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3 Customer Service Cover Letter Samples, Guide for 2022

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Stephen Greet, Co-founder

April 20, 2022

Customer service professionals do far more than just answer customer questions—they’re salespeople, technicians, administrators, and problem solvers. They straddle the line between the company and the customer, meeting company goals, resolving conflicts, and making customers happy with each interaction.

You know your job as a customer service professional is invaluable, and businesses know it, too. It’s why you’ve carefully built your customer service resume and filled out the job application with time to spare. The only thing that stands in your way is the cover letter. 

We understand cover letters are difficult to get right. They’re less formulaic than a resume because they rely more on prose than metrics. Even though you’re skilled at communication, cover letters can still be tricky. That’s why we’re sharing three customer service cover letter examples and guidelines to help you write a cover letter you can feel proud about (and that gets you the job).

Customer Service Cover Letter Example

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Customer service specialist cover letter with blue contact header

Why this cover letter works

  • Not all big companies require years of experience; believe it or not, The New York Times’ job description only requires one year of customer service experience.
    • Even if you have minimal experience, leverage your skills and relate them to the responsibilities in the customer service job description
      • Kai discusses how he went above and beyond to start two new initiatives, tying back to the job description’s requirements for candidates to resolve conflicts, answer questions, and troubleshoot future obstacles.
  • Another key element to your customer service cover letter is topical focus. Since Kai founded two different initiatives, he splits his experience into two paragraphs, keeping each focused on one project. 
    • Avoid cramming all you learned at one position into one paragraph, and keep each paragraph focused on one achievement. 
    • If you have limited experience, you can have multiple paragraphs about the same job but different accomplishments. 

Customer Service Manager Cover Letter Example

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Customer service manager cover letter

Why this cover letter works

  • One of the best ways to get an employer’s attention is by showing how you support their mission. By including her love of volunteering with the Red Cross, Ivona shows American Airlines that she values its vision for humanitarian aid.
    • If you can, include details about your experience that tie into something the company values. Even if your past positions aren’t a perfect fit, find a way to include it in the closer or the introduction of your customer service manager cover letter. 
  • In addition to adhering to their mission, Ivona stresses her focus on relationships, something that American Airlines mentions in their job description multiple times.
    • If the company values teamwork, for example, mention your time serving with a tight-knit team for a family-owned entertainment group.
    • Find a way to marry your past accomplishments with requirements or values in the job description. 

Bilingual Customer Support Cover Letter Example

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Bilingual customer support cover letter with black contact header

Why this cover letter works

  • We’ve discussed how to tie in company values, and so far, we’ve seen how you can use your experience to match the job description. Here, Callum focuses on a broader vision: his dedication to learning, something an education company would appreciate.
    • If your experience doesn’t match what’s listed in the job description, shoot instead for the company’s overall values and how you’ve lived them out.
  • As with the other examples, this bilingual customer support cover letter relates the company to the candidate’s personal experience. Callum mentions he used Blackboard when he was a student, creating a personal connection.
    • Incorporating tidbits like these can make a meaningful impact.
    • Do your best to not only relate to the job or mission but also to the company. Have you benefited from their services? Been on the receiving end of their customer service efforts? Heard positive things about them? 

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3 Steps to Your Best Customer Service Cover Letter 

You don’t have to be a New York Times bestselling author to write a stellar cover letter. You’re already a skilled communicator who can hold your own in the diciest of situations. Instead of viewing your cover letter as literature, view it as a business discussion. Both rely on research, information placement, and equal participation, all of which you excel at. 

Use the following steps to guide your writing process so you can write your best cover letter yet. 

Step 1: Research the company and role 

As the saying goes, “doing the easy thing isn’t always right, and doing the right thing isn’t always easy.” It’s not hard to write a bland cover letter that you can submit to any job you apply for, but will it get you the job? Instead of doing the easy thing, take the time to research the company and incorporate those findings for each cover letter you submit. 

By tailoring your letter to each job, employers will feel you genuinely want to work for them. Of course, just stating the company’s mission statement isn’t enough; demonstrate that your past roles and current values align with their mission, values, and/or vision. If you can prove you’ve already furthered a similar mission at a different business, they’ll feel more confident you can do the same for them.

You should also address the company’s job description. The qualities and responsibilities listed there should guide your focus. For example, if they need someone to assist clients with legal paperwork, talk about your experience as a receptionist at a law firm. Know what the company needs, and speak to your experience that addresses those needs.

Step 2: Be specific about your achievements

Companies don’t ask for cover letters just so they can read your resume all over again (or fall asleep). A cover letter should complement your resume but not repeat it. 

Think of your customer service cover letter as a story. It should summarize the best parts of your professional experience. As human beings, we’re drawn to stories, and it’s hard to argue with one that expertly outlines your qualifications. 

Enrich your cover letter with details and personal touches that your resume can’t accommodate. This is your chance to highlight your personality as well as your credentials.

Moreover, this is the perfect opportunity to explore your achievements further. You’re not limited to short bullet points, so use the extra space to explain why your achievements should matter to the company. Below, we’ve shared two examples that tell the candidate’s stories and highlight their achievements.

Despite this success, my team and I still faced inquiries regarding technical topics we could not cover in a single appointment. So, we partnered with the department of electrical engineering to host monthly Tech Talks—community forums that answered questions relating to specific topics as chosen by the public.

Creating a compelling story can—and absolutely—should start right out of the gate with your introductory paragraph: 

I grew up volunteering with the Red Cross in my home country of Czechia, and I want a career that will allow me to help others through my work and support my volunteer efforts to give aid where needed most. With four years of customer service experience and prior knowledge of airline procedures, I look forward to strengthening your humanitarian efforts and making your customer service dreams take flight.

Step 3: Send the right message

As a customer service professional, you know that delivery is everything. No matter how amazing the content, your cover letter needs to sound enthusiastic but professional and never arrogant. It should also be aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.

If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry! Start by narrowing it down to a page. This will help you showcase only your most relevant experience. Then you can make other revisions for content, word choice, and tone. 

And don’t forget to review your cover letter for grammatical and punctuation errors several times during this process—it’s easy for minor mistakes to slip through the cracks!

If you’re wondering if your cover letter hits the right notes, have a trusted co-worker review it. They’re more likely to catch errors, and they can offer help if you’re struggling with content. But most of all, a fresh perspective helps you see your cover letter in a new light, which can guide you to insightful revisions.

Your customer service cover letter outline

Starting your cover letter can be as nerve-wracking as making cold calls. Give your nerves a rest with our outline that includes everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Your contact info: Using a template? Fill in your name, email, number, and location (city and state) so your employer knows how to contact you. Some companies also like to view your LinkedIn profile, so include it if you can.

Formatting: Tempting as it is, leave your name out of your address if you’re using a block format. Although it might look more like a letter that way, it’s unnecessary as your name will appear in the signature line.

Date: Adding a date helps the recruiter better organize job applications, and it can help you keep track of when you applied. Always change the date to the day you submit your application.

Formatting: Write out the full date with the month and day, e.g. April 20, 2022.

Inside address: Although it can feel weird to include the company’s address in a virtual letter, it’s a good first impression. Not only does it look professional, but it also indicates you’ve done your research to find their information.

Include the recruiter’s name, their title, the company’s name, and their address, just like you would for a physical letter. It might be a struggle to find the company’s address, so you may need to scour LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor, and other sites. A quick LinkedIn search usually works to find the recruiter’s name and title.


Jessica Miata
Talent Acquisition Manager, The New York Times Company
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

Formatting: Each part of the address should be on a new line. Double space between the inside address and greeting. 

Greeting: A good greeting is imperative in any business situation, including a cover letter. When addressing the employer, use formal language that is still somewhat modern. 

For example, an enthusiastic “Hi!” won’t fly when you’re applying to big companies like Boeing, but a “To Whom It May Concern” is formal but dated (and impersonal). 

Your best bet is to stick to the old classic, “Dear Ms. or Mr. Lastname.” 

Formatting: Business letters typically use a colon after “dear,” but there is some debate about using a colon instead. We’d suggest sticking to a colon unless the company is more casual (like an indie video game developer or a family pizzeria).

Body: This is where your story comes to life. Include three to four paragraphs that state your interest, credentials, and enthusiasm for future discussion. 

Opening paragraph: Most cover letters start with openers that are either over-eager, vague, or boring. (“My name is…” “I am applying for…”) Oftentimes, they’re just as generic as this one: 

The bilingual customer support position with Soarin’ Airlines sounds like a great fit for my experience. I have been a customer service representative for several years, so I have the know-how to make your company thrive.

It’s not impolite, but it’s not exciting or personal. This example, however, will be way less likely to put a recruiter to sleep: 

Blackboard’s commitment to innovation and high performance has created an educational system that is unique, engaging, and user-friendly. After using Blackboard for years as a student, I am eager to serve in the bilingual customer care position to resolve user inquiries, build brand loyalty, and ensure a smooth technological experience for all customers.

You can tell this applicant is eager and experienced, but they also sound professional and polite. It grabs the recruiter’s attention and motivates them to keep reading. 

Don’t worry too much if your opener doesn’t sound perfect. Write a few test openers until you’ve written one you like (or combine your testers to create one polished whole). It may take some time, but it’s worth it to start your cover letter on the right foot.

Paragraphs 2-3: Your opener has successfully gotten the recruiter to keep reading, so now you need to provide evidence that hiring you is a smart choice. Focus on one definitive accomplishment per paragraph to make the most impact.

It’s tempting to slip in more details about why you’re the best candidate, but it will result in a bloated, cluttered letter. Instead, hone in on one accomplishment you can maximize: 

As a customer support representative at Soarin’ Airlines, I provided end-to-end quality customer service and built lasting relationships between Soarin’s customer service team and our customers. Through my efforts, we experienced higher customer interest and engagement levels than in the past five years. By the end of my time there, our client base had grown by 8 percent and our churn rate dropped to 3 percent. 

Although this candidate could have gone on about how they served customers and improved procedures, they focused on how building relationships led to positive growth. 

This is a great example to demonstrate how you can highlight one aspect of the job description and how you’ve upheld and exceeded quality standards at previous jobs.

Closing paragraph: Many cover letters struggle with ending well. It’s all too easy to sign off with a quick “thank you for your time” and nothing else. Instead, leave the recruiter excited to follow up with you soon. Don’t leave them dozing off with a closer like this: 

Thank you for your time, and please consider me for this position.

A good closing statement finishes the conversation but promises more: 

I appreciate you considering my application, and I would love to speak with you further about how I can help empower teachers and students to open doors they never thought possible with Blackboard’s tools and my bilingual communication and care.

Formatting: Make sure your document is single-spaced but double-spaced between paragraphs. 

Signature: If you didn’t already say “thank you” in the closing paragraph, do that here. Then sign off with a professional goodbye and your signature. 



Kai Yamashiro

Formatting: If you’re presenting any hard copies of your customer service cover letter, quadruple space so you have room to sign your name in blue/black ink. 

Enclosure(s): This step is frequently overlooked, but it helps recruiters keep track of what you’ve supplied and what documents they need to read. Usually, this includes the job application and your resume, although some businesses may need you to provide professional certificates. 



Formatting: Watch the form of “enclosure” —use the singular for just your resume, but use the plural if you’re submitting more documents. 

Are You Ready for Your Next Customer Service Role? 

Finally, congratulate yourself for writing an amazing cover letter, but remember you also need to write a good resume. Your resume and cover letter are both vital for securing your next customer service role, so take the extra time to ensure both are updated and complete.

Writing a professional, detailed resume that stands out can be hard, so if you’re wrestling with it, our resume tips and free resume examples will steer you in the right direction. 

We also have over 40 resume templates to make your resume look picture-perfect for any customer service position, and you can even edit this customer service resume right now. 


No matter what position you’re seeking in customer service, use our tools to help you land your ideal customer service job. Start building your resume and cover letter today to get the job of your dreams. The upfront work is real, but the payoff will be well worth it!