3 Welder Cover Letter Examples Constructed for 2024 

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 10, 2024
3 Welder Cover Letter Examples Constructed for 2024 

Responsible and effective assembly is a crucial component in building high-quality products. Whether you’re repairing damage, following blueprints, or using heavy machinery, you know you bring the right skills to the job. 

Have you created a cover letter and complementary welder resume that will give you the best results in your job search?

Our welder cover letter examples can help. If you’re wondering what the proper structure is or how you can stand out for each job’s needs, we’ll provide you with a blueprint for success each step of the way. Also, check out our AI cover letter generator.

Welder Cover Letter Example


Welder cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Wondering how to project yourself as an indispensable asset in your welder cover letter? Highlighting an industry qualification could be the golden ticket you’re looking for.
    • By mentioning an industry-specific credential like the coveted AWS certification, you’re signaling adherence to standards and professional commitment, all without spelling it out in so many words.

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Welder Fabricator Cover Letter Example


Welder fabricator cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Consider the welder fabricator cover letter’s structure as a skeleton vital to the well-being of your application. Stick to one page, break your text with sufficient whitespace, and keep your experience narrations concise.
    • The intro should be a punchy one with enthusiasm for the industry and company, complemented by a conclusion that reiterates your interest in the role and invites the hiring manager to further conversation.

Beginning Welder Cover Letter Example


Beginning welder cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Drawing parallels between what you love doing in your leisure time and what is required in the professional role you’re eyeing adds a unique spin to your beginning welder cover letter. It’s about providing a glimpse into your world outside work and your ability to apply seemingly unrelated skills to the advertised role.
    • Let’s say you restore vintage bicycles in your parent’s garage. Emphasize how this pastime refines your attention to detail and fuels your endurance in working with intricate metal parts.

How to Craft an Effective Welder Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

While writing a welding cover letter, you’ll want to think of the job description as your blueprint to success. It’ll outline the primary job skills each company is looking for, such as metal fabrication or pipeline welding. 

Then, it’s just a matter of assembling all the pieces in a way that shows your welding skills are the right fit for each company’s mission. For example, how you’ll use OSHA safety skills during gas welding to ensure safe fabrication processes.

Create a greeting and intro that stands out

The first step in assembling your welding cover letter will be locating a hiring manager’s name to use in the greeting and intro. Use the analytical skills you use when reviewing blueprints to review the job description and company website to try to find a contact person. 

Once you get into the intro paragraph, it’s time to showcase a couple of key welding skills and how your abilities fit with the company’s mission. For instance, you could write about how your experience in mechanical engineering and arc welding will help you uphold a company’s quality control standards. 

The following example is a good start but needs more specifics about the applicant’s connection to the company’s mission or welding skills that make them a good fit.   

Try to get more specific than this!

Dear Mr. Sanchez,

I was excited to see your field welder job opening. I believe my skills and experiences will make me a great addition to your field service team.  

The opener below is a better example of an applicant showcasing how their arc welding and AWS skills and experiences fit the company’s needs. 

A stellar opener with specific welding skills!

Dear Ms. White:

In an industry where 22.8% of manufacturing companies in Indiana have difficulties procuring highly skilled welders, I’m eager to present myself as a potential solution to this gap at Allison Transmission. Bringing eight years of hands-on welding experience and in-depth knowledge of arc welding techniques, complemented by AWS certification, I’m convinced that I can be valuable to your production department.

Add the right details in the body of your welder cover letter

In the body of your welding cover letter, it’ll be important to showcase what you can achieve on the job. 

To do so, include actionable examples of previous work achievements, emphasizing key metrics like production accuracy or assembly times. 

If you don’t have much welding experience, you could also write about what you achieved while obtaining relevant education, like a welding technology degree. Or include transferable experiences, such as working on assembly at an auto repair shop. 

An excellent body paragraph with essential welding skills!

During my tenure at Mid West Fabricating, I tapped into my familiarity with different welding equipment and used robust MIG and TIG welders to develop long-lasting joints. My proficiency with these tools brought about a significant 21.7% increase in welding process efficiency within the first nine months.

Add the right finishing touches in the closing of your welder cover letter

As you close out your welding cover letter, you’ll want to think about how you can reinforce the impact you’ll have on the job. Try to rephrase your connection to the company’s mission and a couple of skills that will be essential to success. For instance, you could explain how you’re eager to use your pipeline welding skills to ensure effective plumbing systems are created for every client. 

It’s also best practice to say thank you and end with a call to action, such as “I’m excited to discuss further how my MIG and TIG welding skills will make me a great addition to your team.” 

The example below could use some work since the applicant doesn’t list any specific welding skills or use a call to action.

A bit too vague! 

I believe my welding skills will help me create an outstanding client experience as part of your team. Thank you for your consideration. 


Beth Kendricks

The closer below is a better example of an applicant presenting specific skills in plasma cutters and TIG welders that will help Duke Energy achieve its mission of leading the energy sector to a sustainable future. 

An impactful closer relating to the bank’s needs! 

With my plethora of academic and real-world experiences in welding and a profound desire to bolster my skills while contributing to Duke Energy, I firmly believe I’m the ideal candidate for this role. I look forward to exploring how my hands-on skills in TIG welders and plasma cutters can bolster your company’s mission to lead the energy sector to a sustainable future.

Thank you,

Oliver Svensson

How long should welder cover letters be?

You should keep your welder cover letter to a single page. Hiring managers review applicants quickly, so keeping it brief will help your primary skills in OSHA safety and metal fabrication stand out. 

Do welder cover letters need to be custom for each job?

You should write a custom cover letter for each job. It’ll help you stand out for different qualifications that companies are seeking, such as one company that performs MIG welding and another that uses gas welders. 

How many skills should I write about in my welder cover letter?

Emphasizing three to five skills throughout your cover letter will work best for welding cover letters. Focus on ones that align with core company needs, such as MIG or flux-cored systems that are essential in arc welding.