3 Custodian Cover Letter Examples Landing Jobs in 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 17, 2024
3 Custodian Cover Letter Examples Landing Jobs in 2024

As a custodian, you have an incomparable eye for detail, and juggling multiple tasks simultaneously is second nature. You’re not just responsible for keeping things clean—oftentimes, your responsibilities range from sanitation to repairs and inventory management.

With such a vast range of daily tasks, creating a cover letter and complementary custodian resume that adequately cover your particular background can be challenging. How do you decide what to discuss when your role is so diverse?

We’re here to help you select the right qualities to highlight. With our custodian cover letter examples and tips, coupled with our free AI cover letter generator you’ll land more interviews and get the job you want!

Custodian Cover Letter Example


Custodian cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • A blend of familiarity and enthusiasm right at the outset of your custodian cover letter captivates instantly. And what better way to infuse this combo than by showcasing your knowledge of the hiring company?
    • Simply browse the company website’s news page and pick one outstanding achievement. It could be recognition as a top employer in the region or an award for an outstanding project. Or even a groundbreaking innovation in the industry. Whichever the case, spotlight it in your piece for an added dash of pizzazz and enthusiasm.

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Custodian No Experience Cover Letter Example


Custodian no experience cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • So, you feel intimidated by your lack of relevant work experience, bearing in mind some of your competitors have been in the field for some time. It’s understandable, but you’re not without an option. Think of a personal experience that tested and refined your mastery of a skill relevant to the custodian role.
    • If seeking inspiration, see how Isabella’s custodian no experience cover letter narrates mastering inventory management when helping her uncle in his plumbing business. Moments like this can be as punchy as professional experiences.

School Custodian Cover Letter Example


School custodian cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • The school custodian’s role extends beyond maintaining cleanliness. It’s also more about safeguarding the well-being of everyone in the educational facility.
    • You want to recount that previous workplace where you excelled in enforcing safety protocols. Infusing numbers here (cue reducing the number of accidents by maybe 37%) goes a long way to make your narration believable and impactful. Even better, talk about your proficiency in using safety software like EHS to enhance efficiency in implementing safety standards.

How to Write a Custodian Cover Letter That Gets You the Job

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Whether you have loads of work experience in custodial roles or you’re just starting, you’re probably aware that the term “custodian” is often used for a variety of different roles. In some jobs, you might work in a huge facility, such as a school or a hospital, with a team of other custodians. In others, you’ll be the lone wolf in charge of a whole building.

To show employers that you fully grasp what the job is all about, the key is to study each job description carefully. Then, get familiar with the company or institution you want to work for to find a connection that shows you care.

Start strong with a customized greeting and intro

Unfortunately, hiring managers often skim or, worse yet, use AI-based systems to scan job applications. The good thing is that if you’re able to grab their attention right away with your custodian cover letter, your chances of landing the job increase exponentially.

Start by addressing the recipient by name. To do this, research the facility or company you’re applying to, be it through LinkedIn, its website, or a quick phone call. Next, personalize your intro.

Use this one short paragraph to draw a connection to the company and showcase how your background makes you a solid candidate. For instance, mention how your previous role in a massive hospital prepared you for the demands of keeping a medical facility running smoothly.

This opener does the opposite of what you’d want. It’s generic, meaning the cover letter will likely be discarded immediately.


I need a job and I saw that you’re hiring. I hope you can give me a chance.

This opener is a dream come true. There’s no stronger connection to an employer than showing that you’ve previously dreamed of working there!

Well done!

My first experience with Temple University occurred during a tour around the beautifully maintained Philadelphia campus. As I observed the pristine conditions, I whispered to myself that I’d one day work there. Today, this vision compels me to apply for the school custodian position.

Show off your dedication in the body paragraphs

The role of a custodian covers a lot of ground—often literally! You must follow various sanitation standards, efficiently manage cleaning supplies and other resources, and even contribute to repairs. 

With such a long list of tasks to tend to, it’s important to use your cover letter to highlight the ones that are most relevant to a given role. Pick some of your most impactful achievements that align with the job, and add some metrics to make them pop.

As an example, if the job description highlights the need for minor repairs, talk about how, in a past role, you completed an average of 30 repairs per week, increasing facility uptime by 29%.

This is how you get a new job!

At Houston Methodist, I led a custodial team responsible for managing an inventory of sanitation supplies for over 40 hospital departments. We minimized stockouts by incorporating an efficient inventory management system using Oracle’s NetSuite software, ensuring an uninterrupted supply chain and facilitating a 26% annual cost savings.

Get yourself hired with a strong closer

The final paragraph at the end of your custodian cover letter is just as important as that strong opener we discussed above. This is where you can drive home that you’re the right candidate for the job.

The best way to do this is to find a connection between you, your job skills, and the company. For example, if you’re applying to work at a company known for its eco-friendly approach, that’s a great hook! 

Mention how you want to apply your experience in green cleaning initiatives, your care for the environment, and how important the company’s mission is to you. 

Sign off with a sincere “thank you for your consideration.” People skills are crucial in the role of a custodian, so showing that you’re respectful will go a long way!

This next signoff isn’t too great. The goal is to make yourself look like an expert instead of downplaying your strengths.


I don’t have any experience in cleaning and this is my first job but I’ll try to learn if you show me.

This candidate did a wonderful job of highlighting what they can bring to the role.

They’ll love it!

I’m thrilled by the prospect of bringing my skills and commitment to cleanliness to Arizona State University’s janitorial team. I look forward to discussing how my experience in floor care techniques, chemical handling, waste management, and tool maintenance can contribute to maintaining the university’s high standards. Thank you for considering my application.

Custodian Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Cover letter’s greeting is too generic
    • Each building has its quirks, and any facility you encounter could have specialized equipment you’ll need to know how to maintain. In other words, it pays to be thorough! Make sure you demonstrate this same level of thoroughness and genuine interest in the job role: Put in the effort to find out who you’re writing to, and they’ll be way more likely to remember you!
  2. Examples lack context
    • You might worry about the risk of your cover letter sounding too mechanical at first, but a little context goes a long way! Look for your most compelling points and bolster your impact with metrics and a few choice details. Improve your credibility with quantifiable data like how much money you saved your employer on cleaning supplies thanks to your skills with inventory management—or by what percentage customer satisfaction went up thanks to your impeccable maintenance. And a few contextual elements like why you felt compelled to go beyond the call of duty make for a more memorable success story!
  3. Cover letter focuses on you instead of on company success
    • While technically you’re applying for the job because you want to, you’ll need to write your cover letter and resume with the company’s perspective and desires in mind. Researching businesses and organizations to learn more about their backgrounds will help you gain insight regarding obstacles they’re currently facing that you could align yourself with.
What should I talk about if I have no prior experience?

The good thing about custodial roles is that they often don’t require much work experience. Talk about anything you might have done that shows you value cleanliness, time management, and dedication, such as volunteering at an animal shelter.

What should I highlight in my cover letter?

First of all, let the job description be your guide! Beyond that, it’s a good idea to discuss your knowledge of equipment, such as industrial floor cleaners and carpet extractors, or your ability to carry out various repairs. Add in some budget and inventory management as a huge perk!

Do I need to include any certifications?

You can! Add them to your custodian resume and cover letter as enclosures. Some of the best ones to highlight include the OSHA Certification, CIMS Certification, and the Environmental Cleaning Certification.