3 Therapist Cover Letter Examples Landing Jobs in 2024

Stephen Greet
Stephen Greet May 8, 2024
3 Therapist Cover Letter Examples Landing Jobs in 2024

You know what questions to ask and which therapeutic treatments to provide your clients with to ensure their path to wellness. You work with people on maintenance plans for massage therapy and assist those facing chronic pain or respiratory issues.

But no matter your therapy specialization, how do you showcase this when writing a cover letter and accompanying therapist resume? What do recruiters need from you to see what a perfect fit you are for the job?

Don’t stress out over it! After years of helping therapists like you, we’ve streamlined the pathway to your next dream job with our time-tested hints, therapist cover letter examples and free cover letter builder.

Therapist Cover Letter Example


Therapist cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Therapist role transcends mere technical skills. Among vital soft skills, empathy reigns supreme, considering the nature of the cases you’re bound to handle.
    • For example, can you recount a standout instance when you helped a patient through a treacherous journey to regain their former glory? Perhaps you guided them to break free from the chains of opium addiction. That very impactful deserves a mention in your therapist cover letter.

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Massage Therapist Cover Letter Example


Massage therapist cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • A former stint that called for mastery in one of the requirements listed in the job ad could make a world of difference for your massage therapist cover letter. In this case, let’s say you applied myofascial release techniques at a previous workplace.
    • You want to describe how this ability fostered healing and revitalization in patients (boosting circulation and encouraging healing, for example). Then, reinforce this narrative with numbers, such as the percentage of your patients who experienced a better range of movement.

Respiratory Therapist Cover Letter Example


Respiratory therapist cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • How you format your respiratory therapist cover letter is as integral as the content. While your narration could be convincing, your piece’s structure could be the kryptonite that renders all useless.
    • You see those sections, from the intro and work experiences to the conclusion? Size them equally, using white spaces to enhance readability. But again, your intro should be personalized enough to encourage the reader to venture deeper into your piece. As for the conclusion, restate your eagerness to contribute and invite the recruiter for further conversations.

How to Write Your Best Therapist Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Since therapy covers such a wide range of services, tailoring your cover letter to the job description is essential. You don’t want to overdo your experience with talk therapy if you’re applying to work with respiratory patients!

By revisiting the original job requirements and noting any role-specific details, like the clinic’s mission statement and desired skills, you can more effectively demonstrate why you’re the right fit.

Writing the greeting and formulating a great intro

Anyone who comes to you for therapy will feel infinitely better if you address them personally, and the recipient of your cover letter is no different! Make sure you put a solid effort into finding the name of the hiring manager or recruiter in charge of filling the role you’ve got your eye on.

After politely greeting your reader, you’ll want to snag their attention by expressing interest in the position and mentioning a couple of relevant qualifications. Make sure you don’t sound repetitive if you expand upon your patient advocacy or care planning prowess later!

Connect with the company in your opener, too. Again, looking up company values and needs in the job description or on their website is a super smart move.

Just avoid greetings and openers like this one, which is too informal and provides no actual qualifying details:

Well, no . . .

Heyo Recruiting Team,

I’d love to work at your clinic because I’m really good at giving massages. You’ll love working with me too as long as I’ve had my coffee.

This opener is way better since it immediately connects with the company and its clients, demonstrates enthusiasm, and provides a good hook.

Oh, nice!

Dear Mr. Martin,

Discovering Urban Nirvana Spa’s devotion to holistic wellness truly resonated with me, and I immediately knew I wanted to contribute my expertise as a massage therapist at your exceptional establishment. Invigorated by your esteemed standing as Charlotte’s premier wellness destination, I’m eager to contribute to the health and well-being of your clients and enhance your excellent team.

Writing effective body paragraphs

Now that you’ve led the reader into your qualifications, it’s time to tell them an effective story of how you’ve created success as a therapist. Each body paragraph should center on one theme, such as the time you skyrocketed client return rates at your last workplace.

You’ll need to tailor these points to the job description as well. Tie a paragraph or two back in with the company’s objectives you’re applying for, and remember to focus on how your therapeutic expertise creates success.

Oh, and don’t forget metrics! Your success stories will be more moving, compelling, and convincing if you back them up with numbers. If you reduced wait times, turnaround rates, or expenses throughout your career, bolster those achievements with quantifiable data. Think in percentages, ratings, and dollars.

Now that’s a good body paragraph!

My stint at LSS Health Center allowed me to demonstrate crisis intervention techniques with notable agility. Navigating difficult conversations and high-stress situations was the norm, especially while aiding clients suffering from acute cases of PTSD. By devising tailored crisis-intervention plans for over seven high-risk clients, I was able to support them in reducing self-harming incidents by around 14% over six months.

Closing and signing off a cover letter to remember

Every good story of recovery and success should end with a strong, collected closer paragraph. Use this opportunity to recap why you want to work for the company and why they’d benefit from your contributions. (Compare your closer to your opener to double-check for redundancy.)

Briefly sprinkle in a couple of your qualifying traits or abilities that align with their open therapist role, and reiterate your shared passions. Don’t forget a good call to action that invites your reader to contact you for more information!

And remember, always be formal and polite. Thank the reader for their time, either in your closer or in the form of your signature line. If you choose not to conclude with a thank-you, use a formal signoff and your real, full name.

Don’t write a closer like this one, with no skill recap, re-connection with the organization, or professionalism:


Alrighty so there you have it, all the reasons why I’d be awesome at your company. Just please make sure you call me back.


Ginny M.

Check out how much more effective a closer is when it circles back to company values, demonstrates enthusiasm for therapeutic care, and features a good call to action!

Ahh, that’s better:

With my deep-rooted understanding of assessment tools, crisis intervention techniques, and more, I believe I can be instrumental in helping Mount Carmel Health System further enhance its holistic approach to patient wellness. I’m eagerly looking forward to discussing my experiences and how the empower me to contribute to your overarching goal of enhancing the mental well-being of those entrusted to your care.

Thank you,

Luca Moretti

How do I find a name?

First step: Check the job description and company website to determine who’s handling the hiring process. If you need to, you can also check professional social media accounts, especially LinkedIn and Facebook.

What values should I focus on?

Wait—don’t close those tabs from the last question! Check the same places online to get a feel for the company culture and values. Their website and social media will probably be ideal for nailing down a clear mission statement to align your therapist qualifications with.

How long should my therapist cover letter be?

Just one page! Recruiters usually skim over each application package, so make their jobs easier (and show off your efficiency and communication skills) by limiting yourself to one page.