5 Python Developer Resume Examples for 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet April 5, 2024
5 Python Developer Resume Examples for 2024

You can write backend code that runs so fast that it would make your head spin. The products you work on, blink and you’ll miss the loading time.

How do you showcase all these skills? How do you weave in your knowledge of a framework like Django? How long does your Python developer resume need to be?

We’ve helped over 10,000 Python developers land jobs, so we’ll help you answer those questions and more. These five Python developer resume templates work well in 2024, so they’re a great place for you to get started.

Clean Python Developer Resume

Clean Python developer resume example

Modern Python Developer Resume

Modern Python developer resume sample

Elegant Python Developer Resume

Elegant Python developer resume sample

What Truly Matters: Your Skills & Work Experience

Recruiters are looking at your Python developer resume for less than 15 seconds. They’re largely scanning it.

While scanning your resume, they’re answering two questions:

  1. Does this person have the technical skills needed for the role?
  2. Does their experience convince me they’ll have an impact in this role?

Two “yes” answers, and you’re getting an interview. One “no,” and things are much more up in the air.

For your skills, keep it limited to five to seven and focus, of course, on Python!

9 Top Python Developer Skills

  • Python (duh)
  • SQL
  • PosgreSQL/ Oracle
  • Django
  • Git
  • Rest APIs
  • AWS
  • Redshift/ S3
  • Basic HTML/CSS

Your goal is to demonstrate depth of knowledge, not to collect as many skills as possible, like Pokemon cards. Only include technical skills you would be comfortable being interviewed about.

Sample Python Developer Work Experience Bullet Points

Your Python dev work experience needs to provide context to the technical skills listed in your “skills” section.

Equally as important, you need to demonstrate that the code that you shipped led to real, tangible business impact.

Did it lead to a speed improvement in the web app? Reduce error rate? Increase customer conversion rate? Improve user engagement?

Show hiring managers you care what they care about.

Here are a few samples:

  • Worked alongside another developer to implement RESTful APIs in Django that enabled internal analytics team to increase reporting speed by 24%
  • Using Selenium, built out a unit testing infrastructure for a client web application that reduced the number of bugs reported by the client by 11% month over month
  • Built extensive test coverage for all new features, which reduced the number of customer complaints by 23%
  • Acquired and ingested data to build and maintain data pipelines that led to discovering an opportunity for a new site feature, boosting revenue by 6%
  • Worked on building new Spring Boot components for the customer-facing web app, which improved the time on page for the average user by 2 minutes

Top 5 Tips for Your Python Developer Resume

  1. Provide context for your skills
    • How specifically did you utilize a framework? What did you build and what was your specific role in building it? The more context you can provide, the better.
  2. Don’t go overboard on skills
    • Don’t fall into the temptation of listing every language, library, or framework you’re only a little comfortable with. You want to show expertise on your Python developer resume, not shallow knowledge.
  3. Front end or back end?
    • Most Python developers work on the back end. Some, however, also work on the front end. Make sure your focus (and preference) is crystal clear.
  4. Formatting your Python developer resume
    • The key for your resume is readability. A recruiter is more likely to give you an interview if your resume is a pleasure to read. So, a great resume template will feature big text with plenty of white space. Maximize readability.
  5. Get to the point
    • Because you want to make your Python dev resume easy to read, every word counts. Get to the point with your work experience bullet points. Focus on your specific contribution and the business impact of the overall project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I include projects and/or a link to my Github?
    • If you have them, yes! Don’t go overboard on the projects unless they’re particularly complex personal projects. Relevant work experience will almost always carry more weight and resume real estate is limited.
  • Does my LinkedIn matter?
    • Luckily Python developers are very much in demand so your resume can be proof enough of your abilities. Optimizing and completing your LinkedIn will make you more discoverable to recruiters, which is always a good thing.
  • How long should my Python developer resume be?
    • Remember, the first rule with resume and cover letter writing is to make it nice and easy to read. So, aim to keep it to one page but extend it to two if needed (only if you have at least five-plus years of experience, though).