5 Entry-Level Android Developer Resume Examples in 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 18, 2024
5 Entry-Level Android Developer Resume Examples in 2024

So you’ve finished your computer science degree, maybe done a few programming or software developing internships. Now, it’s time to land that first full-time job.

If you’re struggling with writing an effective cover letter and the perfect resume for an entry-level Android developer job, look no further. We’ve helped thousands of budding developers score first interviews and find their dream job over the years.

These five entry-level Android developer resumes and guide are the culmination of everything we’ve learned. Let’s get started!

Entry Level Android Developer Resume

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Entry level android developer resume example with internship experience

Entry Level Android Developer 2 Resume

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Entry level android developer 2 resume example with project experience

Entry Level Android Developer 3 Resume

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Entry level android developer 3 resume example with internship experience

Entry Level Android Developer 4 Resume

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Entry level android developer 4 resume example with internship experience

What Matters Most: Highlighting Skills & Work Experience

Your resume skills and work experience

In a nutshell, recruiters want to see that, as an entry level Android developer, you can write good code and have the right mindset to hit the ground running. When they, or an applicant tracking system (ATS) skim resumes, they’re looking to quickly disqualify candidates.

Remember, a single junior Android engineer position might receive hundreds of applicants. If you don’t clearly showcase the hard technical skills that you possess (and that they want), you’ll end up in the reject pile faster than you can type: print(“Hello world!”)!

To avoid this, closely read the job description and include all the hard skills you possess that they want. As a starter, here are some of the top skills entry-level Android developers should have.

9 Best Entry Level Android Developer Skills

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Android Jetpack
  • Android Studio
  • XML
  • SQL
  • React
  • Android SDK
  • Android APIs

Sample Entry Level Android Developer Work Experience Bullet Points

Okay, so you’ve made it clear that you’ve got the skill. But you’re not quite ready to accept a new job offer. Next, you need to showcase your accomplishments from your previous experience as a developer or programmer. How?

Impact. You want to use quantifiable metrics and hard numbers to showcase the impact you had through your previous roles (whether internships, academic projects, or volunteer work). That way, developer recruiters will clearly see what you could add to the team.

You should also use this section to weave in tools like languages or SDKs you’ve used, plus highlight any soft skills like project management.

Here are some examples:

  • Integrated Google and Instagram log-in features using Android Studio for the GoTV! app, increasing app usage by 15%
  • Reviewed 150 lines of code weekly, isolating sections of code to ensure 100% correctness across platforms
  • Decreased debugging time by 54% by optimizing UIs using React
  • Redesigned a clean API together with 4 interns to increase scalability for 2 eCommerce applications, increasing revenue by $15,000
  • Created a free spelling app for high school students using self-documenting code utilizing Java, Kotlin, and C++, which was downloaded over 20,000 times

Top 5 Tips for Your Entry Level Android Developer Resume

  1. Focus on hard skills in the skills section
    • The skills section of your resume should include any hard skills the recruiter or ATS will be looking for, like databases (AWS or SQL) or frameworks (Django or React). Soft skills like cross-team collaboration should be reflected in your work experience.
  2. Quantify your impact
    • One thing you should not do on your resume is be vague. When you’re talking about your impact, quantify it. Don’t say you significantly scaled an Android app you maintained, mention specifically how many users you scaled it to. It makes a difference!
  3. Customize your resume each time
    • Yes, it might feel as frustrating as trying to debug some stubborn code, but it’s worth it! Include the skills the junior Android developer job description asks for, and mention projects that reflect the skills or mindset they want. It’s that easy!
  4. Less is more
    • While you might want to detail all of your past experience in painstaking detail because you’re earlier on in your career, trust us here: don’t. Follow a simple format in your bullet points, starting with an active verb to tell what you did and follow that up with how you did it and the result. Include your skills and contact info, and you’re good to go! Save the rest for the interview.
  5. Showcase your expertise
    • Don’t try to impress recruiters by writing down 10 languages you’re familiar with. Only include those that you could comfortably code in. If you haven’t used Python since high school, it shouldn’t be there.
Is it okay if my resume is less than a page long?

Absolutely! As an entry-level Android developer, you’ll be earlier on in your career, and recruiters will expect that. Don’t wax poetic, and keep it simple and easy to read. Short and sweet does the trick!

How should I format my resume?

It should be easy to read for both ATS and humans. That means having lots of white space, using simple bullet points (no fancy graphics), and having minimal images. If possible, upload as both a PDF and Word doc for an ATS-friendly template.

What sections should I include?

Most important is that you have your work experience and skills! You can also include relevant college courses, minors, projects, or certifications, as this can help you stand out as an entry-level Android software engineer. Oh, and don’t forget your contact info (yes, it’s happened to the best of us).