3 Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 15, 2023
3 Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

Keeping executives on track with astute organization and expert scheduling is what you do. Your expertise and know-how allow your team to focus on the bigger picture while you keep things chugging along. 

Making a resume that succinctly summarizes your value to a team isn’t as easy, though.

We’re here to help with our sample resumes and advice. Use these executive administrative assistant resume templates to take your career to the next level.

Executive Administrative Assistant Resume

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Executive administrative assistant resume example with no experience

Formal Executive Administrative Assistant Resume

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Formal executive administrative assistant resume example

What Matters Most: Your Executive Administrative Skills & Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

In your line of work, soft skills are just as important as technical competencies. You have a natural aptitude for building trust and rapport with the people you work with, and your ability to fluidly operate various workplace tools is no slouch either.

Recruiters seeking the perfect executive administrative assistant want to see this well-rounded balance of hard and soft skills. Use the skills section of your resume to show potential employers that you have the mix of skills they’re after. 

Avoid generic skills. Be specific and list the tools you’re proficient with; if you’re familiar with the tools the job requires, list them front and center to highlight them. 

9 best executive administrative assistant skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Calendar management
  • Travel planning
  • Expenses and budgets
  • Organizational skills
  • Discretion
  • Data analysis
  • Google Suite
  • Project coordination

Sample executive administrative assistant work experience bullet points

As an executive administrative assistant, you juggle numerous tasks daily. While listing these is great, showcasing the impact you’ve had on teams is what can make your resume template stand out.

The most effective you can do this is by including real, specific achievements backed by numbers.

Using hard figures will set you apart from your competition in a niche where most candidates list their achievements qualitatively.

Here are a few sample bullet points:

  • Prepared financial reports 5 times per quarter, enabling the executives to make informed decisions
  • Scheduled and arranged a company-wide event for 300+ attendees, ensuring seamless execution while maintaining 93% attendance
  • Managed all correspondence to 12 board members and 6 executives with a detail-oriented approach
  • Provided administrative support to the chief executive, overseeing a team of 40 employees

Top 5 Tips for Your Executive Administrative Assistant Resume

  1. Demonstrate discretion
    • Confidential information is the bread and butter of your daily work. To earn the trust of the executives you work with, highlight your ability to handle company secrets discreetly. For instance, say, “Handled correspondence for 9 A-level executives, maintaining discretion without any data breaches over 3 years.”
  2. Emphasize soft skills
    • Being an executive administrative assistant is all about your soft skills, so lean into these and show off times when you took the initiative and put them into action. For a bonus, match the soft skills you highlight with the ones sought after in the admin assistant job ad.
  3. Make tech your best friend
    • Executive administrative assistants need a lot more than a notepad and a pen these days, so show recruiters what you can do. Mention your knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, Google Workspaces, and tools like Asana to make an impression.
  4. Use action words to convey greater impact
    • Steer clear of terms like “worked on” because they don’t convey much. Instead, use power words that suggest a sense of proactivity like “organized,” “scheduled,” or “managed.” 
  5. Highlight your organizational prowess
    • You’ve always got your hands full, what with managing the whole team, organizing meetings, and keeping up with everyone’s schedules. Emphasize your organizational skills with a reverse-chronological resume format to show you can effectively run your next office.
What kind of work experience should I include?

Ideally, recruiters want candidates with experience as executive administrative assistants. However, don’t worry if your new; simply highlight parallel roles with similar skill sets. This includes office management and project coordination.

How do I tailor my resume for each job?

Read the job descriptions of each role you apply to, and identify the skills they seek. Emphasize bilingual skills for a resume to the company that works with Spanish-speaking clients, but focus more on budgeting and logistics for companies that need event planning.

What are the top skills for an executive administrative assistant resume?

Some of the most essential skills are excellent time management and organizational skills, written and verbal communication, handling sensitive information, and proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite.