5 Dental Hygienist Cover Letter Examples Made for 2024 

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 17, 2024
5 Dental Hygienist Cover Letter Examples Made for 2024 

You provide patients with routine cleanings, keeping a sharp eye out for any signs of irritation or the need for intervention with procedures like fillings, crowns, or even potential extractions. You also help patients with questions, forms, appointments, and oral care instructions.

But how do you show recruiters that you have the critical thinking skills to pull off the job and something special that sets you apart as a candidate, too?

Don’t worry. After years of helping dental hygienists like yourself create a cover letter, we’ve developed five dental hygienist cover letter examples and a free cover letter builder to complement your dental hygienist resume and give you a springboard for the next step in your career!

Dental Hygienist Cover Letter Example


Dental hygienist cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • Nothing would impress a potential employer more than your dental hygienist cover letter showing profound admiration of what they do. However, that isn’t good enough to earn you an interview.
    • Your humble career beginning as a dental receptionist, where you streamlined appointment scheduling and helped soar patient satisfaction levels would come handy here.

Level up your
cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifting to write your cover letter in seconds.

Dental Hygienist No Experience Cover Letter Example


Dental hygienist no experience cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • A dental hygienist no experience cover letter would be a hard nut crack. First of all, you’ve next to zero relevant work experience. Don’t despair just yet.
    • Look back to your schoolwork practical projects. Did one stand out? A dental art project underscoring the importance of effective visual aids in educating the younger population about oral health should give you the leverage to outshine your peers.

Dental Hygienist Recent Graduate Cover Letter Example


Dental hygienist recent graduate cover letter example

Why this cover letter works

  • A personal story in your dental hygienist recent graduate cover letter about your deep-seated passion for affordable and accessible dental care for all would resonate with many recruiters. Give them more to solidify your candidacy.
    • After getting their attention, dive into how your patient-centric approach improved workflow management, ensuring record high patient satisfaction rates.

Dental Hygienist Student Cover Letter Example


Dental hygienist student cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • As a dental hygiene student seeking an internship role, it’s tempting to leave things at your academic achievements and eagerness to learn. But that’s simply what every competitor out there is doing.
    • Dare to take the less-trodden path by illuminating instances when you applied theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. Whether a volunteer initiative or college project, let your dental hygienist student cover letter capture the tangible outcomes and the skills you mastered along the way. Alternatively, talk about a dental-hygiene-focused seminar you attended.

Dental Hygienist Adjunct Instructor Cover Letter Example


Dental hygienist adjunct instructor cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • For a dental hygiene adjunct instructor cover letter, past experiences in medical facilities might not be enough to clinch you this position. Dedicate at least one paragraph to your experience nurturing students in a setting similar to the hiring institution’s.
    • Take, for instance, how Owen narrates his teaching stint at the Columbus State Community College. He talks about using tools like DentSim and DEXIS Imaging Suite to demystify complex procedures, thus witnessing improved student performance and substantial savings on administrative resources within his department.

How to Write Your Perfect Dental Hygienist Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Each dental practice is different, so your goal should be to show how your skills align with the specific job you’re applying to. How does your sensitivity toward patients fit in with the facility’s warm, inviting atmosphere? Or, how does your laser-sharp focus on efficiency complement the no-nonsense professionalism of a larger practice?

Make sure you’re answering the specific call in the job description. Your hard and soft skills should both align with the company values you find online. Reference specific obstacles you can solve to show how you’d excel in that dental hygienist role.

Writing up the greeting and introduction

Who are you writing to? Do whatever research it takes to find their name! Look at the job listing and visit any company “About” or “Our Team” pages. Use a formal greeting once you find them.

Open your cover letter with a few qualifying traits that align with the values presented in the job ad. Why, exactly, would the organization want to hire you? Demonstrate a strong interest in working as their next dental hygienist.

Finally, ensure your opener implies that there’s much more to discover about you and how you can elevate the open job role. A good hook will help the reader remember you later.

Don’t write an opener like this one, with no formal greeting and no qualifications or hook:


Hi my name’s Dan and I’d love to help clean off people’s teeth. I love working with teeth so let’s talk about why I should work there.

Wait! We can fix this with a good opener that connects with the company on a personal level to show a true investment in high-quality dental performance:

Thank goodness . . .

Dear Ms. Lee,

My grandfather, a man with a heart as big as his smile, suffered from dental ailments early in his life. He lost most of his teeth because we couldn’t afford treatment for him. Whenever he laughed, I noticed the gaps in his smile: A constant reminder of how many people face barriers to quality dental care. This deeply personal experience ignited a passion for bridging the gap in dental health, enabling everyone to smile with pride. Today, I am writing to express my aspirations of joining Smile Dental Clinic as a dental clinic assistant to contribute to your mission of creating healthy and vibrant smiles.

Writing standout body paragraphs

So, we already know you’re a great dental hygienist, but how can you get recruiters to view your qualifications as they skim your cover letter after reading your compelling hook?

Narrowing down to any of your most impressive experience points will help. You want to make a great impression so pick experiences that most closely align with this job description.

Use the job description as a guideline for which metrics you pick, too. Is your potential employer more concerned with ROIs connected to equipment maintenance or feedback ratings from dental patients?

And don’t forget to include metrics! Each body paragraph should feature one primary success story that led you to overcome obstacles related to dental hygiene, and that point should be backed by quantifiable data when possible.

Example of a nicely-written body paragraph

During my academic pursuits, I took the initiative to design and execute a dental art project. This endeavor not only deepened my understanding of dental anatomy but also underscored the importance of effective visual aids in educating our younger population about oral health. The project’s success, which garnered an enthusiastic 96% positive feedback rate from students, further affirmed the pivotal role creativity plays in imparting dental knowledge.

Closing and signing off your cover letter memorably

After a smooth, catchy greeting and a solid cover letter body, you’re ready to write a closing paragraph. Quickly summarize a couple of qualifying dental hygienist traits and how they connect you with the company’s values, like patient satisfaction and dental record-keeping quality.

Make sure you include a good call to action. After all, you want the reader to come back for more information!

After inviting the reader to contact you again for additional details, thank them for their time. Sometimes, your thank-you fits smoothly into your closer, but you can also use it as your signoff instead of a different professional classic. Just remember to stay formal and use your real name!

Don’t write a terrible closer like the following, with no formal structure or connecting qualifications:

Uh . . .

So yeah, again my name’s Dale and I’d be great at working for your office so give me a call and I can start polishing teeth right away.

The next closer is way better since it connects relevant job skills with the company’s values right away, includes a call to action, and keeps things professional:

Now that’s a well-polished closer!

My foundational experiences, coupled with my technical prowess, align perfectly with the mission and values of Western Dental & Orthodontics. I’m eager to bring my expertise to the fore, ensuring that every patient I encounter receives comprehensive care marked by precision, compassion, and knowledge. Thank you for considering my application.


Ingrid Johansson

Cover Letter Tips for a Dental Hygienist

  1. Aim for a mix of patient service and technical skills
    • Dental hygienists are in an interesting position since they work directly with patients daily while performing the job’s technical duties. Your cover letter should provide a mix of how you provide friendly and caring service with the technical know-how to review records and identify oral infections.
  2. Use metrics to show your impact on dental patients
    • As a hygienist, many things you do on the job can feel hard to measure, such as making patients feel comfortable or providing cleanings that make teeth look as good as new. However, there are metrics you can use to measure those impacts. Consider data that dental offices care about the most, like patient satisfaction scores, safety scores, or cavity prevention rates, that you can tie to what you did in daily tasks.
  3. Customize the equipment you write about for each dental office
    • While some equipment you use during oral cleanings is standardized, not all of it is. For instance, some dental offices use peripheral X-ray machines, whereas others use bitewing X-rays. Review the job description to get an idea of what equipment you’ll use at each dental office you apply to, and customize the details in your cover letter accordingly to stand out.
  4. Your dental education shows expertise too
    • Even if you don’t have much experience, you can still write about the skills and knowledge you gained while getting your dental hygiene associate’s or bachelor’s degree. For example, you could discuss a class project where you simulated a dental exam and successfully used visual evaluation and palpation techniques to identify 6 oral health issues.
  5. Proofread to show your detailed abilities
    • Missing diagnosable issues during a patient’s exam could lead to ongoing problems, so hygienists must show that they can perform accurately from the get-go. Before submitting it, ensure your cover letter reflects that same detail-oriented mindset and check for any grammar errors.
Do I need to worry about enclosures?

Well, we wouldn’t say worry, but enclosures are definitely worth considering! If you have additional certificates related to dentistry or any professional letters of recommendation, list them at the end of your cover letter after writing “Enclosures:”

Where do I find how to connect with the company?

Check out that job description! And that company website! And all their professional social media, too! You want to fit right in with the company culture and seek out overlapping values, and researching the organization is the best way to pull it off.

What tone do I write in?

Wait: Don’t close any of those tabs from the last FAQ! Just about any research you conduct to learn about the company will benefit your ability to match their tone. Whether they’re super focused on efficiency or seeking a friendly new hygienist to make patients feel at home, match the tone of the job ad.