5 Data Analytics Manager Resume Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet July 1, 2024
5 Data Analytics Manager Resume Examples for 2024

You can take a vague business question and go from idea inception to analysis and presentation. You also have the technical and leadership know-how to help others to do so.

How can you highlight all these skills on your data analytics manager resume or when writing an effective cover letter? That’s where we can help.

We’ve helped thousands of analytics managers land their next job and these five resume samples and subsequent tips are a great jumping-off point to update your resume.

Data Analytics Manager Resume

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Data analytics manager resume example

Professional Data Analytics Manager Resume

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Professional data analytics manager resume example

Modern Data Analytics Manager Resume

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Modern data analytics manager resume sample

Official Data Analytics Manager Resume

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Official data analytics manager resume sample

Classic Analytics Manager Resume

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Classic data analytics manager resume sample

Why this resume works

  • So, you’ve been in the game for a good while now, right? And it’s been quite a ride—crunching numbers, spotting trends, and drawing insights. Now that you’re rising through the ranks and endeavoring to become your dream company’s next data analytics manager, your data analytics manager resume must demonstrate your management skills.
    • Here’s the thing: anyone can list a bunch of skills on paper. For this role, paint a picture of how you’ve been the MVP in your team, leveraging skills like leadership, time management, communication, delegation, and more. So, don’t just tick the boxes; show you’re a forward-thinking, results-oriented leader.

What Matters Most: Your Work Experience & Skills

When employers are deciding whether to give you an interview as a data analytics manager they need to answer 2 questions:

  1. Do you have the technical skills to do the job?
  2. Is there evidence you’ve had an impact in your past roles?

Answer “yes” to both questions and you’re likely getting an interview while 1 “no” makes it much more uncertain.

The best way to answer “yes” to question 1 is through a clean, minimal skills section. Only include 5-7 skills and don’t include vague skills like “organized”.

  • Project management
  • Python/ R
  • Excel/ Sheets
  • SQL
  • Product analytics
  • Presentations
  • Data visualization
  • Tableau
  • Git

Sample Data Analytics Manager Work Experience Bullet Points

When a recruiter is looking at your analytics manager resume they want to know you can definitively do the job they’re hiring for (ground breaking, I know).

The best way to convey this is by showing you’ve done it in your past roles. If you have numbers to show what you accomplished before, it’s clear you did your job well.

There’s a basic formula to help you write your work experience bullet points:

[action you took] + [context/skills you used] + [outcome of action]

Here it is in action:

  • Led a team of 2 data analysts and 1 data engineer in developing marketing mix models that improved ROI by 23% on digital marketing spent over the last 6 months
  • Constructed a real-time reporting infrastructure that standardized metrics across the company, saving 210 monthly hours of manual reporting
  • Focused on customer retention by building customer segment models, and recommended particular segment attention that increased retention by 21%
  • Built a customer attrition random forest model that improved monthly retention by 8 basis points for customers who were likely to attrit by servicing relevant product features for them

Top 5 Tips For Your Data Analytics Manager Resume

  1. Demonstrate project ownership
    • Companies are looking to hire data analytics managers to run with projects on their own. They want you to be the expert of your domain and to solve problems all the way through.
  2. Highlight your experience with hiring
    • As an analytics manager, I imagine you have some experience leading teams! An important part of building a team is hiring. Any experience you have here makes you more likely to get an interview offer.
  3. Tell a story with your career growth
    • At this point in your career, you’ve likely had a mix of data analyst and analytics manager type roles. You should focus on demonstrating that you’ve taken on more responsibility throughout your career.
  4. How did you help your team grow in their career?
    • Good leaders help their teams hit their own career goals. This leads to high employee retention, ultimately saving the company money. Showing you care about this as a metric demonstrates your leadership quality to a prospective employer.
  5. Show your experience working with company leadership
    • As an analytics manager you’ll be working regularly with other members of company leadership. Show that you have experience turning technical data analysis into non-technical language for your colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I update my resume for each data analytics manager job?
    • If it’s a job you’re really interested in, then yes. Believe it or not, customizing your resume does get you more interviews. At a bare minimum, if you have technical skills mentioned in the job description, include them.
  • How should I format my resume?
    • The key to formatting your resume is to make the life of the recruiter reviewing that resume easier. Happy people are more likely to give you an interview (it’s science). Make it readable with generous spacing, large text, and white space.
  • Which skills should I include?
    • First and foremost, try to mention skills that are in the job description. Especially if those skills are technical. As a rule of thumb if you would be comfortable being interviewed about a skill, you should include it on your analytics manager resume.