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3 Business Development Job Description Samples for 2022

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Stephen Greet, Co-founder

July 16, 2022

We assume you're here because you're excited about your company's growth and want to keep up the good work. To achieve your goal, you're likely considering hiring a business developer—someone who'll help find additional ways to get new customers and sell more of your products or services to the ones you already have. A great business developer can be a key player in navigating your biz into uncharted, profitable markets and widening your reach to a bigger customer base.

Business developers must have superb communication skills to make presentations to stakeholders in sales deals and convert leads to customers. They collaborate and strategize with the execs and marketing team to broaden the company's influence and hit proposed growth targets.

While finding and hiring a business developer who's up to snuff may feel like a hundred-to-one shot, don't throw in the towel! BeamJobs can help. We provide practical examples and advice on creating worthwhile job descriptions, so you can hook the business development heavyweights.

Business Development Job Description Example

Job details: MolabTech Corp is a top-tier nonprofit company offering technology, technical, and training help to government agencies, colleges, and community associations. Our services help ordinary people become more self-sufficient through increased exposure to and comfort with technology. We need a business developer to help expand our presence all over the country. 

You'll help create and execute a comprehensive marketing plan to leverage existing relationships and new partnerships to increase revenue. With your expertise, you'll also develop realistic sales goals while heralding the company's heart for philanthropy.


  • Collaborate with the product design and software engineering teams to build viable plans for value-adding software features
  • Generate new leads and build relevant relationships with existing customers
  • Understand philanthropic trends across states to pinpoint feasible markets and potential stakeholders
  • Carry out market trend research and competitor analysis to discover customers' needs and best market entry strategies
  • Meet with organization leadership to provide feedback and outline strategic development goals
  • Partner with other members of the business development team in the creation and implementation of operational and strategic marketing 
  • Report progress to the director of business development during regular team check-ins
  • Be involved in the customer's entire sales cycle 


  • Bachelor's degree in business or equivalent field
  • 2+ years of work experience in a social service or nonprofit organization
  • 1+ year in the sales development industry
  • Experience with market research and competitor analysis
  • Familiarity with creating budgets
  • Proficiency in crafting persuasive emails
  • Expertise in Salesforce and Sales Navigator
  • Knowledge of Google Workspace
  • Practical communication skills, including public speaking, presentation, and writing
  • A passion for helping people attain long-term self-sufficiency
  • Confidence negotiating with government agencies and corporate organizations


  • $72,300–109,700 annual salary
  • Health, disability, life, dental, and vision insurance
  • Remote work option
  • $2,000 tuition package yearly
  • 401(k) matching up to 6% 
  • Paid time off

About the company: Since 2016, MolabTech Corp has developed innovative and disruptive solutions to society's training needs. Starting in San Jose, California, we've been able to help over 150,000 people across 11 states. Our assistance to organizations and colleges includes technical skill workshops for work readiness and vocational training.

A success story we love to share involves a 19-year-old college student who went on to build her own hardware engineering company after receiving our basic technology training. We have a mind to sweep the country with our educational, philanthropic model; hence our need for a business developer who cares deeply about seeing people grow and become financially independent.

Business Development Manager Job Description Example

Job details: Milin is a fast-moving, global fintech brand with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. We need an expert in sales development to become our first official business development manager. With your motivation, drive, and strategies, you'll help us pull off expansion at breakneck speed.

You'll lead our sales development team, implementing effective commercial strategies, and holding to the highest standards while achieving sales goals. What's more, we're counting on you to have an intense passion for coaching your team so they're motivated and meeting sales targets. You'll be strategic to our expansion, helping us grow our customer base with your expert skills.


  • Define vital developmental processes to create a stable foundation for our growth 
  • Recognize customer needs to accurately offer them our value proposition
  • Collaborate with the hiring team to outline hiring strategies
  • Partner with the global sales development team to exchange and enact best practices
  • Lead the sales development team in motivation while providing the tools and resources for their success
  • Keep up with trends to recognize new expansion opportunities and outline growth methodologies


  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, business administration, or similar field
  • At least 4 years of sales experience
  • Minimum 1 year of business development management experience
  • Knowledge of designing and implementing frameworks for long-term goals
  • Familiarity with marketing strategies
  • Experience in MS Office and CRM software (HubSpot or Zoho)
  • Able to motivate and empower teams
  • Drive to know the latest sales trends, performance increases, and customer receptivity to the value proposition
  • Effective in collaborating with team members across various departments 


  • Salary: $118,000–186,600/year
  • Insurance: dental, disability, health, life, vision
  • Company car
  • Reimbursement: travel, mileage, cell phone
  • Remote work and flexible schedule
  • Stock options
  • PTO and paid holidays
  • Profit-sharing
  • Parental leave

About the company: Milin is a growing fintech allowing businesses and their customers to thrive in the digital economy. Started by four ambitious college housemates looking to simplify payments, our valuation is now $11.2 billion. We're the payments partner for renowned global brands like Huobi Global, Coursera, and LG, among others.

Passionate about easing the payment processes of businesses worldwide in a fun work environment, we're building teams to connect with these businesses while not taking ourselves too seriously. That's where you come in—our upbeat, proactive, and zealous business development manager who will help us achieve our lofty and not-so-lofty goals.

Director of Business Development Job Description Example

Job details: Adunz Consulting provides the highest level of support and service in every stage of our clients' projects. We're a project and construction management firm specializing in quality, construction, and safety management. We need a motivated director of business development to help us expand our client base. 

You'll be a driving force in accomplishing our ambitious revenue growth, customer acquisition, and client retention objectives in a fast sales cycle environment. To achieve these objectives, we anticipate you being proactive in generating leads and interest, communicating with potential customers, collaborating with existing clients, closing deals, and inspiring the business development team by example.


  • Identify global key partners in the construction industry and generate interest 
  • Generate leads with stakeholders and build relationships to ensure customer conversion and revenue growth
  • Ensure a consistent stream of information on competitor services and activities
  • Meet with company leadership to set sales objectives
  • Collaborate with team to create sales pipelines and close sales
  • Research and understand client requirements
  • Sell company services to clients while satisfying their needs and developing an avenue for repeat consultations
  • Follow up on leads to convert customers
  • Direct business development team to ensure the highest level of customer support
  • Attend global events to network with high-profile potential customers 


  • Bachelor's degree in business management, business administration, or a related field
  • Minimum 5 years of work experience in business development
  • Minimum 2 years of management experience
  • Experience using Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and CRM (HubSpot)
  • Familiarity with Nifty and Basecamp
  • Expertise in email marketing
  • Proficiency in using DoubleClick and Outbrain
  • Strong business acumen to explore new growth paths
  • Interest in connecting with influential prospective clients at prominent events
  • Ability to manage time efficiently and multi-task


  • Salary: $157,000–251,600/annum
  • Insurance: medical, vision, long-term disability, life
  • Flexible hours
  • Sales commission
  • Company holidays
  • 401k
  • Paid time off

About the company: Adunz Consulting has grown from a local construction company created by a talented first-generation Italian construction worker from Chicago, Illinois, to a national firm with branches across the United States. We pride ourselves in helping companies, individuals, and public agencies adhere to the best practices in safety and construction. With our impeccable workmanship, we've set the national standards in the construction industry for 12 years.

We intend to take the business to the global stage and revolutionize international construction standards as we have in the United States. That's why we need a dedicated and network-oriented director of business development to help us achieve our ambitious goals. We're laidback in our communication, office life, and operations, but when it comes to maintaining construction standards, we're passionate, and we look for that same mindset in every team member we onboard. 

Write Your Best Business Development Job Description

Writing an attractive job description for any position can be difficult, and many job descriptions fail to impress. Generally, they fail because they're too generic—lacking specifics about the responsibilities applicants will perform, the qualifications you require, and the benefits. Some job descriptions contain lengthy paragraphs of garden-variety roles and a gum wrapper's worth of perks. Such job ads can scare off good applicants who fear they'll be working for peanuts.

To write the best business development job description, give the applicants specific details about their roles, such as "actively following up on leads" and "performing competitor analysis." Remember to include the required qualifications and benefits while keeping sections brief and easy to read. Your benefits should also complement the applicant's responsibilities and qualifications by being proportional. Not only will these tips help your job description dodge the origami scratch paper pile, but they'll also attract the highest-caliber business developers.

Figure out who you need on your team and why

To attract the best applicants, you should express why you want to hire them. Research shows that when people understand why they're needed, they'll believe they're involved in something special. So, sharing why you need them can give applicants a purpose-filled reason to join you. 

  • Do you want to expand your presence across the country?
  • Do you want to network with high-profile customers at prominent events?

Whatever your business need, be sure to mention it in an effort to weed out uninterested applicants, leaving you with those who will be a better match. The best way to write your business development job description is to lead by example and reflect the qualities you want from hires in the job description:

  • It's a no-brainer that you want someone with practical communication skills and a contagious passion for your services. But, does your job description show that you value these requirements?
    • For example, to build customer relationships, your hire must be strong in written communication and email marketing, but does your job description read with the appeal and flow of a bestseller or more like a word scramble?
    • You want your hire to have a passion for your services to connect with customers quickly, but does your job description express your own enthusiasm?

Edit and revise for a fully developed job description 

Business developers don't need to read lengthy descriptions to understand what the job entails. Avoid fillers and excess words. Instead, use industry-specific language, and make your piece concise and clear. Don't dump everything you can possibly conceive about business development into the job description. The reader should be at ease reading about the role—not sweating bullets.

Once you've completed the above steps, take your time to revise and edit before posting. We understand that you've put in a lot of work, and you're eager to send it on its merry way. However, take a breath, and check for possible grammatical errors, typos, or incorrect information. Take a day and give it to someone else to proofread. When you're finally satisfied with your work, post it and wait for those high-quality business development resumes to roll in!

Start by Outlining Your Business Development Job Description 

Here's an outline that covers the essentials for business development job descriptions:

Job details: This quick introduction to the job and your company will tell applicants what services you offer and in which industry you operate. It will also show them why you want them to join your company. Remember to keep this section brief as it's only to help readers get a taste of your business. It's also a fantastic place to include an overview of their responsibilities, so they can get an idea of their purpose in the company. Use this section to entice like-minded applicants to read further.

What you'll be doing/Roles/Responsibilities/Requirements: This section should pack a punch in a small amount of space. Use bullet points to convey what you'd like to see in the applicant. Most readers will glance this section first to understand what's expected, so keep it short. Despite trying to make it brief, be sure to cover the unique tasks of a business developer within your company. Use active verbs while avoiding fluff and jargon.


  • Collaborate with the product design and software engineering teams to build viable plans for value-adding software features
  • Generate new leads and build relevant relationships with existing customers
  • Understand philanthropic trends across states to pinpoint feasible markets and potential stakeholders
  • Carry out market trend research and competitor analysis to discover customers' needs and best market entry strategies

Qualifications: This is a key section of the job description because it shows applicants what they need to have to land the job. Many business developer job descriptions share similar qualifications, so keep yours brief and easy to digest.

Ensure your company's unique qualifications in education, relevant work experience, and proficiency in specific tools are listed. For soft skills, include those relevant to business developers, such as "strong communicator" and "confident," but minimize their usage; long lists of requirements can discourage readers.


  • Bachelor's degree in business or equivalent field
  • 2+ years of work experience in a social service or nonprofit organization
  • 1+ year in the sales development industry
  • Experience with market research and competitor analysis

Benefits: If the reader has made it as far as your benefits section, don't scare them away with vague or (worse—nonexistent) promises. Be specific.

You can place this section anywhere in the job description. Consider listing it early on if your company's benefits are your central selling point. Determine the best place for it—just so it's easy for applicants to glimpse what they stand to gain by joining your company.

About the company: We recommend including this section at the end since applicants usually want to know the job details before the company history. You'll give more details about the company—where you're located, what keeps you kicking, and what goals you have. Business development professionals will want to know the company's mission to figure out if they fit in with that vision.

Functions and roles inside the business development world

Although the primary role of a business developer is to get more revenue and customers for the company, there are other responsibilities they'll perform. Below are examples of the various roles to include in a business development job description. One business developer may not perform all these responsibilities, but they're excellent examples of the possibilities.


  • Customers might not buy a product if they have no personal connection with the company, but building customer rapport can give a business a market advantage.  Deepening a relationship with a client usually involves hours of communication and feedback, so business developers savvy in building relationships can bridge the gap between a business and its clients.
    • Generate new leads, inform them of your solution to their business needs, and follow up after the conversation
    • Be involved in the customer's entire sales cycle and ask for feedback after closing the sale
    • This role will require experience in sales and marketing, proficiency in crafting persuasive mails with email marketing tools, and knowledge of Salesforce and Sales Navigator. Must also have excellent communication skills and the confidence to approach prospective customers.


  • Customers can get tired of sales pitches and promotional emails containing dry facts, but a cleverly crafted message can spark their interest. Storytelling can engage clients emotionally, causing them to resonate with the product or service and take action. Business developers must be able to weave the company's offerings into tales that will trigger customer action.
    • Understand the target audience and create intriguing stories to connect customer needs with the company's products 
    • Partner with the marketing team to implement strategic and operational marketing
    • This role will require experience in market research and customer analysis. Must also possess creativity, curiosity about customer receptivity to marketing, and the ability to collaborate with members of other teams.

Team Management

  • The business development pro often encounters a swinging pendulum of personalities and motivation levels; from the "tired" to the "turbo salesperson," this team leader galvanizes and motivates the squad. They also act as a coach, mentoring the sales staff and directing their eyes to the prize (sales target).
    • Lead the sales development team in motivation while providing the tools and resources for their success.
    • Direct the business development team to ensure the highest level of customer support
    • This role will require leadership and management experience in business development. Must also have the ability to motivate team members.

Business Intelligence

  • Without accurate data, it can be difficult for a business to make informed decisions. Business intelligence can improve the decision-making process by ensuring accurate data, visualization of historical growth patterns, and access to competitors' offerings. Business developers should be expert in business intelligence tools to share essential information with company management. 
    • Meet with company leadership to provide feedback on growth patterns, market research, and competitor analysis and outline strategic development goals
    • Keep up with trends to recognize new expansion opportunities and outline expansion methodologies
    • This role requires Salesforce experience, market research proficiency, and familiarity with competitor analysis. Must also have expertise in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.


  • Expecting members of several teams to work well on a single project can be a recipe for mayhem, but a business developer with the skill of collaboration can calm and bring order to the troops while also satisfying customers. Business developers must be able to collaborate with people from different departments in the company.
    • Collaborate with the product design and software engineering teams to build viable plans for value-adding software features
    • Partner with the sales and marketing teams to plan and execute operational marketing campaigns
    • This role will require familiarity with Microsoft 365 products, Slack, Zoom, and Skype. Must also have the ability to partner effectively with members of other departments

Project Management

  • Anyone who's ever tried to manage a home renovation long-distance knows it's almost impossible. Someone has to be on-site to ensure success. A business developer with project management skills can plan, direct, and execute the project, fulfilling the company's goals, increasing revenue and clientele.
    • Oversee the creation and implementation of the company's goal to expand into neighboring countries
    • Track team progress through regular team meetings and check-ins 
    • This role will require leadership experience, analytical skills, and proficiency in communication tools. Must also possess the ability to use time effectively and multi-task.