3 Construction Project Manager Cover Letter Examples 

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 4, 2024
3 Construction Project Manager Cover Letter Examples 

You’re an expert in your field, capable of decyphering complex blueprints, juggling resources, and following all the required safety protocols. Aside from your knowledge of construction, you’re also a skilled manager with many completed projects under your belt.

Your unique blend of technical expertise and leadership skills makes you a desirable candidate, so all you need to do to score a new job is to really emphasize your value when writing a great cover letter to complement your construction project manager resume.

We’ll show you how to create a cover letter that gets you interviews. Check out our construction project manager cover letter examples and tips!

Construction Project Manager Cover Letter Example


Construction project manager cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • To begin, always ensure that your construction project manager’s cover letter is formatted correctly. Beginning strong with a Certified Construction Manager certificate to highlight your skills in various construction techniques.
    • Next, write what makes you different from the average grumpy construction manager. Do your professional values align with the company you’re applying to? Ensure to convey in clear words why your expertise is important in this role.

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Entry-Level Construction Project Manager Cover Letter Example


Entry-level construction project manager cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • The best way to win over an employer with your entry-level construction project manager cover letter is to stress about your past projects and internships.
    • Even if it’s not directly related to construction, mention how your project management skills made sure that all tasks were done on time and how you reduced any potential hazards in each project. End your piece by expressing your passion and deep understanding of managing construction projects and how you’re ready to apply your acquired skills to meet the company’s standards.

Construction Assistant Project Manager Cover Letter Example


Construction assistant project manager cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Are you a zealous candidate who’s always wanted to contribute to construction projects no matter how small or big? Then follow Eleni’s construction assistant project manager cover letter and make direct mention of your goal in the beginning.
    • From here on out, your metrics are going to do the rest. The best kinds are the ones where you’ve helped save a company a good amount of money in their construction projects by using proper construction estimates.

How to Format a Construction Project Manager Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Just as blueprints and schematics need to be followed step by step, your cover letter is a sum of your professional skills and the requirements listed in the job description. To impress the hiring manager, you’ll need to update it for every job and highlight why you’re the right fit for that exact role.

Read the job listing and determine what matters most to the company, be it the ability to manage a large team of construction workers or the financial chops needed to handle massive budgets. Update your cover letter to reflect those needs.

Construction project manager cover letter introduction

You’re no stranger to having to make a great first impression. After all, your job involves communicating with major stakeholders, onboarding new construction workers, and regularly negotiating with vendors.

This is where you put those job skills to the test and ensure that the recruiter reads your cover letter from start to finish. To get their attention immediately, dig out the recipient’s name, then start your cover letter with a personalized greeting.

Use the first paragraph to establish a connection with the company immediately. For example, if the company specializes in green building projects, mention how your LEED Certification proves that this is important to you, too. You can expand on this in the following paragraphs.

Whatever you do, don’t do this. Scolding the employer from the get-go is a surefire way not to get an interview!


I might want to work with you, but you didn’t provide a salary range. I’m experienced and hope to be paid accordingly.

This is so much better. The applicant immediately recognizes the company’s main values and emphasizes how much they want to work there.

They’ll love it!

My unwavering ambition to contribute to exceptional construction projects has led me to Elkins Constructors — a company renowned for its dedication to excellence and state-of-the-art construction solutions. As your construction assistant project manager, I aspire to make use of my practical experience and proven abilities to execute projects successfully.

Construction project manager cover letter body

From overseeing the daily operations of construction teams to coordinating with architects and technicians, you’re the driving force behind many projects. Use this part of your cover letter to really get into how your hard work turns into tangible benefits for the company.

To really ace this part, use the job description as your reference. If it’s all about cutting costs, discuss how you managed a $10M residential construction project and completed it within budget. 

However, if it emphasizes knowledge of construction software, recount how you used AutoCAD and SketchUp to refine project designs.

No matter the content, always focus on your greatest achievements and back them up with metrics that show your impact as a manager.

That’s really impressive!

At Miller Construction Company, I adeptly handled resource allocation and management which helped boost resource utilization rates by up to 34%. These achievements are part of the value I would bring to your team.

Construction project manager cover letter closing

To craft a memorable final paragraph and signoff, go back to the start and reaffirm your connection to the company and how you understand its mission. 

This is where you can drop a final mention of your skills in the fields of construction or project management, and make it a good one—pick something that really ties well with the job. For instance, if the role stresses reducing costs, mention how your skills in establishing excellent supplier relations can come in handy.

Remember to sign off with a “thank you for your consideration,” and add a call to action if you want. This can be as simple as “I look forward to talking about my qualifications during an interview.”

The closer below really fell flat. Now is not the time to discuss potential time off—the applicant should wait to get hired first.

No, thanks…

I look forward to working with you. Get back to me soon because I’m going on vacation in two weeks.

Here’s how you can do it right. This closer shows that the applicant is well aware of the company’s long-lasting legacy and is eager to start shortly.

Fantastic signoff!

I would be thrilled to further discuss how I can contribute to your renowned projects and uphold the company’s legacy of excellence. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Should I include my certifications?

Not all jobs require this, but in construction, listing some certifications can give you an edge. Typically, you can do this in your construction project manager resume and reference a relevant cert if it comes up in your cover letter, such as the CSP or the PMP.

What to do if I can’t find the name of the recipient?

First, make sure you’ve exhausted all options. Check the company’s website and LinkedIn, call them, or contact any connections in the construction industry that could help you learn the hiring manager’s name. If you absolutely can’t find it, settle for a “Dear Hiring Manager.”

How long should my cover letter be?

Don’t let your cover letter resemble some of the lengthy project documentation you sometimes have to sift through. Instead, keep it short at around four to six paragraphs, and definitely make sure it fits onto a single page.