3 International Business Development Manager Resume Samples

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 5, 2024
3 International Business Development Manager Resume Samples

In today’s market, more business operations are run globally than ever. Your ability to drive sales, share data-driven insights, and communicate with international partners will be invaluable in business development.

You’re ready to expand business internationally, but is your resume up to date as you grow your career?

You’ve mastered international business, so you shouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed by creating a cover letter and the perfect resume. We’ve created these international business development manager resume templates to help you display your skills effectively in today’s job market.

International Business Development Manager Resume

International business development manager resume example with no experience

Modern International Business Development Manager Resume

Modern international business development manager resume example

What Matters Most: International Business Development Manager Skills & Work

Your resume skills and work experience

International business uses a wide array of skills. It’s a whole new way of communicating and analyzing market insights. Trying to identify the right skills to include on your resume can feel confusing.

Use your ability to identify trends as you analyze the job description. Is the company looking for help with importing and exporting processes? Then including knowledge of top software like Blue Link ERP or VISCO would be great to include here.

Here are nine of the best international business development skills employers look for on resumes.

9 best international business development manager skills

  • Strategic Planning
  • Bilingual or Multilingual
  • HubSpot
  • Global Market Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Blue Link ERP
  • Trademo Intel
  • CQRS
  • Microsoft Office

Sample international business development manager work experience bullet points

Your top skills, like global market analysis, will stand out to prospective employers, but now it’s time to wow them with the results you’ve achieved in past work experience.

Single-sentence descriptions will get your point across well. For example, briefly mentioning how you used Trademo Intel to identify 540 new global enterprise trends will go a long way.

In addition, use numerical examples with key business metrics to have even more impact. For instance, you could mention how you used your bilingual skills in English and Spanish to ensure better communication, allowing you to close 55 percent more deals.

Here are a few samples:

  • Introduced a new import/export system using Blue Link ERP to make international shipping 23% more efficient.
  • Leveraged HubSpot to identify portions of the UK consumer market that weren’t being reached effectively to increase sales by 34%.
  • Used Google Analytics to determine which cities most of the company website traffic was coming from to expand product offerings to 34 new locations, boosting sales by 44%.
  • Implemented CQRS models to collect data from the European market 66% more efficiently.

Top 5 Tips for Your International Business Development Manager Resume

  1. Blend technical and global communications skills
    • You’ll be required to use high levels of technical skill and communicate results globally. Merging the two will make descriptions more impactful. So, mention how you ran a global market analysis and communicated with European wholesalers to negotiate a 23 percent more affordable deal.
  2. Consider a resume summary
    • You’re riddled with experience if you’re applying for an international management position. A resume summary of how you’re a driven international business professional with 11 years of experience managing $550 million in global accounts can be very impactful in showcasing your skills.
  3. A single-page resume is optimal
    • Business decisions happen fast, so your resume should be concise and relevant to optimize your chances of success. Short descriptions of your key skills, like how you use Trademo Intel to analyze global trends 60 percent more efficiently, will help present your skills in the best light.
  4. Proofread thoroughly
    • Your ability to communicate accurately in global markets will be the key to success. Start by making a good impression with a resume free of spelling or grammar errors.
  5. Organize the information
    • Your resume template will be packed with skills and experience in international business operations and identifying key trends. Use clear headlines for business education, work experience, bullet points showcasing top skills like strategic planning, and easy-to-read 12-14 point font.
Which resume format should I use?

Reverse-chronological formatting will be the best. You’ve likely worked your way up to an international business management position. Listing your most recent skills in data analytics and market strategies will be the most relevant. Plus, it gives hiring managers an efficient way to see how your career has grown.

Should I include my education?

Most international management positions require a bachelor’s degree, so you should list any relevant education. Degrees in international business, business management, marketing, etc., will showcase your well-rounded skill set.

What if I’m applying for my first international management position?

Include any leadership experience and your ability to collaborate effectively with others worldwide. For example, if you led a marketing campaign into 32 new global economies that generated $100 million in sales, that would show your ability to be successful in the position.