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Image of Alex F for testimonial
The next time I'm even casually thinking about looking for a new position the first move I make will be straight to BeamJobs.
- Alex Furrier
Image of Neal Taparia for testimonial
When a candidate applies to Solitaired and is looking for feedback I always recommend they optimize their resume with BeamJobs first.
- Neal Taparia
I've been working on my resume for about 3 months. I really like how easy it was for me to tie my work experience to hard numbers.
- Karla Del Pozo
Thank you! This was an excellent investment. I was frustrated with the response I was getting to my resume. Since using your resume grader I've had potential employers go out of their way to compliment my resume.
- Kasey O'Connor
I've always found resume advice to be generic and not very helpful. With BeamJobs, I was able to learn specifically how to make my resume better and ended up getting a job I love.
- Angela Ng
I can't recommend this enough! I've already introduced it to a couple of friends.
- Darshan Somashekar
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