25 Nursing Cover Letter Samples & Writing Guide for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 29, 2024
25 Nursing Cover Letter Samples & Writing Guide for 2024

Nurses tackle difficult situations for their patients, providing care under stressful circumstances. Nurses are there when patients need help with medicines, a drink, or someone to talk to.

But despite tackling the most precarious situations at work, writing a cover letter to complement a nursing resume can feel more daunting than handling a crowded emergency room. Do you even have the time and energy after a 12-hour shift?

Luckily, we can help with our nursing cover letter examples and tips that will impress any medical director. Then, polish your application off with our free resume builder and AI cover letter generator to create stunning documents in no time.

Nursing Cover Letter Example 


Nursing cover letter template 

Why this cover letter works

  • A winning cover letter doesn’t just reiterate successes but also conveys the candidate’s personality and values.
    • Especially in your opening and closing, include details like why you applied for the position, what you appreciate about the company, and what you hope to achieve in the future. 
  • It’s tough to strike a balance between honesty and humility. Still, this nursing cover letter nails it with confident “I” statements, specific areas in which they excel, and details about the company.
    • Your cover letter isn’t the place to be modest; beyond just metrics, name things you’re good at and what you want to accomplish in your future company.
    • Some good skills you can include are collaboration, leadership, and technical abilities. Just make sure your examples relate to the job description in some way. 
    • So long as you focus on your skills and how you can use them, you’ll exude confidence, not arrogance.

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Nursing New Grad Cover Letter Example


Nursing new grad cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • We agree you have limited professional experience as a new grad. Still, Luca shows that what you lack professionally can be compensated with relevant personal experience.
    • Luca perfectly executes this in his nursing new grad cover letter by sharing his stint during Hurricane Harvey, where he helps with wound care. Personal moments like these, supported with transferable skills, can be your lever into your professional world.

Registered Nurse (RN) Cover Letter Example


Registered nurse (rn) cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • While metrics are essential, you don’t have to describe your nursing experience solely through numbers. Stories can have just as much weight when it comes to your skills.
    • Describe a situation that reveals your expertise if relevant to the job description. Perhaps you were part of a rapid response team or alerted the doctor when a patient woke in the middle of surgery. Think back on a challenge where you emerged victorious.
  • One of the essential qualities of a good RN cover letter is its relevance to the nursing job description.
    • For example, if you want to be a critical care nurse, mention how your time as a forensic nurse helped you develop decision-making skills when helping patients with psychiatric disorders.
    • Pick work experience according to what the employer needs. Are they looking for an ER nurse, someone with pediatric experience, or an oncology RN? Include experience within those fields.
    • If you don’t have expertise in a particular area, talk about previous positions with transferable skills. 

Experienced Nurse Cover Letter Example


Experienced nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Did you know stories stick with us up to 22 times more than plain facts? That’s right, kicking off your experienced nurse cover letter with a compelling anecdote could be your golden ticket to being unforgettable. And in the ferociously competitive job market, being memorable is half the battle won!
    • Here’s a bummer, though: the hiring manager doesn’t want to hear about those misadventures with friends (save them for the breakroom once you get the job, not your application). But a heartfelt snippet about that visit to a local hospital years ago painting a picture of the moment you knew nursing was your calling? That’s the kind of story that grabs hold and doesn’t let go.

Nursing Preceptorship Cover Letter Example


Nursing preceptorship cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Let not the excitement of applying for a clinical nurse preceptor role make your cover letter run a marathon. Remember, recruiters prefer a sprint (in other words, they aren’t particularly fond of lengthy stories).
    • You want to keep your nursing preceptorship cover letter concise, ideally to a single page. And it’s not just about brevity; it’s respect for the recruiter’s time and demonstrating your ability to prioritize and articulate information well. Even so, focus on what matters—your qualifications, passion for the practice, and readiness to contribute to the facility). Otherwise, you’ll get the same response you got last time—the heartbreaking silence.

Nurse Manager Cover Letter Example


Nurse manager cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Wondering how to catch the recruiter’s eye (and heart) and prove you’re the perfect pick? Well, a nurse manager cover letter that shines a spotlight on your exceptional leadership skill could be your talisman, unlocking the interview door even if you’re dipping your toes into healthcare for the first time.
    • Take James, for example. He doesn’t just mention his job duties; he dives into a story about spearheading a data integration project that reduces time-to-insight by 16%. And he doesn’t stop there—see how he layers on other must-have skills for a nurse manager (we’re talking communication, decision-making, and team coordination). You don’t want to be just in the running but leading the pack for that coveted interview.

Nursing Instructor Cover Letter Example


Nursing instructor cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • What would distinguish a qualified nursing instructor cover letter in an ocean of applicants? Passion, of course: More than that, a proven history of impacting knowledge creatively and effectively.
    • The hiring institution wants to see how you nurtured nursing students and generated an impact. So, go ahead and paint the town red with anecdotes of meaningful student engagements and measurable outcomes (Cue improving program completion rate by 8%).

ICU Nurse Cover Letter Example


ICU nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • The best way to determine your impact is by defining what you do differently than other nurses. Do you always greet patients with a smile and listen to their concerns, even when pressed for time? Do you give them one last assessment before leaving, to be safe?
    • Once you know what you do differently, you can measure your results against others and find the numbers you need for your ICU nurse cover letter.
  • Don’t neglect your enclosures section! Ensure you include everything asked for in the job description and application.
    • Double-check for special requirements, like a copy of your BLS and ACLS cards.

Director of Nursing Cover Letter Example


Director of nursing cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Bagging that director of nursing job will be a taller order without the relevant academic qualifications (think an advanced degree for starters). But here’s a little piece of advice you don’t want to ignore: don’t get so caught up weaving your education into your cover letter that it overshadows your soft skills.
    • So, here’s the thing: unlike your resume, your director of nursing cover letter doesn’t have a skills section, making bringing them to life in a recount your best, if not only, option. Like, say you championed an initiative to save time, and boom, that’s flaunting your teamwork skills right there (a must-have interpersonal soft skill for any leadership role).

School Nurse Cover Letter Example


School nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • The hiring manager is probably eager to fill in that open school nurse position ASAP. But lest you forget, the rush doesn’t eclipse the preference for candidates with industry-relevant tertiary education.
    • Got a Master of Science in school nursing? Flashing it in your school nurse cover letter isn’t just dropping another credential; it communicates that you’ve devoted time to acquiring the knowledge required to practice and yield desirable results. That might just be the final push needed for the hiring manager to pick up the phone and dial your number.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Cover Letter Example


Labor and delivery nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Okay, let’s drop that seldom-said truth bomb: landing a position as a labor and delivery nurse when you’re light on relevant experience can be an uphill battle. But before you throw in the towel, know this: a well-crafted labor and delivery nurse cover letter that shows off transferable skills could be your saving grace.
    • It’s simple: consider what the hiring organization is looking for and demonstrate how transferable skills mastered from previous roles translate into the role. The critical thinking, meticulous organization, and ability to perform under pressure cultivated in my previous role… from Sofia’s cover letter makes for an excellent example of this strategy in action.

Nursing Residency Program Cover Letter Example


Nursing residency program nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Imagine your nursing residency program cover letter ending up lost in a wasteland of disregarded applications, all because it failed to spark interest or scream “I’m genuinely excited about this role!” It’s a tough pill to swallow, but there’s a remedy.
    • Sprinkle some personal touch into your piece. How, you wonder? Swap out the impersonal tone for a hearty first person (I) and go ahead to express your aspirations for the role. After all, you’re selling yourself and you’ve got to capitalize on every chance to say “Hey, I’m not just another application but someone deeply passionate about joining your team.”

Pediatric Nurse Cover Letter Example


Pediatric nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • You can write the perfect pediatric nurse cover letter highlighting your mind-blowing accomplishments, but those pesky grammatical errors, typos, and punctuation mistakes will imprison you in a world of no’s from hiring managers.
    • There’s no magic tech that lets you edit your cover letter once you release it to the recruiter, so before that, read it carefully, word for word, to ensure that it’s free of errors. And if you’re falling short of confidence, don’t hesitate to leverage Grammarly or other spell checkers.

Emergency Nurse Cover Letter Example


Emergency nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Sometimes, all it takes to craft an interview-guaranteeing emergency nurse cover letter is addressing it correctly to establish a connection with the hiring manager and, with luck, get on their right side.
    • But then, what’s the right way to address recruiters? First, steer clear of hey and hi — they’re just too casual. Instead, use dear like Aisha does. Also, do a little digging to find the recruiter’s name to stand out and let them know you took the initiative to learn more about the hiring company.

Aesthetic Nurse Cover Letter Example


Aesthetic nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • You’re just about to step into the world of aesthetic nursing without relevant experience. Pretty scary, huh? However, quantifying metrics in your cover letter boosts your chances of being noticed by hiring managers.
    • Say, for example, you led a team of 23 to achieve operational targets and reduced operational costs by 16%; put that in your aesthetic nurse cover letter. It even makes it more compelling by thrusting your exemplary leadership skills into the limelight.

NICU Nurse Cover Letter Example


NICU nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Did you write one cover letter and are now using it to mass apply for all open NICU nurse positions? I bet you a cookie you haven’t received a single interview invitation email, but a tailored cover letter could bring you luck!
    • Customizing your NICU nurse cover letter is pretty easy; ensure it aligns with the target role. Let’s say, for example, the hiring organization is after specific skills. Mention and demonstrate them in your cover letter to maximize your chances.

Neonatal Nurse Cover Letter Example


Neonatal nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • In the bustling world of nursing, standing out from the crowd is key. And what better way to do this than with a neonatal cover letter that beams with genuine admiration for the hospital or clinic you’re targeting? Yes, that could be the deciding factor that keeps you in the race for your dream job.
    • Maya’s approach is pretty commendable here. She goes beyond expressing interest, specifically praising Hartford Hospital’s “Help Me Grow” initiative and clearly states her enthusiasm to further their mission. That screams someone already on board with the team’s vision.

Dental Nurse Cover Letter Example


Dental nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Amidst the sea of frustratingly dull and nearly identical dental nurse cover letters, there’s a chance to be a beacon of hope for a hiring manager on the brink of resignation. And that’s where breaking the ice from the git-go comes in handy.
    • Jump in with a positive (and intriguing) fact that shines a light on your personal connection with the practice. For instance, Kai opens with “Growing up, I was fascinated by the impactful role compassionate healthcare professionals play in nurturing young smiles.” Now, that isn’t just an intro; think of it as an attention-grabbing headline that sets you miles apart from the rest.

Operating Room Nurse Cover Letter Example


Operating room nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • First impressions in the job search are pretty similar to the operating room; everything needs to be meticulously placed for peak performance (or in this case, peak interest from the hiring manager). So, why not capitalize on the aesthetics?
    • Ideally, pick a two-column operating room nurse cover letter template. For an added flair, bold your first name, the hiring manager’s, and the date, then use a different font color for your last name. Harness such subtle enhancements not for aesthetics, but to showcase your organizational skills.

Psychiatric Nurse Cover Letter Example


Psychiatric nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Before an interview, your psychiatric nurse cover letter speaks for you; see to it that, at a glance, it has nothing but good things to say. The secret? Don’t use any unusual fonts or Word Art, no matter how creative you feel.
    • For your case, go for a standard professional font (think Arial, Cambria, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc.) to ensure it’s neat and legible and lessen the recruiters’ eye strain to make a positive impression.

Charge Nurse Cover Letter Example


Charge nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • For a powerful charge nurse cover letter, craft a compelling first paragraph to capture the recruiter’s attention and present you as a big value-add for the hiring company.
    • Ace that first paragraph by kissing up to the company you’re applying to. For example, Clara goes with, “ Diving into the feedback from over 2,903 staff on Indeed and the impressive 3.7 rating from more than 1,778 votes on Glassdoor, I was captivated by the positive reflections of…” A cakewalk, right?

Travel Nurse Cover Letter Example


Travel nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • When crafting a travel nurse cover letter, the mantra “Do whatever it takes to get the job” might float around, including heaping praise where it isn’t due. Yes, flattery is good. However, don’t go overboard.
    • But don’t stop at the praises. Show how you can boost the hiring establishment’s reputation, with your narration coming across as professional and authentic. You want to focus on putting your proficiencies and skills under the limelight, aligning with the need for versatility and adaptability in travel nursing.

Nurse Case Manager Cover Letter Example


Nurse case manager cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Imagine crafting a near-perfect cover letter that speaks to all your strengths and potential contributions, only to fall at the last hurdle because the hiring manager can’t quickly get in touch with you.
    • To ensure you don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity, always include your up-to-date professional contact information prominently at the top of your nurse case manager cover letter. And that includes your name, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile link. Simply put, make it easy for the prospective employer to reach you.

Nursing Faculty Cover Letter Example


Nursing faculty cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • If you’ve had a pretty straightforward career path as a clinical assistant professor, leverage the impactful reverse chronological format to accent yourjob-relevant skills and experience.
    • Ready to capitalize on the rev-chron layout for your nursing faculty cover letter? Here’s how to do it: describe your most recent job and go backward; most recruiters have a thing for this format because it aligns with modern hiring practices. Plus, they don’t have to try too hard to find the candidate’s deets.

Acute Care Registered Nurse Cover Letter Example


Acute care registered nurse cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • With an acute care registered nurse cover letter illuminating your job-relevant, hands-on experience, and skills, you have a pretty good chance of landing an interview (and even the job). However, that doesn’t give you the consent to make demands.
    • You probably have a desired salary range in mind but mentioning it can be off-putting, alongside telling the hiring manager when they should call you or anything else you expect from them. Remember, presumption is the quickest path to losing the race.

Does your nurse resume need a little TLC?

Hopefully, our cover letters have given you the confidence you need to personalize your own. Don’t neglect your nurse resume, though, because we’ve got tons of resume samples you can edit—just like this one here.

Nursing Resume

Need a resume to pair with your nursing cover letter?

or download as PDF

Nurse resume template

3 Tips for Writing an Outstanding Nursing Cover Letter

Coworkers share tips over presentation on how to write a nursing cover letter

As a nurse, you know the value of research, critical thinking, and compassionate care for each patient, but did you know you can use those same skills to write your cover letter? 

All you need is to research the company, share relevant successes, and monitor your tone to create a cover letter that will catch any manager’s eye.

Tip 1: Get to know the organization

You wouldn’t walk into a patient’s room without knowing their medical history, so you shouldn’t write a cover letter without some research first. But don’t worry—this research is far easier than studying for the NCLEX exam. 

Start by looking at the job description and the company’s website. Once you know what the employer needs, find a way to incorporate their requirements into your cover letter. 

Does the company need a certified nephrology nurse? Be sure to mention your time in a dialysis clinic. Do they want someone experienced in labor and delivery? Write a paragraph about your previous position as a midwife. 

Don’t forget: similar to how you customize your care for each patient, you should customize your cover letter for each new position. Employers will have different requirements even if you’re applying for niche roles.

Tip 2: Go a few steps further than your resume

Repetition is usually good, but not regarding your cover letter and resume. Both are essential documents, but they should support, not mimic, each other. 

Your cover letter is the best way to show your personality, which is especially important in nursing. Your employer needs to determine more than just your qualifications; they’ll want to know you’ll work seamlessly with their team. 

To achieve this, include any experience and skills you have solving complex medical problems or times when your personality traits significantly improved your patients and the organization.

If you’re wondering where to start, look at this example from one of our cover letters: 


As an LPN at Cedar Ridge Clinic, I frequently saw entire families. Beyond greeting patients and assessing their condition, I engaged with each one personally, remembering details from their previous visits and asking about family members. Moreover, I researched ways to reduce their medical bills, such as requesting assistance from the clinic’s charity funds. By developing a relationship with my patients and helping them find affordable care, they were 48% more responsive to the doctor’s suggestions, and we reduced their clinic stay by 28%. 

Although this example includes metrics and responsibilities, it also underscores the nurse’s compassion and interpersonal communication skills, which are major green lights for employers. 

Tip 3: Tone is everything

Nursing relies heavily on decorum and empathy, so your cover letter should sound professional and compassionate, but where do you start? Let’s walk through it step-by-step.

For example, a local hospital needs a pediatric nurse who’ll care for special needs children. Working with challenged children requires patience, high emotional intelligence, and strong critical thinking skills, so you’ll want to reflect those abilities. 

To do so, start by picking what experience to include and what to omit to keep your cover letter to one page. Any longer, it will likely be thrown into the recycle bin since recruiters and managers have limited time.

Once you’ve condensed, work on adopting a kind tone. Use words with positive connotations, limit jargon, and adjust your syntax to be direct (but not blunt). Think of it this way: you’re trying to demonstrate your ability to communicate with anyone, so your writing needs to be understandable, easy to read, and compassionate. 

Use words with positive connotations, limit jargon, and adjust your syntax to be direct (but not blunt).

But don’t stress if you haven’t found the right words yet; revision is the next step. Ask someone to read it through, find any grammatical or punctuation errors, and determine if they would hire you based on what you’ve written.

Use Our Informative Outline to Start Your Nursing Cover Letter

Board with graphs and laptop where an effective outline for a nursing cover letter has been written

Any great strategy needs a solid structure to make it succeed; use our outline to plan your cover letter for your next nursing role. 

How to start a nursing cover letter

Your contact info: If your employer doesn’t know how to contact you, they can’t hire you. Don’t leave them in the dark—include your address (city and state) and phone number.

  • Formatting: Leave your name out of your address if using a block format. 

Date: Every letter needs a date, even a cover letter. Include the date near the top, and make sure it reflects the day you submit, not the day you started writing. 

  • Formatting: Write the full date, e.g., January 5, 2023.

Inside address: An inside address is the employer’s address, including the hiring manager’s name and title, plus the medical organization’s physical location. 

It may sound silly to include the employer’s location since they’re reading the letter, but it adds credibility. Addressing the manager by name and listing their location demonstrates your research, especially if there are multiple locations within the organization.


Casey Matheson, StarRN Recruiter
West Valley Medical Center
1717 Arlington Ave.
Caldwell, ID 83605

  • Formatting: Each part of the address should be on a new line. Double space between the inside address and greeting to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

Greeting: A proper salutation is always a good idea in a cover letter. Since most healthcare organizations are pretty formal, use the standard “Dear Ms./Mr.” followed by the manager’s name. 

We know this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Finding the person in charge of hiring at your clinic, hospital, physician’s office, or other healthcare location can be as difficult as getting an IV in a deep vein.

However, don’t skip over this step because it’s hard. This small inclusion demonstrates your research; everyone likes personal acknowledgment, so it’s a win-win. We recommend scouring LinkedIn or the company’s website and medical job boards to find details about the company and its employees. 

  • Formatting: Use a colon after the greeting instead of a comma per business standards.


Dear Ms. Matheson:

How to write your nursing cover letter

Body: The body of your nursing cover letter should be three to four paragraphs that convey your eagerness for the job, qualifications, and interest in further discussion. 

Opening paragraph: Nursing can be thrilling, but you’d be surprised at how many cover letters make it sound like the most boring job in the world, starting with the opener.

Many opening paragraphs sound downright sterile and robotic, like this one: 


Good day—my name is Laura Howell, and I am inquiring about the Travel Med Surg RN position. I have four years of experience in the healthcare industry and the necessary knowledge and skills to help your organization take better care of its patients. 

Besides including their name, this opener is entirely depersonalized and generic. Having several years of experience means nothing if you don’t qualify or quantify it, and nothing about this opening suggests real passion for the company (or even nursing in general). 

Instead, mention the organization by name and explain why you’re interested in the position:  


As a nurse, I always want to provide safe, quality care to every patient, which Natchaug Hospital embodies. Your success stories about helping others with addictions and mental illnesses convinced me that your hospital truly upholds the values of equity, safety, and integrity. I am confident that as an RN at Natchaug Hospital, I can lead my fellow nurses, develop modernized treatment plans, and collaborate with healthcare staff to make our patient’s experience more effective and comfortable.

In just one paragraph, you can quickly tell the candidate’s passion for nursing, their goals as a nurse, and why they want to work at Natchaug Hospital.

Paragraphs 2-3: Your cover letter should reflect more than basic skills; nursing is more than just “preparing documentation” and “assessing patients.” 

These paragraphs need to provide evidence for your assertions in the opening paragraph. Make each one a spotlight on one of your achievements.

Did you diagnose a patient when even the doctor was stumped? Did you save someone’s life through your attention to detail? Find your best moments, and don’t be shy about relaying your successes.

If you’re wondering where to start, use one of our examples as a guideline: 


My last position was in the ICU for St. Maisha Hospital. While there, I treated many non-English speaking patients who lived below the poverty line. Though challenging, I learned to assess patients and communicate with them and their families regardless of language barriers and lack of funds. I petitioned for yearly fundraisers to provide resources for families to get the care they deserved and established volunteer-based language classes for nurses and doctors. These initiatives mean patients were treated 27% faster and spent 46% less time in the hospital.

Although this paragraph has metrics, it focuses on the nurse’s ability to communicate and relate to people. It’s personal without being sentimental and professional without being cold. 

Closing paragraph: You are excellent at ensuring patients have what they need before leaving your care, so do the same in your cover letter. Summarize how your values and qualifications align with the organization’s needs and express your desire to discuss further. 

Whatever you do, don’t leave them hanging like this:


As you can see, I have the experience and the skills to be a nurse at your location. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

If ever there was a more generic closing paragraph than this, we haven’t found it. This closer offers nothing unique about the applicant or the business and hardly sounds enthusiastic. 

Instead, give the hiring manager something to remember with details specific to you and the job: 


Providing adequate care for my patients is only the tip of the iceberg; I connect with patients personally and consistently seek to improve. As a nurse with HCA, I will provide individualized care to patients and collaborate with families, doctors, and healthcare staff to create better patient care plans. Thank you for raising the standard of healthcare in the US, and I eagerly await your response.

This closer effectively concludes the conversation while demonstrating their interest in the position and why they’re the best choice for the employer.

  • Formatting: Single-space your nursing cover letter but double-space between paragraphs. 

Signature: End your cover letter on a high note and with a “thank you” if you haven’t already said so. 


Thank you,

Chase Turner

  • Formatting: If you’re presenting any hard copies of your nursing cover letter, quadruple space to sign your name in blue/black ink. 

Enclosure(s): Adding an enclosures section is greatly appreciated in the healthcare industry. This section lists other documents you’ve included in your application, reminding the reader there’s more to come. 

Nursing cover letter enclosures can include the job application, a resume, a transcript, writing samples, and licensure documents, to name a few. 


Georgia RN License
Copy of BLS & ACLS cards

  • Formatting: Use the singular or plural form of “enclosure,” depending on how many things you attach.

Check the Health of Your Nursing Resume

Nurse sitting in front of her laptop going through and checking her resume

Congrats, you’ve finished your nursing cover letter! You’re one step closer to the nursing job you’ve always wanted. 

But wait—don’t forget you still need to write a resume. Whether you need to build an outline of a resume or are in the finishing stages of filling out a resume template, we have the tools you need to write a great nursing resume. 

If you’re finding it hard to start, you can edit this nurse resume directly.

ICU Nurse Resume

Need a resume to pair with your nursing cover letter?

or download as PDF

ICU Nurse resume template

No matter where you’re at in the job hunt, remember: you’re a great nurse, and your patients know it. Now go out there and prove that with a stellar resume and cover letter!

How do you build a connection with medical organizations in a cover letter?

Ideally, you should connect with your role as a nurse and the type of medical organization you’re applying to. For instance, if the position involves providing care to elderly patients, then connecting with why you want to help elderly patients maintain a good quality of life and minimize pain could be great points to focus on.

What if I don’t have much nursing experience?

You can lean on how your associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing has equipped you to be successful in the role, such as how you achieved excellent grades in your pathophysiology classes. Also, connect your passion to the role and desire to help others as much as possible to stand out.

Should I highlight all of my skills?

Nurses need a large skill set, but detailing every ability you possess in your cover letter wouldn’t be the best idea since it would likely lose a hiring manager’s attention. Instead, focus on the primary needs of the job. Will you be in an emergency response sector? Then focusing on skills like wound dressing or controlling bleeding may be essential to emphasize within your cover letter.