3 Copywriter Cover Letter Examples Standing Out in 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet January 7, 2024
3 Copywriter Cover Letter Examples Standing Out in 2024

As a copywriter, you’re more than just a wordsmith—you’re a creative strategist with a knack for data analysis. Every piece of copy you create is tailored to match the target audience.

You’ve written countless social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, press releases, and product descriptions, so you know how to convert casual readers into customers. That skill will come in handy when preparing your copywriter resume and complementary cover letter.

We’ve analyzed thousands of job descriptions to determine what can give you the best chance of success. Check out our copywriter cover letter examples and tips to land a new job!

Copywriter Cover Letter Example


Copywriter cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • How about turning detective before writing a copywriter cover letter? Dig into the job description for clues to the potential employer’s desires (think of terms like SEO, email marketing, and A/B testing).
    • And instead of just stating that you’re capable, demonstrate it through a narrative of your past experiences, using numbers to validate your claims. For example, perhaps you produced engaging content that increased organic search traffic by 30% quarter after quarter.

Level up your
cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifiting to write your cover letter in seconds.

Copywriter No Experience Cover Letter Example


Copywriter no experience cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Venturing into copywriting can be intimidating, given the demand to deliver tangible results. But wasn’t every expert once a beginner? Regardless, kicking off your copywriter no experience cover letter with a surprising statistic relevant to the industry could be your wild card here.
    • See how Amir brings up how different social media platforms drive traffic to Amazon. This approach serves a dual purpose: It shows you did your homework on the company and sets the tone for the rest of your piece.

Editor/Copywriter Cover Letter Example


Editor/copywriter cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • When drafting an editor/copywriter cover letter for a content strategist position, borrow a leaf from Maya’s masterpiece. See how she concludes by reinstating her learned competencies and how she plans to put them to use in the hiring company.
    • For instance, you could say you are eager to harness the content optimization techniques and audience engagement strategies you’ve mastered to enhance digital presence and customer interaction at the hiring company. Be sure to specify your goals in alignment with the company’s objectives.

How to Craft the Perfect Copywriter Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Writing a copywriter cover letter might seem daunting at first, but it’s actually not too far off from the things you do for a living. It all comes down to identifying the target audience, learning everything about them, and ensuring your cover letter hits all the beats and ticks all the boxes.

Therefore, it’s important to read the job description carefully and certify you’re updating your cover letter to match. Copywriting roles can vary based on the company, ranging from an editor to a blog writer, so make sure your cover letter reflects your enthusiasm for the role and the fact that you know what it’s all about.

Get them on the hook right away with a catchy intro

Just as good ad copy starts with a strong hook, your cover letter needs to do the same. Recruiters won’t cut you any slack here!

For starters, dig into the research and try to find out the name of the person you’re sending your cover letter to so that you can personalize your greeting. If your research is fruitless, settle for a “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear [Company] Team.”

With the greeting out of the way, spend some time crafting the perfect opening paragraph. It should explain why you’re the right copywriter for this job, so don’t be shy and mention a key skill of yours that the company seeks, such as SEO optimization. Make a personal connection with the company to seal the deal.

The below opener just doesn’t work. It’s dull, and as a copywriter, showcasing creativity in every paragraph is paramount.


I saw your job listing online and I wanted to apply for this copywriting job.

This is so much better! The candidate instantly gets into why they’re a good fit for the role, and they even use numbers to make their claims pop.


With Amazon registering 58.1% of referrals from YouTube and 12.4% from Facebook, I’m enthusiastic about bringing my skills to Amazon as a social media Intern at your Seattle office. My experience spans content creation, hashtag research, and more, and I’m confident all those elements will help invigorate Amazon’s expansive sphere.

Showcase your effectiveness in the body paragraphs

You know better than anyone that working as a copywriter doesn’t just mean being able to write good copy. Your success is always measured by important metrics, from conversions to open rates, so utilize that for your cover letter. 

In the body paragraphs, focus on highlighting the wins you’re most proud of and those that align well with the job description

You could, for instance, talk about how your content strategy increased web traffic by 40% within 6 months, and how you used tools like SEMRush and Google Analytics to achieve that.

Let’s flip it around and imagine the job you’re applying for strongly focuses on social media. In such instances, mention how you collaborated with the design team using Adobe Creative Suite to craft exciting Instagram posts, increasing social media shares by 39%.

That’s so impressive!

In my recent role as senior copywriter at Phase2, I leveraged my SEO and keyword research knowledge to optimize web content, driving a 12.7% increase in organic search traffic over six months. My proficiency with tools like SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner allowed me to target high-value phrases, significantly improving our content’s discoverability in an increasingly competitive market.

Make them call you with a memorable closer

High-quality copy stays consistent and engaging throughout, and so should your cover letter. The closing paragraph and signoff can help you create a memorable farewell with recruiters picking up the phone to call you right away.

Use this paragraph to emphasize that you’re a good fit. This means researching the company culture and mission and mentioning it to score some brownie points. For instance, if you’re applying to work at a marketing startup, mention how you’re no stranger to that fast-paced and goal-oriented mindset.

Don’t forget to mention your excitement about discussing your copywriting skills further. You can also include a key skill, such as your expertise in brand research, to emphasize what you’ll bring to the role.

This closer is much too generic to impress a recruiter seeking copywriters. It doesn’t show that the candidate did any research.

That didn’t work…

I want an office job and I can start right away so please let me know if you want to hire me.

Now, this is much more impressive. The candidate highlights their experience and what they’re able to bring to the job.


My experiences with Neiman Marcus, Securus Technologies, and EnLink Midstream have allowed me to wield WordPress, personalize content, utilize information architecture, and produce multimedia content effectively. Joining Southwest Airlines’ team would enable me to bring these skills to the forefront, enhancing customer experiences and their interaction with your brand. I’m eager for the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way.

Where can I find the name of the recipient?

As a copywriter, you’re no stranger to in-depth research, so put those skills to good use when you write your opener. Check the company website, LinkedIn, and job description, or perhaps even reach out to someone you know who works there before sending your application.

What kind of metrics should I include in my cover letter?

Anything that showcases your ability to craft copy that engages and converts is worth mentioning. Include metrics like increases in organic search rankings or website traffic, social media following, or ROI on marketing campaigns.

What to do if I’m switching jobs?

There’s a lot of overlap between copywriting and other jobs, such as marketer, content writer, SEO specialist, or brand manager. Try to lean into transferable skills and include examples of your copy to show you’re ready for the job.