3 Theatre Cover Letter Examples Made to Impress in 2024 

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 7, 2024
3 Theatre Cover Letter Examples Made to Impress in 2024 

You have a passion for putting on a show. Whether learning lines, developing intricate choreography, or designing sets and costumes, you have the skills to succeed.

But do your cover letter and complementary theatre resume tell an effective story about the skills you have to offer?

Just like scripts need to be outlined to structure them successfully, your cover letter can benefit similarly. Our theatre cover letter examples and free cover letter builder will provide an easy template for success.

Theatre Cover Letter Example


Theatre cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Has your past work seen the media’s spotlight? If so, don’t let it take a back seat now when you need it most.
    • Attaching press clippings of your performances and projects can add a dose of reality to your theatre cover letter. Such tangible examples of your work add punch to your claims, showing the hiring manager you’ve got what it takes to get the audience on their feet.

Level up your
cover letter game

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Theatre Audition Cover Letter Example


Theatre audition cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • A punchy theatre audition cover letter could be all about proving you’re a multifaceted performer. Notice how Fatima illustrates her dynamic experiences at Arizona Theatre Company, from a vocal coach to an assistant director.
    • This narrative paints an inviting portrait of someone who can contribute beyond their role. Quantifying your contributions lends credence to your narrative and convinces the hiring manager about your potential contribution.

Theatre Internship Cover Letter Example


Theater internship cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • While expressing your enthusiasm to learn everything theatre, demonstrating your ability to translate classroom theories into real-life applications is a real clincher in a theatre internship cover letter.
    • Emulate how Esmeralda narrates a college project she took part in, highlighting the specifics of the project (in this case, sound engineering) and the impact it facilitated. That demonstrates your readiness and hints at possible contributions you’re likely to bring into real-world theatre production.

How to Produce a Top-Notch Theatre Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Writing a cover letter will be like adjusting your set and performance for the best possible audience experience. In this case, it’ll involve including the right job skills and experiences that show you align with each theatre company’s needs.  

The first step will be reviewing the job description to identify key abilities companies are seeking in applicants. Then, you can tailor your cover letter to specific needs, such as how your staging and crew management knowledge will make you a great director.

Create an attention-grabbing opening to your theatre cover letter

As the curtains part upon the opening of your theatre cover letter, it’s important to consider how you’ll grab a hiring manager’s attention, just like how you want to have your audience hooked right from the beginning.

It’s a great idea to make it feel specific to them, so greeting a hiring manager by name is an excellent idea. It’s similar to being on tour and greeting each audience based on the city you’re performing in.

In the opening paragraph, you can go into more detail about how you connect with the organization’s mission and how your skills match their needs. For example, how you’ll use your knowledge of movement analysis and background in ballet to create expertly choreographed scenes.

The opener below could use some work since it feels too vague–like it could be used when applying to any theatre director role.

Yikes, too vague!


I was excited to see your theatre director job opening. I’ve been involved in production environments for over five years and would be delighted to bring my skills to your organization.

The example below provides a much better representation of the applicant’s skills in dance styles, choreography, and voice control, making them an excellent fit for the Fox Tucson Theatre’s needs.

An opener using relevant theatre skills!

Dear Ms. Davis,

My unyielding passion for creative interpretation and expertise in various dance styles make me a proactive partner in performing arts. This offers an exhilarating chance to unite our talents, where I’ll utilize my skills in dance styles, voice control, and choreography—gained through a fusion of academic study and hands-on experience—to amplify the artistic presence of Fox Tucson Theatre.

Add the right information in the body of your theatre cover letter

You’ll want to make your top skills and work experience shine in the body of your theatre cover letter. The best way to do so will be by sharing actionable examples of what you’ve achieved, such as improving ticket sales or using techniques to reduce voice-related issues.

If you don’t have much experience, you can also include achievements from college, obtaining a performing arts or production degree, or other relevant work experiences like internships.

A stellar body paragraph with theatre skills and metrics!

My most recent engagement as a senior dance instructor at the Dallas Academy of Dance involved leveraging my insight into movement analysis. There, I choreographed performances that garnered nearly 11% increased audience turn-out over the previous year, with a 69% boost to online viewership.

Craft a show-stopping closing for your theatre cover letter

Want to emphasize your skills? The closer is where you can do it by rephrasing your connection to the company’s mission and the top skills you presented, such as dance training programs and technology-assisted choreography.

Then, thank the hiring manager for their time and use a light call to action. It’s similar to what a production team would do by thanking an audience for coming and saying they hope to see them again soon as you’re closing out a performance.

The example below could use some work since the theatre internship applicant doesn’t list specific skills, share their connection to the company’s mission, or use a call to action.

Add more information than this!

Thank you for considering me for your theatre intern role. I believe my education and skills will make me well-equipped for your needs.


Tina Larson

The example below does a better job showing how the applicant’s performing arts and leadership experience will fit in with Texas Ballet Theatre’s artistic vision.

A great closer emphasizing key theatre needs!

With my extensive knowledge of the performing arts and leadership experience, I can contribute positively to the Texas Ballet Theatre’s artistic vision. I have attached press clippings of my past choreographies, and I eagerly anticipate discussing how my qualifications can enrich your esteemed theatre.


Freya Holm

Is there anything else I should include with my cover letter?

In creative theatre roles, some jobs may ask that you include enclosures, such as a portfolio of previous scripts you’ve written. Other great things to include could be a couple of press reviews from performances or letters of recommendation when needed.

How long should my theatre cover letter be?

Theatre cover letters should be one page long. While you’re probably pretty passionate about coaching vocals or optimizing the audio-visual balance on set, hiring managers need a concise overview to see that you’re the right fit while reviewing many applications.

Should I write about my education?

If you’re an entry-level theatre applicant, focusing on academic achievements from a performing arts degree can be a great way to showcase your skills. However, more experienced applicants may want to mention it briefly to showcase well-rounded knowledge in aspects like set design or choreography or focus more on work achievements.