3 Maintenance Technician Cover Letter Examples for 2024 

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 11, 2024
3 Maintenance Technician Cover Letter Examples for 2024 

As a maintenance technician, you leverage your vast knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems, keeping things running smoothly. Thanks to your work, everything operates at peak levels of performance and efficiency.

Few people possess the technical know-how and attention to detail that are required to succeed in your role. To show recruiters that you’ve got what it takes, you’ll need to create a cover letter and complementary maintenance technician resume to wow them.

Not sure how to put your expertise in writing? No worries—our maintenance technician cover letter examples and free cover letter builder will guide you all the way to your next interview!

Maintenance Technician Cover Letter Example


Maintenance technician cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • As the name suggests, your main task is to maintain a facility’s wiring so ensure that your maintenance technician cover letter includes quantified work experience that shows your ability to reduce electrical downtime and emergency repairs.
    • The icing on the cake here will be a concise conclusion that displays your enthusiasm and openness to discussing how you can be a great asset to the company.

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Maintenance Worker Cover Letter Example


Maintenance worker cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • A great feature to have in your maintenance worker cover letter is mentioning if you’ve ever interacted with the company before, whether it be on an educational trip or vacation.
    • This shows that you have a personal connection with the place and that you’re more than aware of how important it is to maintain even the slightest component in a big building. Next, add your relevant skills and how you’ve utilized them in previous roles to boost your chances of getting hired!

Maintenance Mechanic Cover Letter Example


Maintenance mechanic cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • If you’ve got any experience working at a company similar to the one you’re applying to, in this case, an airline company, then use it to your advantage!
    • Enrich your maintenance mechanic cover letter by going over the impact you’ve created in an existing airline. This shows the employer that you’re well-versed within a specific sector and know all there is to know about its industry regulations.

Write the Perfect Maintenance Technician Cover Letter for the Job

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Whether you’re new to maintenance or have years and years of work experience under your belt, you definitely know that there are many more aspects to the role than can be seen at first sight. Whether you work at a hotel, a restaurant, or an airport, your duties may be entirely different based on the kind of systems you’ll be dealing with. 

That’s why it’s so important to tailor your cover letter to match each job perfectly. As an example, if the role emphasizes HVAC systems, mention how you used to work on upgrading and maintaining them before.

The key to writing a strong hook

Try to open your cover letter with a personalized greeting that mentions the hiring manager or employer by name, such as “Dear Ms. Jameson.” If you absolutely can’t find the name, a respectful “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear [Company] Team” will suffice.

Make your first paragraph as attention-grabbing as the personalized intro. Try to connect to the company’s mission and goals, then emphasize how your technical skills can contribute to it.

For example, if you’re applying to a five-star hotel, mention that your experience in carrying out preventive maintenance programs will ensure that the guests will never be disturbed by power outages.

Want to know what you should avoid? Here’s an example. This applicant clearly just wants any job, but companies want to know why you chose them out of all the other options.

Don’t do this…

I don’t really know much about your company but I hope you can hire me, I have some similar experience.

The example below is passionate and instantly establishes that the applicant has some prior experience with the company. This one is almost certainly getting a callback!

That’s fantastic!

The first time I stepped into the Chevron facility was during an educational field trip in my engineering school. Ever since, it has struck me how big of a role each and every component and system plays in maintaining a grand-scale operation. Today, I’m thrilled about the prospect of joining Chevron as a dedicated maintenance worker to sustain the smooth operations of your facilities.

Highlight your expertise in the body paragraphs

In this part of your cover letter, your goal is to really dive head-first into what makes you a successful maintenance technician. It might seem tricky at first because your job, if done well, is nearly invisible to most people. That’s the whole point—you work behind the scenes, ensuring everything runs perfectly and doesn’t require any extra attention.

Fortunately, that side of your job is exactly what deserves highlighting here. Pick a few of your key achievements, back them up with quantifiable metrics, and express how your background will make you irreplaceable at your new company. 

For instance, if the role emphasizes conducting thorough machinery audits, talk about how you identified potential failures and cut back unplanned downtime by 40% in your past job.

Example of a good body paragraph (change slightly)

While working as the lead mechanic at Delta Airlines for more than four years, I assisted the team in remodeling the mechanical troubleshooting protocol that reduced downtime by 23%. My specialization in hydraulic system maintenance was also a key factor in enhancing the lifespan of the fleet, lowering maintenance costs by 12% over a span of two years.

Impress them with the right closer

This is where you should connect your skills with the job description’s requirements and the company’s overarching mission. 

Let’s say you’re applying to a power plant that prioritizes green electricity. To make a connection, you could talk about the energy-saving initiatives you’ve implemented in mechanical systems in order to reduce energy consumption.

Sign off with a respectful “thank you for your consideration,” and don’t be afraid to express your excitement at the possibility of hearing back about this particular maintenance position.

This applicant is most likely going to end up in the “rejected” pile. Most employers won’t take a chance on a beginner who lacks enthusiasm for the role.


I just graduated high school and I need a job that can train me and pay a reasonable wage, so I hope to hear from you soon.

Now, this is what to do! In just a couple of sentences, this applicant cemented themselves as someone who knows and cares about the company’s goals—not to mention having a robust set of technical skills.

Amazing job!

I’m committed to employing my skills, honed over years of learning and perfecting my craft, to sustain the reliability and safety of Chevron facilities. Thank you for considering my application. I eagerly await your positive response.

Maintenance Technician Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Cover letter lacks an industry-specific intro
    • You want to demonstrate your value and knowledge immediately in your maintenance technician cover letter! Make sure you dive right into your first paragraph with language that reflects your desirability as a candidate. That means hearkening to the technical application of your role if nothing else. If you aren’t sure where to start, revisit the job description and refresh your memory of what they’re looking for. You can also check the company’s website for any slogans or mission statements that will empower you to connect with them right away.
  2. Writing tone displays low confidence
    • While you don’t want to come across as egotistical, you want anyone who reads your cover letter to know that you’re an excellent maintenance technician: Don’t be afraid to lead in with confidence. Think of your cover letter’s intro paragraph as a strong introductory handshake, and provide memorable success stories in the body of your letter.
  3. Cover letter lacks quantifiable examples
    • . . . So, speaking of your professional success, you’ll definitely want to provide examples of those! Use each body paragraph in your maintenance technician cover letter to stick to one main point that exemplifies the awesome skills that make you the ideal hire. Ideally, you’ll be able to include metrics like dollars saved and reduced malfunction rates. We know it can be frustrating when a big sign of your efficacy is “Nothing—because I’ve kept everything in working order!” In this case, you might be able to reinforce qualifying numbers with qualitative examples, like how many repairs you conducted or how many maintenance tasks you squeezed into routine hours.
  4. Highlighted accomplishments don’t showcase adaptability
    • Being able to handle the unexpected is the name of your game as a maintenance technician. Your cover letter should include a variety of success stories, examples, and metrics to display your readiness and adaptability. If your body paragraphs tell the same stories from different jobs, or if every metric is a percentage, look for areas to switch things up!
How can I find the person to address in my cover letter?

Some of the best sources include LinkedIn, the company website, and the company itself if you make a quick call and try to ask. If a friend is referring you, ask them to do some digging and find the person responsible for recruiting maintenance technicians.

What to talk about with no prior experience?

Depending on the role, some employers are happy to hire maintenance workers straight out of high school. If that’s you, try to lean into any relevant projects you’ve worked on, such as helping out at a family member’s car repair shop or attending a robotics workshop.

Should I include my references?

References from past roles in maintenance can be a strong addition to your maintenance technician resume and cover letter. You don’t need to add them to the cover letter itself, though—simply list them as “enclosures” and attach them separately.