet points

Landing a real estate sales job requires more than just skill. Firms will also want to see what you’ve achieved for past clients. 

You should optimize this section with metrics like listings closed and appointment-to-listing conversion rates. 

Also, one-sentence examples work best here to emphasize your property marketing and client relations skills without a lot of fluff that will lose a hiring manager’s attention.

Here are a few samples:

  • Performed detailed market research in Zillow Premier Agent to generate property comps and identify ideal buyer markets to sell homes 25% faster with 54% higher buyer and seller satisfaction. 
  • Maintained timely communication with buyers, sellers, lenders, and attorneys to reduce the time it takes to finalize property sales by an average of 5 days. 
  • Used multiple online listing services and social media marketing to drive 58% more traffic to open houses. 
  • Attended 25 yearly local events and provided attendees with information about the firm’s benefits to gather an average of 400 new leads annually. 

Top 5 Tips for Your Real Estate Sales Representative Resume

  1. Use reverse chronological formatting
    • When designing property listings, you put the most important and relevant information at the top to catch a buyer’s attention. Do the same with your resume. Lead with your most recent work experiences in prospecting and market analysis to show how you perform in today’s real estate market. 
  2. Action words help examples stand out
    • When trying to drive property sales, you probably use an active voice to make your descriptions more engaging. Do the same with your resume by using words like “sold” or “performed” in your examples. 
  3. Proofread thoroughly
    • A property listing with many errors or inaccurate information would be very detrimental to buyers and sellers. Real estate firms will look for sales reps that can perform accurately from the get-go. Proofread thoroughly before submitting your resume. 
  4. Optimize with numbers
    • The real estate market is fast-paced. Both sellers and buyers want to close sales and get into new homes quickly. Any metrics that show how you generate leads or reduce the number of days on the market should be emphasized.  
  5. Both technical and interpersonal skills matter
    • Real estate sales reps need a well-versed skill set combining a technical property marketing approach with a great client experience. Your examples should showcase a mix of both types of abilities. 
What if I don’t have much real estate sales experience?

If you don’t have much experience in real estate or sales jobs, you can emphasize transferable skills from other jobs or abilities you gained while obtaining your real estate license. For instance, jobs that involved customer service, market research, or accurate data entry could all transfer over. 

How long should my real estate sales rep resume be?

Aim for a one-page resume. Designing it is similar to creating a property listing. You don’t want it to be too long since too much information can detract from key areas like your networking and property appraisal skills. 

Is a resume summary a good idea for real estate sales reps?

A resume summary will work well for real estate reps with ten or more years of experience. For instance, you could write about how you’re a motivated sales rep who has generated $9.7 million in property sales over your 12-year career with 97% positive client satisfaction scores.