3 Leasing Consultant Resume Examples & Templates [Edit Free]

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 18, 2024
3 Leasing Consultant Resume Examples & Templates [Edit Free]

You’re the matchmaker between landlords and tenants, assisting with negotiations, contracts, leasing agreements, and renewals. You also might take tenants to available properties to show them around and help them find the right fit.

But how do you ensure that your resume is the right fit for that dream job you’re applying for? What do you put on your leasing consultant resume, and how long should it be?

You’re going to nail this! You’re already prepared with the Excel and negotiation skills you’ll need, so take some inspiration from these three resume examples and handy tips.

Clean Leasing Consultant Resume

Clean leasing consultant resume example

What Matters Most: Your Skills & Experience Sections

Your resume skills and work experience

You sport a unique balance of interpersonal and technical skills as a leasing consultant. Recruiters want to see that you know your way around negotiations, but also have the paperwork knowledge for the moment both parties look at the lease and say “yes”!

Since your interpersonal interactions are so nuanced in your job position, you can’t afford to bank on vague, generic terms like “communication.” Each skill you list needs to tie in directly with what you accomplish with tenants and property managers each day.

Your skills also need to be specific! Show recruiters that you know how to make each moment of a conversation count, and that you’ll be ready to handle any type of agreement or contract that comes your way.

Consider these examples:

9 best leasing consultant skills

  • Project Management
  • Prioritization
  • Negotiation
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Oral Presentations
  • Property Walkthroughs
  • Advanced Excel
  • Tenant Rights
  • Contract Development

Sample leasing consultant work experience bullet points

Those skills are looking as good as a shiny, new rental property! But how can you show recruiters that you know how to turn those skills into success? It’s time to call upon prior experiences and use a series of bullet points to show what you’re made of.

You want to share the peak accomplishments you’ve made in the past during previous roles. Even if your role didn’t relate directly to leasing consultant duties, you’re bound to find areas that overlap and utilize some of the same skills.

Just make sure you provide quantifiable data that measures the positive impact you had! You can share all the lease agreement success stories in the world, and recruiters will still wonder about the metrics if you don’t provide them.

Here’s what we mean:

  • Maintained accurate records, updating existing resident information to reduce mistakes in deposits, fees, and rent by 26%
  • Presented community amenities, floor plans, and promotions, securing 11% more year-lease contracts than competitors
  • Developed campaigns, promotions, and outreach events to increase rental commitments by 21% and retain 92% of existing residents
  • Served residents with weekend hours, prompt follow-ups and solutions, and proactive lease renewals, retaining 88% of existing residents

Top 5 Tips for Your Leasing Consultant Resume

  1. Keep things brief
    • Even while you’re describing your positive impact, make sure you keep things concise. Your bullet points shouldn’t be more than two to three lines long, depending on your resume template choice—just say what you did for those tenants, why, and how it helped them reach an agreement!
  2. Up the visual appeal
    • As you know from leading tenant tours, appearances can be everything! You want your resume to look professional, appealing, and sleek. Use classy, understated colors and modern fonts for readability and a super-clean look.
  3. Don’t forget your cover letter
    • In the interest of keeping your resume from getting over-crowded, you may struggle with nixing some of your best contract negotiations and property touring events. But don’t worry: You can use them to create a cover letter and ramp up your credibility!
  4. Use space on experiences, not objectives
    • Your resume should only be one page long, so make sure that every line of text counts. That usually means letting your experiences and skills speak for themselves instead of repeating them with a resume objective or summary.
  5. Proofread! . . . Proofread again!
    • Attention to detail is key in your field—attentiveness to nonverbal cues during negotiations and attention to minute contract details that can completely overhaul the meaning of a clause. Be just as careful while ensuring that your resume is error-free.
Do I have to fill the page?

While this isn’t always a concern for leasing consultants, it can sometimes arise if you’re specialized enough for many of your examples to risk sounding repetitive. Always go for quality over quantity and avoid redundancy—even if that means leaving some breathing room. Try asking ChatGPT to condense your resume if needed.

What about my education?

Yes, always include your education. Alongside your real estate or business administration degree, you can also include any relevant external courses, trainings, or certifications. Every qualification counts!

How much color is too much?

If you take a break and look back at your resume with fresh eyes, only to be reminded of that one house you saw with a terrible paint job, dial it back! One color is enough to set off a good layout.